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Hello! I have started an account in Patreon with the idea that those who enjoy my content support me from there to continue doing it. I upload a daily design (minimum) and I would like to be able to dedicate myself indefinitely to continue doing this. I would also like to reinvest what I earn in further extending my artistic production by making figures of my designs and things like that. If you want to support me visit my patreon (link in the biography) and look at the rewards that you can get as HD images, sketches, Photoshop files with all the layers so you can see the work process, unpublished discarded designs and exclusive fusions. Thank you all very much for your attention!


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Guillermo Camacho
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Hola mi amigo, soy P.M.S, y debo decirte que amo tus obras maestras y tengo una cosa que decirte: felicitaciones. :D :D :D
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