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master bed room

master bed room.
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I'm afraid I mess the bed if I sleep in there.. :D
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This is stunning
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It's like a luxury, penthouse's hard to believe you rendered this. I thought it was a photo.
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FML if i had to get this kinda atmosphere for my GF :XD:
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as in?? u are rendering a scene like this??
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She fancies such a place?
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Aha.. i can do the interior design for you, then...
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sure thing bro, I will get to you on that when she decides something like this :aww:
thanks! great work!!!!! :)
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your work has been featured here [link] :heart:
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wow, this is amazing <3
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oh wow i want that room! i'd never get out of bed =O
vimaltandan's avatar
no problem dude.. please give credits if u can...
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Do yuo mind if I use thin pic for a video I'm gonna make?
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cool dude i love it :) a bit more texture would make it looks more awsm but it all ready looks awsm to me great work dude
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brilliant, I love it. the only thing that bugs me is the TV on the wall, i think it needs a picture on it, just to add to the realism. great job!
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dramatic background thAT MAKE IT REALY LIFE
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It looks like real life,
Ive modeled in 3d before, but I am yet to reach that level of perfection,

Bravo I say
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I love it. Light and modeling.


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