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Support Class Battle

Sniper and Medic kicking ass.

TF2 (C) Valve
Art by Me
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Well Sniper and Medic anyways
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My favourites classes :3
Hey, I just made this account to comment this! :D (Big Grin) THAT IS FRAKIN AWESOME. ACTUALLY BEST SNIPER ART I'VE SEEN, AND I'VE SEEN QUITE A LOT. soo, i was wondering, can i use that pic as my profile pic (yt)? i'll put a link to this in my description page thing so everyone knows u made it :D
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where are his glasses?
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The comments that came out of my mouth after watching this for a whole minute:

"....damn this is sexy"

I regret nothing.
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Ein absolutes Meisterwerk~
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Since this picture says "Support Class Battle" shouldn't Spy also be there because he's in the same class. 
Just wondering, mate.
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Spy is there you just can't see him
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I absolutely love the dynamic poses of both Medic and Sniper!The Kritz effect on the Medigun-beam is the only little detail I don't like. I think it's because it looks pretty static and not as dynamic as the poses and the rest of the beam.
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Thanks! Yeah, I agree....I'll do it better next time:)
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This is just... a-ma-zing :love!!! Good job, I love Britney Spears Clapping 
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How is this so perfect? The coloring, the lines-everything! It's all so amazing~
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Got lucky I guess... Thank you very much! ^w^
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Wooaa.. amazing !
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Wait, is that Spy disguised as Medic. The lack of glasses gave him away! :O
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