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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my profile!
I thank you dearly for taking your time to come here and visit!

The people on my "friends" list is people who I consider good and cool people that I knew for at least a while-ish.

I won't particularly reply to "thank you for ___," so don't expect anything. Please reply to my comment for thanking me for things.

I'm an incredibly awkward person once you first get to know me, and my conversation will probably be the worst thing you've ever seen, but once I get to know you I'll most likely warm up!

I do traditional art and digital art normally, but currently I'm working on doing digital in the background, so you won't see a lot of that right now, and I may have a few bits of photography here and there with my horrible Apple quality iPod.
I'm always seeking to improve my work, so anything you say (unless it's just hateful) is appreciated, and I will most definitely take it into consideration!

I honestly have 0 idea one what to put on here, so I'll leave it at that. Again, I thank you for coming and reading this, and have an amazing day!


Details in there!

Photography Account: Photomahi
Instagram: alsposhi
EDIT: I made some better specifications and clarifications, so take a look at them before making a request.
Currently I've been getting requests, and I'd love to do them, but they'll take up too much of my time so I won't be able to do things for myself because stuff like lessons and school work are in the way.
I opened this because lately I've noticed I'd sit around for hours wanting to draw, but possessing 0 ideas on what to draw, so hERE'S A REQUEST BOX.

Just please know it'll most likely not be super duper high quality.

So feel free to drop something in any time.
I've been suffering with 0 ideas.
You must be a watcher in order to request something, and must not use/make other accounts to request something! Believe it or not, but I'm a text-style cop. I'm hecka good with that stuff. But don't feel like you can't submit things multiple times! I'm fine with that, just don't spam this journal with requests, and at least make sure it has been at least some time (I'd say roughly from 4-7 days).

Some Clarifications and Whatnot:
Well, first, I just want to say it's not like you'll 100% be able to get art, or I might as well title it "free art". If I feel like giving something a try, I will.
I also want to say, I won't do anything specific like people specifying me to do certain poses, clothes, ect. I'll definitely draw something like multiple characters (stated how many below). I'll draw it how I'd like to, just so we know!
Sorry if I sound picky, I just don't want basically having my same problems happen again but just when I open a journal for them.

What I Will Do:
-Mainly landscapes, but that'll probably be more traditional art
-Multiple characters (2-3, 3 only if I'm feeling up for it.)

What I Won't Do:
-Fetish Art
-Anything over specific (specified/clarified above)
-Anything inappropriate, basically, for I am a minor.
-Multiple characters that are more than 4 in one piece.

If you have anything you want to request, feel free to request it! If you have any questions, well, please ask.

Just to clarify again, you aren't 100% guaranteed for your request to be made!

pls feed me ideas fwiend


Chell - Portal 2 [FANART]
Portal 2 holds a really dear place in my heart. I was 6 or 7 when I first played it and became obsessed with the game. Played it so many times I knew practically all the solutions to the puzzles. Now, I could probably finish it in a day, I dunno. It’s still my favourite game to this day.
That back foot kind of sucked, though, so that’s cool.
I’m actually kind of content with the outcome of this, it turned out pretty nicely. I was too lazy to do any background so I guess that portal has to make do.

DevaitnArt: Vimahi </i>
Instagram: alsposhi </i>

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT repost my art anywhere! This is my art piece and belongs to no one except me. I only own this artwork. I do not own Chell or the Portal games!
I wanted to try something new with my lineart stuff or whatever (like the pen on the tail), and I was bored in the waiting room for my voice lessons, so I made an Eevee.
I need to actually work on getting actual better drawings, but I’ve been demotivated, tired, and I’ve been hanging out with my sister. I’ve just been lacking everything to do something productive, and I honestly don’t know why.
Good news is, I’m getting my braces off on the 9th of May, so that’s neat.
Bad news is, I’m stressed because I have to say a speech in front of a ton of people, and it has to be revolved around me which I absolutely hate.
Detective Pikachu
im as dead as my soul on DA tbh

and that’s very.
I doodled this up in school, only was able to finish it today sOOoo.. here’s a drawing by memory Pikachu.
Spoiler alert: I’ve never actually drawn a Pikachu since I was a wee little itty bitty 6 or 7 year old or something. Even then, it was the biggest, weirdest peanut I’ve ever seen, so huzzah.
I can’t draw Pikachu.
Also wHY ARE ALL THE MARKERS I GOT AT SCHOOL SO BRIGHT >:”D?? Maybe I want a duller pink, gosh darn it. This was legit the dullest (and the only) pink I could find, and I wanTED to do a light blue, but noPe. It died. Weeooow. They were cheap as heck markers and I’ve learnt only to buy 5 packs of them because they’re hecking $20 for that but they die so fast. I still really don’t know how my friend still has hers alive since last year, but what cheap marker cares about me?
My Art DA: Vimahi
My Photography DA: Photomahi
My Instagram: Alsposhi
it appears i sure do love squares for backgrounds holy heck
im gonna be creative more geez whiz, i never noticed that until now


:iconlemonkeeper: :iconxxaldabutterxx: :iconstanleysculpts: :iconbloxdemon: :iconkinjiinto: :iconstanisnotacat:


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