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The Gentleman

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Really enjoying Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell at the moment great production values and atmosphere.  Had a lot of fun painting this and this actor is always good value too ,I really like how he plays this character,  the voice he does is great lol.

Still open for commissions btw, if anyone wants something like this painted for them.
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Captures his character so well.
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Steven... what are you doing in this little room?

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Haha I loved that line, also..."why are you firing walnuts at me" , he had a lot of good one liners lol
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This one is very well done! I like it. :D
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Cheers 😀! I like it too hehe
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 One of my favorite characters. I was so upset that he died .
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Yeah I was sad too, He was really well played in the series, I wish his final battle had been a bit more epic too.  I thought his "death" was kinda open ended though, like he could of just been absorbed into that tree, I find it hard to believe he is actually dead.
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It's very much the one from the series, done really well. The general colour-casting of the picture is slightly unexpected to me at green/yellow (I remember the Gentleman's world some form of turquoise/pale blue-green), but it's excellent at carrying the sense of menace. 
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Thanks a lot :D . Yeah I went with a kind of forest colour scheme, as I associate fairies with woods and greens, Wanted to give the general feel of that colur pallet..
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So awesome oh my gosh!
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Thank you very much! Your gallery is awesome BTW, I like those ballpoint pen portraits especially.
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ahaaaaa thank you!
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