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My Bio
I'm an artist that takes commissions for crafting kigurumis, plushies and the likes. I also dabble into Graphic Design since it's part of my formation. I have a Twitch stream where I show what I create on a regular basis.

Favourite Games
anything RPG-flavored, strategy, platformers
Tools of the Trade
I'll work with anything if you give me determination
Other Interests
Almost anything related to arts(music, visual art, movies, etc), hanging out with friends, etc
Slight change with my streaming! I am currently trying out a new platform for my creative stuff, so you can find me during the week on from 1pm to 5pm EST. As I am writing this, I'm planning on making a Bowser cosplay starting this Monday the 23rd. You could say it's my first delve into the world of fursuiting, as the Bowser cosplay will be very similar in conception. You can still follow me on Twitter @MsVilecatShoppe or on FB at [MsVilecatShoppe] to stay in touch with my most recent endeavors. I do accept commissions for kigurumis , and soon, for fursuiting. You can reach me at either of these or at msvilecatg (
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New Beginnings

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Welcome! This is a new start for this DA page after years of neglect. I am planning on taking commissions and selling my works, so why not use DA to feature all of it? I will post pictures of my projects and hopefully also patterns and howto to share with others, as long as I remember to take pictures during each steps. I am very hopeful this time around, as previously I tried to keep this account up with undiagnosed mental illnesses and the combination basically made it impossible to stick to a schedule. You can stay in touch with me and my various projects not only here, but also on many various sites: twitter: @MsVil
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Hey there! After a lack of internet in the last weeks, I'm finally back. Seems like it's impossible for the school dorms to have a stable connection, but that's ranting I'll keep for my fellows in class ;) I will keep my word this time and post some of my art from last semester. Things went smoothly after all, I obtained every good grades on all but one class (the cursed one). One of the final projects was on creating a logo for the university radio in Rimouski, a city between the one I'm currently studying with and my hometown. I still don't get why, but my project has been selected along with 7 others -on a total of 44- as one of the poss
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A fave from someone I'm faving? Well, that's just too much to hope for isn't it?

:D Thank you.
Thanks for the watch! Currently I'm hoping that the list in my journal will be completely digitally. Unfortunately, I've not started on the list as life has been somewhat hectic since the posting. Things are looking up this weekend, though, so I hope that you enjoy what you'll find!
Thanks sooo much for the FAV my Friend!

:D :D :hug:
thank you for the watch!!! =)
thankyou fooor the waaatch <3
MEW WAS HERE! ^____________^