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I haven't posted anything for quite a while, so here's some Metroid fanart.
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Really great work ! (She looks soooo weak with this suit !)
Estonius's avatar
Awesome style and scene!
beardswin's avatar
Dude make more metroid fan-art. Shit is bootiful
TapeDiggity's avatar
You captured the vibrancy of Samus's components very well, and it was a good choice to place 'em in a dark setting like that of "Metroid: Prime".

I'm hesitant to add that I'm distracted by the stalactites at the top of the image. They feel too heavy, especially when compared with the more detailed rendering stalagmites right below them.

Just my two cents. I think I played "Prime" more than "SSBM", so I can't eliminate any bias towards this picture.
villainzekes's avatar
Hmm, I added them last; mostly because I found the foreground looked too empty considering where she was, as well as to help a bit with the framing. Kind of like you were peering at her from in front there, like a hidden monster. I tried to make them duller and black them out so that you'd be drawn more to Samus' colours, though.

Thanks for your two cents though!
CommodoreZeke's avatar
Great work! It's very much in the sleek Zero Mission art style.
Zazu75's avatar
ooo, i love the background for this image! esp the floor. it looks really mysterious. x3;;;
minimus-minor's avatar
Awesome. Great painty dark-yet-kinda-magical atmosphere.
KeithEKimball's avatar
Very moody picture; lovely! I like the old-school Power Suit design featured here too.
ExtraGrandeJerolo's avatar
The best way to come off a hiatus, Metroid stuff!
Marylandering's avatar
This totally rocks, I'm loving the color scheme
Jacky-the-Nerd's avatar
It's got that alien feel to it, that's for certain.
Aldark's avatar
very pretty~
FeatherNotes's avatar
i love the feel and colours of this.
Samus is so kickass.
PracticallyGeeky's avatar
Always nice to see fanart of good ol' Samus in her Power suit :3.

Awesomeness x 1000 at the fact its lineless X3. I've got a soft spot for lineless art ^^
InfernoWyvern's avatar
I really like the helmet design you created, and the whole thing looks like it was perfectly planned out. I am guessing this takes place in Prime?
villainzekes's avatar
I'm not really sure where it takes place, haha. Prime was a big inspiration for this piece though; I wanted to capture that feeling of walking around and exploring those oddly serene, alien environments.
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Master Chief x Samus
BradFacon's avatar
i see one video on you tube of MC vs Samus ,the video is nice ,but one fight of MC and Samus its very good XD
LegendarySwordsman's avatar
WOW! Amazing job! Looks really nice! Love the background and how she just emerges from it

(Metroid 25th anniversary on August 6th XD)
iamnotapixelartist's avatar
This is a great piece Villa :highfive:
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