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Vegeta... angry by villainsrule Vegeta... angry :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 14 8 Runners up for Contest 2 by villainsrule Runners up for Contest 2 :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 Winner of Contest 2 by villainsrule Winner of Contest 2 :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 ID contest Honorable Mentions by villainsrule ID contest Honorable Mentions :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 1 ID contest runners-up by villainsrule ID contest runners-up :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 1 Teh VillainsRule ID by villainsrule Teh VillainsRule ID :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 3 3 Vegeta by VampireDoLL by villainsrule Vegeta by VampireDoLL :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 1 Drool over Sephy by villainsrule Drool over Sephy :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 Matrix Musical by villainsrule Matrix Musical :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 3 Sephiroth by LadyWolffLuna by villainsrule Sephiroth by LadyWolffLuna :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 Do the Dew by Djinn-World by villainsrule Do the Dew by Djinn-World :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 1 9 Evil by Azarath by villainsrule Evil by Azarath :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 The Voice again by Azarath by villainsrule The Voice again by Azarath :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 The Mad One by Azarath by villainsrule The Mad One by Azarath :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 Another Anubis by Azarath by villainsrule Another Anubis by Azarath :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 0 Hell by Azarath by villainsrule Hell by Azarath :iconvillainsrule:villainsrule 0 1


Villains Club ID by Miburo Villains Club ID :iconmiburo:Miburo 9 7



Villains Rule
Current Residence: The Death Star
Operating System: Ninja-like stealth, ala Kusari
Shell of choice: Bowser's spikes
Wallpaper of choice: That with villains, yes?
Skin of choice: Vegeta's tan and/or Voldemort's paleness
Favourite cartoon character: All the bad guys
Personal Quote: "Hear that, Mr. Anderson? That... is the sound of inevitability. It is the sound of your death.
Join us... or we will make you very unhappy.

This is a group of artists who have something fore the less moral among fictional characters! Be you a fan of a villain or of a former villain (as long as they're still badass), you are welcome here. Whether you swoon for Sephiroth, idolize Agent Smith, or just think Vegeta is plain cool, by all means, join us! To do so, just drop us a note with 'join' in the subject or body, along with who the object of your worship is (or whether you just like evil dudes in general), and put the icon in your journal. That's all!

1. You must, of course, have a thing for villains (like Bowser) and/or ex-villains (like Hiei), or even badass heroes with questionable morals (like Dias).
2. Villains you like may be male or female.
3. Similarly, deviants who wish to join may be male or female.
4. Preferably, there should be at least one hero you consider a total dork. This is purely optional.
5. There may be more than one fan  per villain.
6. Likewise, there may be more than one villain per fan.
7. Lastly, if you are in the club, you agree not to use any racial or sexual slurs on club business, or when commenting on art that you were linked to by the club. While evil is definitely cool, we still don't want to offend anyone.

NONVILLAINS ARE OKAY TO MAKE THE LIST, BUT ARE SUBJECT TO APPROVAL. They must be badass, have questionable morals, or both.


NOOOOO! Just as I was updating the club journal with a load of new club members and a couple new Villains on the list, my computer hangs. And I lose the whole thing. So, I apologize, but if you sent any notes at all of any importance (joining, submitting, etc.) to the club in the past three weeks... can you send them again? It hung before I posted but after I cleaned out the inbox.

Oddly enough, while I did enter the rules and stuff for Contest 3, they never got posted. See below - they're up now.

WE HAVE WINNERS IN BOTH OUR CONTESTS! Congratulations to Miburo, whose excellent Jack Sparrow cartoon snagged every single vote. For the ID contest, congratulate Shinji-Mimura for the excellent ID he provided - it even matches the club icon! Okay, I admit I broke a 3-way tie and voted for that one myself, but hey... I really tried to be objective. It was hard not to pick Miburo's entry again just bcause Magus was there. So, applause please and punch all around, because we've got an ID!

Voting in BOTH contests closes on the 16th (one week from today).

IMPORTANT! I've considered it for a bit, and decided that there should be separate categories for Agents and Agent Smith, what with his little transformation (into a virus in my speculation, but that's just speculation) in Reloaded. If you're a fan of the OTHER Agents (Not Smith), note the club NOW. Otherwise, you will be left as a fan of Smith.

Both contests are closed! Voting begins today! See below for the entries, and place votes by commenting on this journal entry. Be sure to specify which contest you're voting for.


Originally, this was going to be a holiday contest, but... well... it's a bit late. So now it's just snow, and lots of it (or sun if you're south of the equator). So, how do all our favorite baddies spend their winter break? Is Bowser building a snow-fortress? Robotnik sipping eggnog? Hiei roasting chestnuts on an open Darkness Flame? Or is it someone else doing something? Cute is good, funny is good, even angst is good. Do what you want.

1. Nothing obscene.
2. While holidays aren't mandatory, they ARE accepted.
3. Religious holidays are acceptable, but be careful not to offend anyone. Screw that - try not to be offended; it's all in good fun! Like, if someone does a nativity scene with Joseph, Mary, the Wise Men, the shepherds, the angel, and the Baby Jesus replaced with Darth Vader, Queen Zeal, a few iterations of Agent Smith, a couple orcs, the "Giant d8 of DOOM," and Mini-Me, go right ahead. As long as you're not doing it to insult Christianity. Same goes for any other religions.
4. There is a limit of two entries per person.


CONTEST 1 - Design us an ID!
We need an ID. Badly. So, like so many other club leaders, I'm giving my members a chance to make some.
And the winner is... Shinji-Mimura! Yay! :winner:… by Shinji-Mimura

Runners up:
Miburo :trophy:…
peeping-doom :trophy:…

Honorable mentions:

CONTEST 2 - Halloween!

Ve haff a winner! Congratulations to Miburo's Jack Sparrow pic (…  ), which swept the board for first place! :winner:

Runners-up by default:… by plangkye… by supersaijinnick

Send the club a note with a link to the work you want to submit. Then, plangkye will submit a grayscale thumbnail of it (hey, that rhymes!) and link back to the full picture in the descripton.

RECENT SUBMISSIONS… - Vegeta by vampireDoLL… - Evil, Towel-Clad Vegeta by Yami-chan


Staff -
:iconplangkye: - Founder, President, and Undisputed Queen of the Magus fangirls
:iconivo-robotnik: - VP and other such second-in-command-type positions

Members -
:iconpost-it: :iconzmetalla: :iconyuyuyasha: :iconlizardsama: :iconagentmothman: :iconvaoi: :iconbastsanura: :iconlizard-spots: :iconjameta: :iconozzyopolis: :iconhack13: :iconliika: :icondeactivatimusprime: :iconbiancamarou: :iconkujabie: :iconreidavidson: :iconflamingdemoness: :icon-manji: :iconkokiteno: :iconstarzero7: :iconasanu: :iconrami: :iconsesshysshewolf: :iconrapturesrevenge: :iconrockosmodernlife: :iconviviannefair: :iconsasoriza-chan: :icondoceggman: :iconkingbowserkoopa: :iconkoukris: :icondaphhime: :iconsaffyre: :iconyamisakkura: :iconkirbygurl: :iconleahdoll: :iconpotterfan80: :iconbitemyshinymetalass: :icondpak: :icongyunos: :iconthedisturbedfish: :iconkettensage: :iconeternal-dragon: :iconangelblood: :iconshigure-kisune: :iconhydechild: :iconanimeidiot: :iconsharkbyte3827: :iconhitomi06: :iconpeeping-doom: :iconsumbrat41: :iconkatima: ::iconoubeji: :iconsenatedestroyer: :iconfrostartangel: :iconjbulma: :iconvampiredoll: :iconkoolhedgehog: :iconfreakin-socrates: :iconsnarfevs: :iconalphashenlong: :iconkayku: :iconvulfgrl: :icondtn: :iconnaitheas: :iconcooan-chan: :iconmoofykitten: :iconerikonil: :iconunspeakable-hastur: :icontearatone: :iconvidnel: :icondefilerwyrm: :iconauddwaggin: :iconjammerlee: :iconneo-dragon: :icondarpachief: :iconwaterfarie88: :iconprelandra: :iconthethirdtwin: :icondarktiggon: :iconduh-chan: :iconthechaosproject: :icondjinn-world: :iconinvaderjulie: :iconkoduku: :iconotakugyrl: :iconazarath: :iconshini: :iconnekou: :icondrzime: :iconbcfire: :iconmissflesh: :iconmiburo: :iconwolvenvisions: :iconroqnprncess28: :iconjust-kill-me: :iconzenrie: :iconsandra-delaiglesia: :iconeverboundvenvel: :iconpinkneko: :iconhethien: :iconmartellotower: :iconshinji-mimura: :iconveronika: :iconverchiel: :iconandawun: :iconkarmaslave15: :iconyurkara: :iconkomili: :iconnf-chan: :iconanubistarakis: :iconsarahsoda182: :iconremmennin: :icongothren: :iconchibizaki: :iconjurriah: :iconmansuetude: :iconhellbenderdx: :iconl33ttr33: :icondarkravenkiki: :iconlightning-baron: :iconamenislytherin: :icontigerbunny: :iconlina-san: :iconmako558: :iconmeowthgal: :iconshinxinuku54: :iconcatlee: :icondarkprayer: :iconferriman: :iconyami-chan:


:iconrobotnik-club: :iconganons-gang: :iconwormtailclub: :iconsnapefanclub: :iconagentdeviant: :icondeatheaterclub: :iconhiei-club: :iconvegetafanz: :iconsephiroth-fc: :iconjin-club: :iconguadophile: :iconsesshotr: :iconllanon: :iconmarik-club: :iconbowsers-dungeon: :iconffx2: :iconsephiroth-club:


(more fans = higher ranking)

Sephiroth (29)
jameta saffyre potterfan80 dpak thedisturbedfish heartlesscloud eternal-dragon viviannefair sharkbyte3827 peeping-doom sumbrat41 katima vampireDoLL alphashenlong neo-dragon duh-chan thechaosproject bcfire Zenrie Miburo EverboundVenvel veronika AnubisTarakis sarahsoda182 Jurriah Lina-San catlee DarkPrayer Yami-chan

Vegeta (Ex-evil) (27)
plangkye lizard-spots jameta ozzyopolis DeactivatimusPrime yamisakkura leahdoll dpak eternal-dragon animeidiot sharkbyte3827 katima Oubeji jbulma vampireDoLL dtn cooan-chan Jammerlee neo-dragon roqnprncess28 Sandra-delaIglesia NF-chan gothren darkravenkiki tigerbunny catlee DarkPrayer Yami-chan

Sesshoumaru (24)
yuyuyasha hack13 rapturesrevenge yamisakkura dpak kettensage ozzyopolis viviannefair sumbrat41 kayku naitheas MoofyKitten kitsunekisses Vidnel neo-dragon duh-chan :devtarktiggon: Zenrie pinkneko veronika yurkara NF-chan gothren Lightning-Baron :devmako558:

Agent Smith (18 )
zmetalla agentmothman bastsanura lizard-spots biancamarou thedisturbedfish bamb0o-stick snarfevs Erikonil shini Hethien martellotower potato-queen sarahsoda182 gothren tigerbunny catlee DarkPrayer

Hiei (18 )
plangkye yuyuyasha jameta hack13 sesshysshewolf :iconrockosmodernlife: leahdoll dpak sumbrat41 Oubeji kayku dtn kitsunekisses otakugyrl DarkTiggon Zenrie Miburo Yami-chan

Draco Malfoy (16)
vaoi bastsanura lizard-spots kujabie flamingdemoness rockosmodernlife kettensage hydechild katima MissFlesh sarahsoda182 gothren AmeNiSlytherin tigerbunny :devmako558: catlee

Scar (15)
biancamarou ivo-robotnik potterfan80 kettensage angelblood katima DefilerWyrm Jammerlee invaderjulie otakugyrl WolvenVisions potato-queen gothren AmeNiSlytherin tigerbunny :devmeowhgal:

Seto Kaiba (14)
plangkye bastsanura dpak hydechild sumbrat41 Oubeji FrostArtAngel jbulma alphashenlong neo-dragon invaderjulie veronika gothren Lina-San

Severus Snape (Ex-evil?) (13)
lizard-spots biancamarou potterfan80 kettensage eternal-dragon hydechild katima Erikonil DefilerWyrm Hethien sarahsoda182 gothren tigerbunny

Lucius Malfoy (11)
lizard-spots potterfan80 thedisturbedfish kettensage hydechild katima skorchedutopia vulfgrl sarahsoda182 gothren AmeNiSlytherin

Yami Bakura (11)
liika kirbygurl dpak naitheas devdefilerwyrm: neo-dragon DarkTiggon otakugyrl nekou gothren AmeNiSlytherin

Shadow the Hedgehog (10)
post-it zmetalla ivo-robotnik angelblood hydechild Jammerlee neo-dragon MissFlesh HellbenderDX AmeNiSlytherin

Bowser (10)
zmetalla vaoi kokiteno KingBowserKoopa ozzyopolis neo-dragon DrZime gothren AmeNiSlytherin tigerbunny

Hajime Saitou (9)
plangkye hack13 Oubeji alphashenlong dtn auddwaggin DarkTiggon Miburo Shinji-Mimura

Magus (Ex-evil?) (9)
plangkye ivo-robotnik zmetalla ozzyopolis potterfan80 peeping-doom Miburo gothren DarkPrayer

Piccolo (ex-evil) (8 )
biancamarou plangkye starzero7 BiteMyShinyMetalASS ozzyopolis peeping-doom Erikonil pinkneko

Legato (8 )
post-it sesshysshewolf angelblood DefilerWyrm neo-dragon nekou AnubisTarakis gothren

Ivo Robotnik (8 )
ivo-robotnik zmetalla ozzyopolis DocEggman freakin-socrates plangkye gothren Mansuetude

The Twins (7)
thedisturbedfish angelblood vampireDoLL thethirdtwin shini Mansuetude Lightning-Baron

Team Rocket (7)
Jammerlee neo-dragon invaderjulie Hethien NF-chan AmeNiSlytherin tigerbunny

Naraku (7)
post-it yamisakkura Vidnel neo-dragon Verchiel gothren ShinxInuku54

Dilandau (7)
potterfan80 plangkye neo-dragon nekou Shinji-Mimura AnubisTarakis Yami-chan

Malik/Yami Malik (6)
liika dpak neo-dragon invaderjulie otakugyrl nekou

Inu Yasha (ex-evil) (6)
yuyuyasha plangkye potterfan80 kettensage Zenrie pinkneko

Jack Sparrow (Questionable Hero) (6)
Miburo plangkye martellotower sarahsoda182 AmeNiSlytherin Yami-chan

Ganondorf (5)
ivo-robotnik vaoi jameta ozzyopolis skorchedutopia

Majin Buu (5)
starzero7 yamisakkura BiteMyShinyMetalASS sharkbyte3827 freakin-socrates

Mojo Jojo (5)
biancamarou potterfan80 ozzyopolis snarfevs pinkneko

Tom Riddle/Voldemort (5)
bastsanura potterfan80 vulfgrl Vidnel Hethien

Folken (Ex-evil) (5)
potterfan80 biancamarou plangkye neo-dragon AnubisTarakis

Kuja (5)
potterfan80 heartlesscloud katima veronika Lightning-Baron

Dark Link (4)
jameta Koukris tea-chan FrostArtAngel

Kai (4)
yuyuyasha hack13 tea-chan naitheas

Darth Maul (4)
biancamarou bamb0o-stick vampireDoLL djinn-world

Kefka (4)
zmetalla potterfan80 neo-dragon azarath

Aoshi Shinomori (4)
sesshysshewolf rapturesrevenge Miburo :devmako558:

Albert Wesker (3)
gyunos biancamarou skorchedutopia

John Milton (Devil's Advocate) (3)
biancamarou vampireDoLL vulfgrl

Seymour Guado (3)
jameta skorchedutopia Vidnel

Thrax (3)
angelblood Unspeakable-Hastur invaderjulie

Raistlin Majere (3)
senatedestroyer DefilerWyrm neo-dragon

Raditz (3)
jameta dpak pinkneko

Maximillian Pegasus (3)
kirbygurl veronika Hethien

Ansem (3)
heartlesscloud sarahsoda182 remmennin

Ozzie, Slash, Flea (3)
zmetalla potterfan80 gothren

Vicious (3)
bamb0o-stick AnubisTarakis gothren

Hitokiri Battousai (Temporary evil) (3)
hack13 Komili :devmako558:

Kamek (2)
zmetalla vaoi

Yueh (2)
yuyuyasha hack13

Yami (2)
yuyuyasha hack13

Gaav (2)
biancamarou potterfan80

Yohko Kurama (Temporary evil) (2)
dpak plangkye

Raven (Zoids: Chaotic Century) (2)
lizardsama kettensage

Reala (2)
tearatone Jammerlee

Metal Sonic (2)
zmetalla Jammerlee

Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel (2)
koolhedgehog Jammerlee

Forte/Bass (2)
Jammerlee neo-dragon

Dr. Muraki Kazutaka (yami no matsuei) (2)
DefilerWyrm Shinji-Mimura

Knives (2)
neo-dragon Shinji-Mimura

Malificent (2)
DefilerWyrm gothren

Knuckles (Ex-Antagonist, Questionable Morals) (2)
gothren Mansuetude

Other (126 villains, 3 Questionable Heroes,  52 fans)
post-it jameta zmetalla ozzyopolis yuyuyasha vaoi biancamarou potterfan80 ivo-robotnik flamingdemoness plangkye kokiteno rami sasoriza-chan :devdapphime: saffyre tea-chan kirbygurl yamisakkura dpak gyunos kettensage eternal-dragon angelblood peeping-doom katima vampireDoLL skorchedutopia sharkbyte3827 koolhedgehog snarfevs alphashenlong naitheas MoofyKitten Erikonil Unspeakable-Hastur tearatone DefilerWyrm Jammerlee neo-dragon nekou Miburo Just-kill-me Zenrie Miburo potato-queen veronika Hethien AnubisTarakis Mansuetude l33ttr33 TomoeCosmo Lightning-Baron Ferriman

Villainy in general (37)
zmetalla yuyuyasha bastsanura jameta liika DeactivatimusPrime ReiDavidson -manji asanu viviannefair tea-chan yamisakkura eternal-dragon angelblood shigure-kisune hitomi06 DefilerWyrm Jammerlee darpachief WaterFarie88 prelandra Koduku otakugyrl bcfire MissFlesh WolvenVisions roqnprncess28 Just-kill-me Zenrie Miburo pinkneko veronika :devandawun: karmaslave15 yurkara Chibizaki meowthgal


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vampire-rocker Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Can I join?? I'm a fan of Sephiroth, Sesshomaru, Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Team Rocket, Naraku, InuYasha, and Jack Sparrow :heart:
Panthakitty Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009
oh and i forgot Scar[i hate no heroes in this series,but i do hate the hyenas]
Panthakitty Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009
Can i join?I luv Bowser,Scourge from Warriors by erin hunter,Tigerstar from Warriors by erin hunter.The heros i hate:Firestar from Warriors by erin hunter,Mario and Luigi
PsychoColossus Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
Join me!
Evanatt Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006   Digital Artist
OooooOohhhhhHhh.. the villians got a club. (where have i been this whole time) :?:
BlitzBitz Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006   General Artist
I wanna join! can i?
bowser369 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel among friends here... :evillaugh: count me as a member!
Kasuke-Ishatara Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2006
Let me in! It;s Cold out here!

My Favorite villian has to be Dhoulmagus from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed king. He's so Damn Sadistic. It's awesome!
Pink-Pearl Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005
wow!!!!!! how cool ;P
GingerMetuchenPI Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
me want in!!! i love all villans and i;m called evil, cruel, mean, and many other names by good people!!! i even hiss at the word church*falls over and dies from writing word*
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