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Diriumm and I finally finished our time lapse film from the icy shores of the Barents and Norwegian seas. Upping the ante for the next one will probably be done with aerial footage, dolly shots and maybe even an editing phase that won't last years.
Nothing kills small, personal projects like a position in an urgent defense project, I've come to notice.
It's a good thing I have a large one. Diriumm and I have a grand time lapse video of yet-undetermined length from northern Norway underway. It's also an experiment on a RAW workflow, which is a damn fine idea if you want to die inside. Also, something about picture quality.

We have a teaser trailer and everything:

The Finnish Land Survey has been opening it's archives to the public during the last month - under a very liberal license, might I add. The latest batch included the digital elevation model. You may guess where this is going.

While shooting the January Lights time lapse my friend and I drove past the moderately mighty-looking fell, Saana. Twice. In horrible weather. During the polar night. The point is, we didn't see it, so the least I could do is use it as a test subject. Let's hope this works. I'm planning my thesis on and around the subject, and I'd like to write about something that works.
This could very well be the day my shiny new DSLR arrives.
Hints concerning DIY steadycams will be greatly appreciated.
  • Watching: the AE motion tracker bounce around incoherently
Bought some stuff from NWDA and trying to understand them.
Found some brilliant scripts for 3ds Max and trying to run them without the hideous crashes.

Chances of accomplishing anything relatively soon because of all this... slim.
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It appears it didn't take Fallout to distract me.
Have a generation ship.

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Patience. As long as I'm not buying something shiny, I'm generally pretty good at it.

When it comes to publishing stuff, however, all bets are off, and that's why I'm currently tweaking the snow and cloud coverage for An interlude v2. Somewhat ironically, those were the main two things I was disappointed in the Saraswati observatory, and consequently the reason I made the whole update-sequel-thing in the first place.

The upside of being able to render during weekends alone is, though, that I have more than enough time to make sure there won't be a need for v3. If I can resist the urge to install Fallout.

And there was snow. And fluffiness. Next up: fixing everything that broke due to the former.
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I can't help grinning like that cat in that movie when GI prepasses alone don't take centuries. Could get used to this.
The dashing knight in shining armour parks his horse outside the building, kicks in the door and exclaims that it's time I got what's coming to me. Hold on... is that an Intel Inside sticker on his chestplate? Could it be? He pulls out a small box from his satchel... it couldn't, could it? Yes, it in fact could! An i7! :woohoo:

Then, reality, and upgrading everything else to actually run the bloody thing. At this stage I'm probably broke, but I dare not check my bank balance, so we'll never know, will we? And with these render times, who gives a crap? It's just that reading the small graph the performance gadget is printing out was easier when there wasn't 8 cores worth of data on it (Yay for hyperthreading, nevertheless!).
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When a scene has 252623 plants, it may be high time to admit it probably won't be about a desert at all...
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  • Watching: The hundreth test render churn out.
Finally, I has premium... after realizing not to actually use up-to-date credit card information. A chain of thought a little bit too demanding for a bloke kept awake well past midnight by a nasty case of fever. Oh well. :sick:
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