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Flipnote Hatena Frog

By vilepixel
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Eyyyy, Flipnote3D was released so I thought this was appropriate.

Use it on your page, make it your icon, I don't care, do as you please.

Credit is appreciated, but not required!
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TheYellowInklingHobbyist Digital Artist
:flipnotelove: :flipnotelove:  
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ToonsByJessHobbyist Artist
This is funny
"Flipnote 3D"
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ToonsByJessHobbyist Artist
It's the mascot for Flipnote Studio... in 3D.
I thought that was an intentional joke
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SparksInG-majorStudent Digital Artist
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thank you ! 
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MeilimaHobbyist Digital Artist
May I edit this? Add a few spots and such? Not for sale or anything, just wanna add my little frog OC into your amazing work
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It's a little late but you can if you'd like to ahhh o':
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MeilimaHobbyist Digital Artist
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VinylBecksHobbyist Digital Artist
This needs a Hypnotoad skin lol
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babyferfloHobbyist General Artist
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wolfqwest5Hobbyist Artist
i miss the old flipnote frog DX
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What happened to the orange one? I can't seem to get to it or the others.
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bunnynana1Hobbyist Digital Artist
WHY DID THEY...sorry...why did they have to close the websiteWaaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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CChart102Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaah, the good ol' memories
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PurpleDragonArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeee looks like my dumpy frog
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Volta-KHobbyist Digital Artist
i love this, it reminds me of frogger.

i would love to have it as an icon.
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GaikierStudent Artist
aaahh... Flipnote studio...
Where my life started off...
I had a lot of friends there, until it all disappeared when they shut down the Dsi version...
vilepixel's avatar
I still stay in touch with a few o':
Gaikier's avatar
GaikierStudent Artist
sad thing is, we never seen each other in real life.
I'm only able to email 2 now. Sad.
vilepixel's avatar
I met of them a while back? I'm seeing one of them this Spring o':
Gaikier's avatar
GaikierStudent Artist
You met of them hubba wha?
Its good to see old time friend isn't it?
I envy you a lot. Haha.
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FlippyisadorableHobbyist Digital Artist
I like Flipnote. ^^ It's the only programme I know of where you can make animations. I only have it in my DS. By the time I got my 3DS Flipnote was already removed so I never got to try the 3DS version. *Sigh* -_-
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Flipnote is back though, Flipnote3D came out last week for American release. There are many other programs you can use to animate such as flsah, or even go-animate. 
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