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Goddess Of The Autumn...

Goddess Of The Autumn...

This is a special gift for my dearest friend *Scarlettletters :iconscarlettletters:
My friend,I know you love autumn and what goddess could be better for a gentleman like you than the Goddess of the Autumn!...thank you dear friend for your support to my art!

**The rose in the Goddess' hands is mine...not in stock yet...**


Goddess Of The Autumn (Gold3) by Faestock


Fade to Blackby steamed-pepsi-stock


Pumpkin Stock 4by GreenEyezz-stock


Magic Brushes by Mystify-Stock


Lightning Brushes by Scully7491

Autumn Cluster brushes by Scully7491


Star Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock


Wretched Bats Brushes


Light beams + Rays Brushes by redheadstock


Halloween Brush Set by anodyne-stock
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Hi, I've been trying to find the perfect image that personified Goddess to me - and after looking at hundreds I finally got 'wow'ed by yours. Thank you - it is exquisite. Never stop doing what you're doing :)
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:excited: fabulous work!! :excited:
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Lovely goddess !! so magical ! :love: :hug:
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it's beautiful. I love the colors and the feel of it.
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It's a cahrming and beautiful piece of aart, but I can't for the life of me understand why it was added to the *MindOfLead gallery, which (as I understand it) is strictly for art done in pencil.

I need an injection of perspective, here, to understand that.

Again-- nice piece.
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Thanks,it was made with brushes and photomanipulation as well...I thank you for the comment,though you came the wrong place for asking about the club's adding.
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Oh wow, this is so cool! Is it just me, or does she almost look like a bride?
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She looks like a bride actually,you are the second person pointing me it out!,it might be-perhaps- for the decoration I did on her?...Thanks!
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Thank you very much! :hug:
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Great work, again :love:
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this is truly a masterpiece!
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Dear Leth,thank you!...I have been a bit busy,but soon I'll email you,please never think I forget about you! :heart:
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Good you better not forget me :P
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excellent work love the energy and all the effects of light that you use in most of your pieces This work just sings!! well done. :shamrock:
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Phil,I thank you from my heart for your kind comment about this work,I must say that it was a bit difficult to 'blend' all the material used,but with comments like yours,I know now,that I did something worthy and good!

I believe very much in the ' power of the energy '...each person has it but still can't be used at all because most people lack knowledge they have that power...I love using 'energy in my works' because most of the themes are about supreme beings or deities as the goddesses are,they own and can use the energy in any way they want...the other works I do,involve the heart art soul and it is also made of is always energy and it gives it to the people we love!
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I agree and your very welcome!!
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Again thank you Phil...comments like yours make my day! :hug:
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