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DESIGNS UFT/UFS | Character Purge

Sun Oct 21, 2018, 12:23 PM
[ Realized i have way too many designs and adopts so im rehoming a few!…

Please dont venture outside of the trade/sell folder - everything else is not up for grabs!

In terms of trading? Im looking right now specifically for Nurse/Doctor Designs or Eldritch/Demon Designs. The only art im looking for right now is animated pixel icons or smth. Customs are chill if thats your jam. Thanks! 

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[ So the adopt market is tough and my friends have some amazing designs up for sale! I really hope you guys can check em out! PWEASE ] 

  (OPEN 2/5) Old Design Adoptables by ShinycakesSong Designs [OPEN] by DeadSalesman

Satyr Demon Adopt's: FLATSALE (CLOSED) by galaxyllamaHallothursti: CLOSED by oreorc

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Goredoptober List!

Fri Sep 14, 2018, 2:52 PM
So I'm putting this here as a finishing marker and reference list for my Goretober Adopt List that'll be used! Feel free to also reference this list and use it for your stuff too! If any listing at all interests you? Lemmie know if you wanna claim ahead of time! These cannot be customizable prompts however and you would be getting a total surprise. Pricing is also yet to be determined but would be around the ballpark range of $35-$55 

1. Multiple Body Parts [ Eyes / Limbs / ETC ]
2. Dental Torture
3. Candied Guts 
4. Amputation / Organ Removal
5. Butcher or Butchered
6. Miasis / Parasitism 
7. Scrimshaw / Scarring / Tattooed 
8. Medical Torture / Surgery 
9. Sashimi 
10. Corrupted
11. Body Sharing / Possession 
12. Conjoined Twins [ Surgical or natural ] 
13. Blood Bath 
14. Technogore / Glitching / Robotic / Cybernetic 
15. Martyrdom / Stigmata / Godly 
16. Cannibal 
17. Stitches 
18. Necromantic 
19. Sickness / Plagued 
20. Undead / Rotted 
21. Dissection / Taken Apart
22. Taxidermy / Display 
23. Living Garden / Plant Infestation 
24. Extraterrestrial 
25. Drowned 
26. Ritual 
27. Beheaded 
28. Transformation / Monsterification 
29. Blank 
30. All Fixed Up! 

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Stole this Gay Meme

Tue Jun 5, 2018, 12:42 PM
Stole this from multiple peeps cause why the fuck not? Drawing is currently a bummer so imma waste some time >;3c 

1. What’s your Gender?

2. What are your Pronouns?

3. Is your Family Accepting?
Relatively? My Brother is mega supportive and My Mom is trying her best! Slips up a lot but alas...
Dad? He kinda treats it like a joke :/ 

4. What do you wish you could tell your past self?
CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Let people in! Put your foot down when you know you feel something is up!
Don't be a pussy!!!

5. What is your Sexuality?
Pan/Biromantic Asexual! 

6. Favorite Color
Teal, Pink, Orange

7. Sun Gay or Moon Gay?
Moon Gay hell nya

8. When did you find out your sexuality?
HM, when I was like...10 I think..yeah 10. 

9. How was your day?
Slow but decent! Wasting time doing this meme

10. Do you have any Gay friends?
A majority of my buds are! 

11. What’s your favorite hobby?
Draw, Write, World-build, Gaym, Roleplay? 
Annnd some Science Stuff

12. Who’s the best gay icon in your opinion
I vote for Marceline the Bi Queen

13. Which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
Oh fuck that one is hard but: Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and Pan are my Favs..

14. Are you openly out?
Oh yeah! I try to be as open as possible with the People I meet lmao
15. Are you comfortable with yourself?
Nah but Im trying to be

16. Bottom or Top?
Imma Top do I look like a bottom to you 

17. Femme or Butch?
Neither me thinks? But at times I do call myself Butch 

18. Do you bind?
Sometimes but its so umcomfy 

19. Do you shave?
Never it's called a natural sweater

23. Have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?

24. Anyone of another sex?

25. Pastel gay or Goth gay
Im a Goth Thot

26. Favorite dad in dream daddies?
the fuck is a dream daddy

27. Tell me a random fact about yourself?
I know how to fix, build and pilot a Boat

28. Do you own any pride flags/merch?
I've got a few cool gay pins...some rainbow shirts..some rainbow sneakers. I wanna get a Trans Flag Poster/Flag

29. Have you ever been to a pride parade?
A few times but it gets sweaty and now I am big Fear cause of all the bullshit happening in America 

30. Any advice to someone who isn’t out or who are exploring themselves?
Be Safe, know that gender and sexuality is fluid. Don't be afraid to experiment or travel between your identities. It's okay to be confused about it and some people are for a long, long time. Some people won't accept you but its not your job to convince them and it's best that you surround yourself with people who love, care for and respect you. For those who are Cishet and what not, be kind to your fellow human - be understanding and don't be a dick. Help those in need when you can and be a voice of protection, not hatred. But to everyone, be respectful - understand what Pride means and where it came from and remember those who sacrificed it all to get us this far. The world is a scary place so stay strong, be aware of your surroundings and the people you're with- and be kind to yourself

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  • Name: Felix
  • Birthday: December 4th 
  • Height: 5'0" but 5'1" on a good day
  • Weight: Beeg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Teal + Black
  • Race: I am a Pasty Lookin Cuck
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius  

  • Drink?: Yes
  • Smoke?: No
  • Use Drugs?: No
  • Cuss?: Constantly 
  • Play Any Instruments?: Used to play Violin but that is NO MORE
  • Have Any Piercings?:  Ye boi 
  • Have Any Tattoos?: No but its def the next big thing Im saving up for in terms of Indulgent Wants 
  • Like To Annoy People?: Not as often as I'd like
  • Like Life?: Yikes™
  • Wear Make-Up?: Nah 
  • Dye Your Hair?: Often
  • Scream At The top of your lungs for no reason?: Mentally
  • Get Distracted By Shiny Objects?: Yes
  • Like Pina Coladas?: My fav
  • And Getting Caught In The Rain?: fuck that

  • Dependable?: Relatively 
  • Trustworthy?: Ya
  • Obsessive?: Nah
  • Hyper Active?: I wake up at 2% Battery daily
  • Happy?: Hm.
  • Content?: Eh
  • Boring?: No
  • Violent?: I'm internally Aggro though not outwardly
  • Evil?: More of a Chaotic Neutral 
  • Hippie-Ish?: Hell nya 
  • Shy?: Very
  • Paranoid?: ye
  • Annoying?: Mayhaps?
  • Social?: nop
  • Religious?: No, but I'd like to think I'm fairly spiritual 

  • TV Show?: Mystery Diagnosis / Stranger Things / Adventure Time / Over the Garden Wall / Paranoia Agent / Mob Psycho 100 / Space Dandy / Cowboy Bebop / The Most Extreme / Blue Planet / Bizarre Foods 
  • Movie?: Silent Hill / Shape of Water / Kubo and The Two Strings / Loving Vincent / Triplettes de Belleville / The Fountain / Paranorman / Paprika / Perfect Blue / Millennium Actress / Pokemon 2000  
  • Band/Singer(s)?: Glass Animals / Pengosolvent / The Birthday Massacre / Beach House / Gorillaz / Dir en Grey / Lorn / Woodkid / Low Roar / Of Monsters and Men
  • Book/Story?: Books: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman / Desperation by Stephen King / House of Leaves | Comics: Hannah is Not a Boy's Name / The Property of Hate 
  • Colour(s)?: Teal / Pink / Muted Colours like Greys and Soft Browns / Black / Orange 
  • Shape?: Triangles 
  • Animal?: Cats / Manta Rays / Squids / Catfish / Loaches / Pigeons / Chickens / Deer / Raccoons / Doges / Whales
  • Person(s)?: My friends! 
  • Smell?: Woodsy, Sweet Scents like Petrichor, Honeysuckle, Bergamot  / Oceanic Scents / Peaches 
  • Flower?: Forget-Me-Nots / Daffodils / Chamomile / Sunflowers / Snapdragons  
  • Subject?: Marine Biology / Animation 
  • Musical: Not a fan of Musicals but I guess Rocky Horror Picture Show 
  • Sport?: Skiing / Wrestling 
  • Word?: Iridescent 
  • Quote?: " You're Only Armed with Teeth because You're More Brittle than You'd Care to Admit. " Alternatively? "Sometimes we put our hearts in the wrong places; What the fuck is it doing between your teeth? " 
  • Hobby?: Jogging / Playing Vidya Gaymes / Napping 
  • Store?: Cafes 
  • Season?: Autumn
  • Time Of Day?: Early Morning / Late Night - The quiet and weird vibes it gives are nice

  • Worst Fear?: Dying from Sickness / On Accident 
  • Life Goal?: Living in some calm place with my S/O with 5 chickens, a sheep, a goat , some cats and dogs  in Incognito / Getting known for my art someway somehow
  • Greatest Accomplishment?: Going to College 

  • Pepsi Or Coke?: 🅱️epis 
  • McDonald's Or Burger King?: Miccy D's 
  • Converse Or Vans?: Vans - Converse are too Narrow :/ 
  • Dogs Or Cats?: Cats
  • AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger?: Aim, the reject of the IM world 
  • Chicken Or Fish?: Fish
  • Black Or White?: Black
  • MTV Or FUSE?: Depends what Era we're talking about 
  • MP3 player, ipod or CD player?: My ancient Ipod 
  • Pants Or Shorts?: Nothing at all 

  • Day: Having a good ole quiet time with some friends or just chilling with my cats 
  • Room: Fun posters and Prints on the Walls, Low Lights, Blue in scheme and Marine in Theme, Large Window to let in Natural Light
  • Life: Hmm...
  • World: Peaceful with none of this current bullshit happening in this hellscape  
  • Romantic Date: Stargazing out in the forest and by a nice lake, tucked up in a blanket by a campfire 

  • God?: No
  • Heaven & Hell?: No
  • Angels & Demons?: No
  • Reincarnation?: Perhaps
  • Yourself?: One day
  • Ghosts?: Yah
  • UFOs?: Yeh
  • Big Foot?: Yes
  • Lockness Monster?: Kinda?
  • A Thing Called Love?: Yessiree 

  • Kill Someone Else?: I would try to avoid this at all costs 
  • Beg For Money?: Yah cause sometimes shit is fuck 
  • Skydive?: Hell yeah
  • Bungee Jump?: Yessss
  • Make out in the rain?: The rain is nasty 
  • Run Away From Home?: Yes
  • Ride A Motorcycle?: God yes
  • Do Extreme Sports?: Hell nya

  • Do You Own A Car?: No
  • Ever Been To Jail?: No
  • Ever Gotten Kicked out?: Yes
  • Do You Have A Job?:  Not at the time being...
  • Do You Like Taking Surveys Like This?: I'm tired and its been a while

  • Are You Lonely?: Yeah
  • Are You Sitting In A BeanBag Chair Eatin' Cheetos?: Skip the cheetos, I want the bean bag chair
  • How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?: Swallow it whole, you fool 
  • Is That Your Final Answer?: 
  • Are You Sure?: 
  • Postitive?: 
  • Glad That This Is Over?: Yah

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Patreon? Thoughts? Questions? Help???

Fri Jun 30, 2017, 9:43 AM
[ As I work through my list of owed art, I realize a majority of my income comes from adopts nowadays....and as much as I love doing them, I'd like to do something more! So I wanna try patreon...thing is i  dont know where to start or what to offer! Here's a few things on my mind tho!: 

Process Videos / Speed Paints 
Live Streams / Live Tutorial Sessions 
NSFW-Content [ this includes extreme Gore/Sexual Gore/Fetish Stuff Etc etc ] 
Fanart Requests [ ie of SU, Adventure Time, etc etc ] 
Early Access to Finished Work
Commission Slots per Month / Custom Design Per Month
Early Access to Adopts / First Dibs on Designs [ this includes Up and Coming Closed Species ] 

If ya'll have any feed back, I'd love to know it! This includes Tiers, Pricing, other things to offer....etc etc! Please! Comment here to let me know! ] 

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Mon Apr 17, 2017, 11:54 AM
[ Hello everyone! I'm calling all Choco-Demon Owners to step forward and tell me which ones they own as I'm planning to build a masterlist! It's been a long while and I'm sure some people who owned a Choco is no longer around - so I'm doing a round up of those who do! I'm remaking the Species Sheet as we speak and I should be able to release them again within this year...and hopefully before summer! Along with a group possibly for em! SO IF YOU WILL - 

All Choco-Demon owners must comment with this form filled out on this journal! 

Owner Name: 
Class Type: [ Feral / Half-Feral / Domestic / Regal / Alpha ] 
Mix Type: [ If Applicable ] 
Reference: [ The Picture of Said Choco-Demon! If you have trouble locating it, Note me! ] 

ALSO if you have Sold or Rehomed a Choco-Demon, Please Note me As well so I can locate the New Owner and Give them this Info! Thank you! ] </div>

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Some itty bitty tutorials

Mon Feb 27, 2017, 7:48 PM
[ A small collection of tutorials / process stuff I did as I guess 'tips' for others. Idk if they're useful but hey who knows! All of them use Paint Tool Sai for Drawing and Photoshop for Effects ] 

[ Lazy Colour Tutorial

This Is Bullshit Sorry by VileBile

[ Drip / Fluid / Liquid Tutorial

Fluid tutorial by VileBile

[ Example of Using it for Tears and Blood ] 

Fluid Example by VileBile

[ Body Construction Process

Body Process by VileBile

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A thought about Choco-Demons

Sat Feb 25, 2017, 2:28 PM
[ To those who have followed me for a long while, you may know that i have a closed species called a Choco-Demon. Now this species has been on a slight hiatus since I had needed to overhaul the ref sheet and focus on making them look a little more unique as compared to just a simple humanoid demon creature. A thought had come to mind on whether I should keep their outer fangs or not as a characteristic. 

fengs by VileBile

it would be awesome for those who are still interested in the species to vote in this poll here:

And perhaps give some opinions if you have any! ;o; 

Thank you for listening! ] 

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Join.Me Stream! [ Closed! ]

Thu Feb 23, 2017, 3:32 PM
[ I haven't streamed in 1000000 million years and has changed a lot. Idk if music will play but if you hear it well....there's music!!! So uh apologies if Im still a little not used to it! Anyhoo im streaming some adopts? Feel free to claim as Im working on them lmao. 

OH! But Here's some rules tho: 

- Please Join with your username on DA 
- Be Nice. No Drama. You'll get Kicked if you're being a shit 
- No RP in chat. Also dont spam with links thanks 
- Be chill and I'll be chill eeyyy 


Strem by VileBile

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OC Diversity Meme

Thu Jan 5, 2017, 8:47 PM
[ Stole this from Chocoshrooms ! I just wanted to do something that'd take my mind off of stuff ya know - so here's a meme lmao ] 

How many OCs do you have?

614. With this many OCs I better be Diverse LMAO 

Gender and Love

You have an OC that is...
(x) Male
(x) Female
(x) Intersex [ Mostly This ] 
(x) Non-binary or genderqueer [ This too ] 
(x) Genderfluid [ SO MANY ] 
(x) Transgender [ Also a Good Majority ] 
(x) Heterosexual [ Not many of These ] 
(x) Bisexual
(x) Homosexual 
(x) Polysexual 
(x) Pansexual
(x) Asexual
(x) Demisexual 
(x) Aromantic [ Surprisingly also not many! ] 
(x) Polyamorous 
(x) Single [ Most of my OCs are! ] 
(x) Dating
(x) Engaged
(x) Married 
(x) Divorced
(x) Widowed
( ) In a civil partnership 
(x) In an open relationship 
(x) In a poly relationship

23 of 24

Race and ethnicity

You have an OC who is...
(x) Black
(x) Caucasian
(x) Latina/o 
(x) Indian
(x) Asian
(x) Middle Eastern
(x) Native American
(x) Pacific Islander
(x) Another race or ethnicity 
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation [ Mostly this ] 
(x) Multiracial [ Mostly this too ] 

11 of 11


You have an OC that is...
(x) Christian 
(x) Jewish
(x) Hindu
(x) Buddhist 
(x) Islamic
(x) Pagan or Wiccan
(x) Satanist
(x) Another religion
(x) A religion of your own creation
(x) Agnostic 
(x) Atheist
(x) Pro-LGBTQA+
(x) Anti-LGBTQA+ [ Unfortunately! ] 
(x) Pro-choice
(x) Pro-life

15 out of 15

Illnesses and disabilities 

You have an OC with...
(x) Cancer
( ) Lupus
(x) Diabetes
( ) Crohn's
(x) Depression
(x) Anxiety
(x) Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression
(x) Schizophrenia
(x) PTSD
(x) Self-harming habits or tendencies
(x) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic)
(x) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict) 
(x) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
( ) Down's Syndrome
(x) Infertility issues
(x) Allergies
(x) Insomnia
(x) A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics [ So many ocs with their left arm or both arms missing??? ] 
(x) Blindness or a missing eye [ So many ocs with Missing eyes ] 
(x) Deafness
(x) The inability to speak 
(x) Confinement to a wheelchair
(x) Paralysis
(x) Another illness or disability
(x) An illness or disability of your own creation [ Lotsa these ] 

23 of 26


You have an OC from...
(x) North America
(x) Central America
(x) South America
(x) The Caribbean Islands
(x) Europe
(x) The United Kingdom
(x) The Middle East
(x) Africa
(x) Asia
(x) Russia
(x) India
(x) Australia
(x) New Zealand
(x) Antarctica
(x) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation. [ ALIENS ] 

15 of 15

Appearance and abilities

You have an OC with...
(x) Glasses
(x) Freckles or visible birthmarks [ Got a lot of these!!! ] 
(x) Acne
(x) Scars or burns
(x) Missing or crooked teeth or a gap [ These too! ] 
(x) Fangs
(x) Wings and/or horns
(x) A tail or tails
(x) Fins or gills
(x) Magical powers or supernatural abilities

10 of 10

Add up your total and that is your % out of 100:  97%

Neato Bonito! I would kick myself if I had 600+ ocs and wasn't diverse. It was fun going down the line and seeing who was what tbh! I was Debating on putting numbers down too of how many of each I had 0: Ya'll should try it! 

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Mon Nov 28, 2016, 4:55 PM
[ My borthday and the Holidays are coming so I thought why not. Obviously you don't gotta do anything bout this but hey if you do you're a total sweetie and I give you my love and thank yous! So YEAH, here's shit that I honestly want in my life: ] 

Arrow left Amazon Wishlist Arrow right 

Arrow left Dream Designs Arrow right 

Arrow left Favourite Designers! Arrow right

Closed Species 
Chittercada [ By @/Varigo ] 
CCCat [ By @/WellHidden ] 
Grem2 [ By @/MrGremble ] 
Browbird [ By @/AgentCorrina ] 
Birdfolk [ By @/Kel-Del ] 
Plantfu [ By @/KuroKiKumo ] 
Flytrapdog [ By @/Surrial ]
Gleema [ By @/Traumlaterne ]
Nuedel [ By @/ichimatsu-kun ]
Elasmodrake [ By @/owlapin ]
Doppelganger [ By @/Zenophrenic ]
Pleffin [ By @/Fluttershysocks ]
Meraux [ By @/2II3 ]
Ice Cream Cow [ By @/oreorc ]
Rascals [ By @/Spockirkcoy ]
Clounds [ By @/Arleedraw ]
Cores [ By @/Oxxidian ] 
Spiritus Oris [ By @/brokendoll777 ] 
Glubglub [ By @/loppyrae ] 
Louxes [ By @/Nokkelborth ]
Rentii [ By @/heckromancer ] 
BlankBirds [ By @/Salisburies ]

Design Preferences

Lovecraftian / Eldritch Creatures [ Tentaccllesssss ] 
Nautical Themes
Food Themes [ Sweets / Eggs / Sushi / Savory looking stuff ] 
Deep Space Themes 
Nightmare Themes [ Demons / Teeth stuff ]
Surreal / Ethereal Themes [ Freaky Angels ] 
Object Heads [ TV Heads Mostly- ] 
Diesel-Punk/Military-esque Themes 
50's / Retro [ GREASERSSS ] 
Royal Themes [ Specifically Kings/Queens ] 
Nature Themes [ Especially Mushrooms ] 
Medical Themes [ Needles / Doctors / NURSES ]
Gore Themes
Natural Colours [ Soft Greens, Muddy Yellows , Gentle Pinks and Browns, Oranges ] 
Dark Colours [ Off White, Black, Raveny Colours ] 
Oceanic Colours [ Teals, Deep Dark Greens , Deep Blues ] 
Pops of Bright Colour [ CMYK Specifically? or 3D effects ]
Shinies [ Gold, Ivory , Silver, Rose Gold , White Gold ] 
Pastels [ Kinda? ]
Bird Creatures 
Hooved Critters [ DEER , Horses , Fauns, Satyrs, Cows, Giraffes, Okapis, Pigs ] 
Insects [ Bees, Beetles, Moths, Caterpillars, Grubs or Maggots ] 
Masked Creatures
Oceanic Critters of ALL kind

Overly Kawaii 
Too Many Bright Colours / Over Saturation 
Generic Animals [ Cat /Dog ] 
Scene / Sparkle Doggos 
Too Much Purple or Bright Yellow 
Red/Green Combo 
Purple/Yellow Combo
Steampunk [ This is really finicky for me ] 
Most Reptiles??? Idk 
Most Primates???
Hypermuscule, Hyper tiddy , you get my drift
Overly human Designs

Xynthiis [ Or any eyeball mouth thingies in the same vein ] 
Any Bootleg/Ripoff Species

[ ALSO you can use this list to buy comms from me too if you wanted to lets say instead buy something off my wishlist and get a comm in return? You can do that ] 

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F2U OC Profile Layout!

Mon Feb 1, 2016, 7:52 PM
[ Have at it! I know a few of your wanted something similar to how I do my profiles and stuff for my ocs, so I re-designed an old one I had for you guys to use. All I require is credit and not to edit the original layout! Please also do not claim this as yours ;o; Other than that, it's all good to go! ] 

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A Quick Blinking Animation Tutorial

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 4:41 PM
[ TW: Moving Images  | Gifs ]

[ Ever wanted to learn how I make things do the "blink" ? Ever wanted to know that it's actually a lil bit simpler than you thought? WORRY NOT; for I have bullshitted a tutorial for all of you, my friends! It's not INCREDIBLY accurate because again I just kinda...doodled it out and I'm still learning myself. But it should do the trick for getting you slowly into the field of the dreaded and tedious Animation . SO LETS GET ON WITH IT. Down below you'll find a shitty guide to making your ocs...or your favourite characters, BLINK. JUST MAKE SURE, you have photoshop because this is what I use to animate things. If you wanna use a gif maker, then by all means...but I strongly recommend at least Photoshop CS3 or Higher...or even GIMP. But personally I have no idea how to use gimp. ] 

Blink Tutorial  by VileBile

[ Once you've finally put it all together and if You did it right. You should come up with something like this! ] 

Blink 1 Constant Loop by VileBile

[ However, With the way I animate blinking.

My frame order is this:

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 3 , 2.

My Frame SPEED is at this: 

1 ( 0.5 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
3 ( 0.12 sec )
4 ( 0.12 sec )
3 ( 0.1 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
1 ( 0.1 sec )
2 ( 0.08 sec )
3 ( 0.12 sec )
4 ( 0.12 sec )
3 ( 0.1 sec ) 
2 ( 0.08 sec )  

Put that together and you get my standard blinking Loop: 

Blink 2 by VileBile

So I hope this helps you out guys! If you use my method, I'd love it if you could share the drawing! Anyhoo, Happy Animating, my friends! ] 

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World Building + Fun Facts on OCs!

Sat Nov 14, 2015, 11:00 AM
Arrow left This Journal is Especially Important to Those who RP / Ship / Headcanon with Me! Arrow right

[ Warning: NSFW Topics are Discussed!!! ]

[ So! Let's get down to the fun stuff of ocs and world building yeah? I'm sure many of you already know that I'm not 100% in the Adventure Time Fandom anymore and am now considered as a Multiverse/Original-verse RPer! Though this is not to say that AT hasn't influenced a lot of the world that is made for my characters [ and hopefully the characters of people who interact with them! ] . This also means that I should really clear up some things about the world they live in as to have a more understanding  and mess free experience when getting into the setting of Headcanons or Roleplays! So onwards with the details! ] 

Arrow left The World as We Know it

Arrow left At this very moment, Earth's Status is Post-Apocalyptic ; this means that this is Earth after a traumatic and extreme change in its Societal ,  Geographical , and Biological system. 

Arrow left This also means that this version of Earth is in the Far Future. How far? No one really knows but many speculate about 1000-2000 years ahead of our time now. 

Arrow left Speaking of time! It is not recorded the same way anymore and many people currently refer to the years by the date after activity on the planet picked up once more in a societal view point. The current Year right now is YEAR 198 . Month and Day Names have more or less stayed the same.

Arrow left Many continents have now shifted and many countries have been decimated outright or reduced greatly in size. There are at least 3 super continents with numerous islands surrounding them. Water levels have risen greatly and many countries have also sunk due to it. The poles are slightly shifted. 

Arrow left Seasons are a bit odd now as certain ones last longer than others. Summer and Spring now are shorter while Autumn and Winter are longer. The weather is also a bit extreme and bizarre in many areas of the world. Ash falls from the sky in a large half of a super continent and is considered fairly toxic to the air. A haze covers many areas of nearby forests that can only be described as a natural smog and constant fog. This of course leads to the toxicity of the air - still recovering from nuclear fallout of the former Apocalypse. HOWEVER, the levels are still livable and isn't a direct threat. Rainfall is heavier and tropical storms are frequent. Earthquakes and Tsunamis are more frequent as well due to the still shifting plates and new faults that have been formed over the centuries. 

Arrow left Due to Nuclear Radiation, plants and flora have risen in growth, many former desert areas have become lush forests once more - valleys are now vibrant and filled with annual flowers and vegetation. Food is fairly abundant and even is available within the Ashy areas of the nuclear fallout sites [ albeit its more shrubbery there as it is more of a tundra than anything else. ] 

Arrow left Old architecture and machinery is strewn about the world - littering many areas with old and withering technology. Some things still are functioning and has brought upon scavengers.

Arrow left Speaking of whats strewn about the world! Travel is easier due to how advanced society in general has become! Here is now a Trans-global train system that covered the world with rails. It is often free or affordable because not only does it act as a transport system for people and items, it is also a travelling city! 

Arrow left Not only is there a trans-global train system but also a Trans-Universal system in where there are countless space trams that lead to other planets and galaxies! So the world is not limited to its own planet, but takes in the culture of many alien-kind. 

Arrow left While there is influence of other worlds, there is also influence of other Universes amongst our own due to now the frequented rips in space time. One particular influence is from a singular planet like Universe called NEVER. Which has long been decimated due to outside forces...however, many people that survived from  its end were thrown onto our planet. 

Arrow left The Land as We Know it
 Arrow left As we know with every Apocalyptic situation, there is a mass extinction of many animals and creatures on the planet. As centuries go by, new beings and species take over as top of the food chain. 

Arrow left Along with this, as a new era rises - new mutations, aspects of evolution arise and take control of the situation. This has led to many creatures being humanoid and retaining human-like knowledge. Many even surpass it. 

Arrow left A new form of evolution has become a norm and is coined 'Hyper-Adaptation' . This means that instead of a gradual growth of adapting for species, it is now rapid and constantly changing due to the heightened radiation that has coated the planet. 

Arrow left Despite it all, the population of animals and affiliated beings has severely dropped - leading to the take over of creatures not from our world or plane of existence

Arrow left Inorganic and Organic meshes together as well, creating what we would call as a form of android or robot. Innovation of other creatures also leads to to technological advances, creating purely independent thinking AIs  that now exist on their own terms. 

Arrow left Certain other Mecha survived through the Nuclear Attacks that were created during and before our time - making up a small amount of the population.
Arrow left Current Dominant Species [ Creatures that are now the Vast Majority ] : 
Arrow left Ungulate Kind[ Hooved Mammals: Deer. Horses, Goats, Pigs , Cows Especially ]
Arrow left Rodent Kind [ Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Moles Especially ]  
Arrow left Avian Kind [ Birds ] 
Arrow left Ocean + Sea Kind [ Various Fish, Cephalopods, Crustaceans, Invertebrates and Deep Sea Species ]
Arrow left Certain Reptile Kind [ Crocodiles, Alligators ] 
Arrow left Plantiforme and Fungaeforme Kind [ Plant-Like or Fungal Like Humanoids + Affiliated Creatures] 
Arrow left Monster Kind  [ Demons, Angelic Beings, Draconians, Lovecraftians, Various other Monstrous Species ] 
Arrow left New Age Mecha Kind [ Neo-Futuristic Robots + Androids + Cyborgs ] 
Arrow left Alien Kind [ Beings that are not from Earth or Our Universe ]
Arrow left Current Passive Species [ Creatures that are Now the Minority but are far from extinct ] :
Arrow left Canine + Feline Humanoids [ Domestic Breeds , Wolves, Foxes, Hybrids, Smaller Wild Cats, Big Cats ]
Arrow left Marsupial Kind [ Possums | Kangaroos etc ] 
Arrow left Chiropetra Kind [ Bats! ] 
Arrow left Mustelidae Kind [ Weasels, Ferrets, Minks, Badgers, Otters ]
Arrow left Certain Reptile Kind [ Turtles, Lizards, Snakes ] 
Arrow left Insect + Arachnid Kind 
Arrow left Undead Kind [ Zombies, Vampires, Aberrations ]
Arrow left Were-Being Kind [ Werewolves, Werecats, etc etc ] 
Arrow left Deity Kind [ Gods and Demi-God Like Beings ] 
Arrow left Old Age Mecha Kind  [ Steampunk, Diesel and Pre-Apocalyptic Robots + Androids + Cyborgs ]  
Arrow left Near-Extinct Species [ Beings that are deemed gone or almost gone. The Extreme Minority ]:
Arrow left Primate Kind [ Humans, Apes, Lemuriformes ] 
Arrow left Ocean Mammal Kind [ Whales, Dolphins, Seals, Walruses ] 
Arrow left Ursidae Kind [ Bears ]
Arrow left Certain Monster or Alien Kind

Arrow left Society as We Know it
Arrow left With the many changes that the world has gone through there is no denying that the newly formed Society and Living has changed as well! 

Arrow left As centuries went by; many new cities, villages, towns and Kingdoms have popped up to control the state of the new world. Governments are formed in an effort to keep things orderly. At the time being, it is fairly flawed as many new powers keep arising - each one more powerful than the other. 

Arrow left Technological Advances are at an all time high and are rapidly evolving society - especially its media. 

Arrow left Religion and Culture are now very mixed, morality is incredibly grey. Murder, Assault of Many Kinds and Robbery are looked at differently in this new society as more aggressive or domineering beings become the majority. Violence is often mutual and the term 'An Eye for An Eye' is casually used. 

Arrow leftWith the discovery of Spiritual and Deity-esque beings, Religion is now more cult like or treated with an odd human touch as these people now live amongst us. It is dealt with more as a celebrity status. 

Arrow left While Humanity is more or less near extinct, the creatures that now rule the world are still incredibly influenced by it - trying to both mimick and recreate the world we had before... but with declining success as their own morality and views mix. It becomes a violent ride of tarnished history. Much of mankind's innovation is erased or altered - specieism is now prevalent as Racism is more or less diminished. 

Arrow left Education is now treated differently as its now Optional [ though strongly recommended, especially in more developed areas ]. Most Schools are vocational and teach more for those are trying to go into a certain type of job or career. Most early education is done at home by the parents or qualified mentors that are hired privately. 

Arrow left Sex of various kinds is very glamourized in the world. More so than before but now with the inclusion of all sorts of mixed-Species stuff. Gender, Sexuality and Sex are all accepted as most of these beings simply don't care. Androgyny is treated in high regard and is a desired look for most. Despite the Hyper-Sexual Influence - Asexuality and its Spectrum are considered as well, sex and romance is not pushed in an obscene way or treated as an 'end-all Be-all' for most. 

[ Welp! This is what I more or less have for the current state of the world! I'll probably add more to it later when I get more of an idea of how to word things. But now onto other fun things that deal more with my OCs and How a majority of them work. ] 

Arrow left OC Facts [ Things that Apply to a majority of my characters!]
 Arrow left A majority of my OCs have Ambiguous Sex and Gender. Most of them are considered Intersex and can both give birth or impregnate. 

Arrow left Most of my characters have grey morality, meaning they don't correspond with the morality that is in our current society. 

Arrow left This also means that the concept of family or love is very different for them. Hell, most of my characters aren't even from planet Earth or are Magically created! 

Arrow left Most of my characters have BIZARRE Anatomy - don't be shocked to find out that some OCs have like...more that 2 nip nops or really weird groins. [ This goes to people who ship with me. Then again, if you ship with me you're probably already aware how weird my characters are <:y ] 

Arrow left Polyamory is prevalent in most of my characters uou 

[ Welp that's more or less it! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask? <:y Even about specific ocs if you're curious! I hope this clears up a few things! ] 

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Get to Know My OCs! [ Results! ]

Tue Oct 20, 2015, 4:30 PM
[ Alright so this is super long because ya'll gave me lists of ocs :U Enjoy the read I suppose? uou ] 

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Arrow left Asked By: HaWiFi Arrow right 

01. Full name:Lace Vox
02. Best friend: Jay | Atlas
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Lace Pink
05. Relationship status: Married to the Lovely Aitimaa Seopai
06. Ideal mate:  Confident but Patient and Gentle People...Also curves are very nice! The softer the better.
07. Turn-ons: Gentle Touches | Light Bondage [ Giving or Receiving ] | Oral Fixation | Sweet Talk
08. Favorite food: Anything Sweet! Strawberries | Red Meat
09. Crushes: Just his lovely Wife!
10. Favorite music: Ambient | Trance
11. Biggest fear: Being Alone Again | Losing his soon to be Children or Wife | Being eaten alive
12. Biggest fantasy: A Universe with no evil or discord in it.
13. Bad habits: Obvious Constant Stutter | Fidgeting Hands | Tends to Cover Face | Hair Tugging
14. Biggest regret: Letting himself become 'Stupid' | Not taking time to learn about his powers
15. Best kept secrets: How much he actually knows about himself and the existence he helped create.
16. Last thought: "W-why do I o-only have 3 t-toes..."
17. Worst romantic experience: No experience is terrible with Aiti!
18. Biggest insecurity: His species type | His lack of knowledge
19. Weapon of choice: His powers of altering Probability + Reality | His unhinged Jaw + Teeth | Duplication Abilities
20. Role Model: His Wife | His 'Sister' Stygian


01. Full name: Francesca Fleischer-Dubois  
02. Best friend: Blanca Noir Seopai | Auden O' Conner
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Burgundy Red | Gold Yellow
05. Relationship status: Single and Ready to Mingle!
06. Ideal mate: Someone Strong and Adventurous! Won't be afraid to be brash and brutally honest. Someone taller and more masculine...Dominant.
07. Turn-ons: Biting [ Receiving / Giving ] | Tail Pulling | Hair Pulling | Shot gunning
08. Favorite food: Any sort of Meat...Anything Bitter.
09. Crushes: No one really...
10. Favorite music: Electro-Swing | 20's Jazz  
11. Biggest fear: Being set up for an Arranged Marriage | Dying before she could really experience the world | Being Assassinated | Losing her whole family
12. Biggest fantasy: To finally know what she's meant know what to do with her life.
13. Bad habits: Smoking | Drinking | Finger Tapping | Lip Biting
14. Biggest regret: Letting her siblings run away | Not joining her siblings in running away.
15. Best kept secrets: How desperate she is for someone to actually try to see her beyond appearance/addictions/status.
16. Last thought: "What time is it? Where are my shoes? Where is my underwear...???"
17. Worst romantic experience: Waking up next to one of her Dad's best friends after a night of drinking. Awkward.
18. Biggest insecurity: Her constant smoking and drinking??? Her false Narcissism? Her Horns and Hands for sure.
19. Weapon of choice: Crow Bar or Tommy Gun. If that's not available then just a switch blade or her heels should do.
20. Role Model: Milana Widows [ Her tutor! ]


01. Full name: Lanius Sangre
02. Best friend: No One
03. Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual
04. Favorite color: Warm Black
05. Relationship status: Single.
06. Ideal mate: Someone who won't get in the way. Someone who is as grotesque as him. Elegant and Gothic romantics. People who have an air of sophistication but won't mind getting their hands dirty.
07. Turn-ons: Gentle Kissing | Passionate Lovemaking | Choking [ Giving ]
08. Favorite food: Everything tastes like blood and dust to him.
09. Crushes: Has an Odd infatuation with Anne-Xieti HaWiFi
10. Favorite music: Classical Piano or Gothic Orchestral Pieces
11. Biggest fear: None really...
12. Biggest fantasy: He's already living it?
13. Bad habits: Speaking in Tangents | Coming off as Romantic when he doesn't mean to | Staring Uncomfortably long at people
14. Biggest regret: Letting Crassus become a prince or ruling any part of his kingdom!
15. Best kept secrets: His life before he became a Prince or an Undead being
16. Last thought: "..."
17. Worst romantic experience: Anyone trying to actually touch him.
18. Biggest insecurity: None really.
19. Weapon of choice: Ability to suck the light out of a room | His teeth/claws | His appearance
20. Role Model: None. [ Himself ]


01. Full name: Crassus Sangre
02. Best friend: Rapture Mournin! [ She's the best! ] HaWiFi
03. Sexuality: Grey-Aromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Puke Green
05. Relationship status: It's Complicated.
06. Ideal mate: Someone who doesn't mind that he's kind've gross looking and clingy! [ "Please love me!!!!" ]
07. Turn-ons: Being Eviscerated | Rough Touches | Shot Gunning | Choking [ Receiving ] | Violent Bondage | Blood Play | Bottoming?? | Sweet Talk
08. Favorite food: Anything Rotten [ Easier to Digest for a Dead Fellow! ]
09. Crushes: "R-rapture~" HaWiFi
10. Favorite music: Heavy Metal | Screamo | Nu-Metal | 80's Horror Movie Soundtracks
11. Biggest fear: Being alone for all eternity. Being unloved. Being alive forever.
12. Biggest fantasy: Having someone to snuggle with and also nibble on from time to time...
13. Bad habits: Touching EVERYTHING | Biting things / himself | Overeating
14. Biggest regret: Letting himself get killed / Zombified
15. Best kept secrets: His Life before his death.
16. Last thought: "Mmm...YES! Someone didn't eat all the pickled eyeballs! Hella!"
17. Worst romantic experience: Arriving early for a date but the date never coming...or calling back...or seeing them again.
18. Biggest insecurity: His whole self. His awkward overbearing nature.
19. Weapon of choice: Venomous Bite
20. Role Model: His siblings, Lanius and Nadia!


01. Full name: Nadia Sangre
02. Best friend: No one.
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Grey-Asexual
04. Favorite color: Wolf Grey | Bone White
05. Relationship status: Single | Widowed
06. Ideal mate: "No one. Fuck off kindly." [ Someone who can deal with her Dominant Status. Someone preferably just as strong as her ]
07. Turn-ons: Power Play | Blood Play | Femdom [ Receiving | Giving ]
08. Favorite food: Fresh Meat [ Preferably Uncooked ] | Old Blood | Insects [ Crickets are Her Favourite ] | Dry bones
09. Crushes: No one.
10. Favorite music: Classical Violin Pieces
11. Biggest fear: Losing all her power over her kingdom | Being overthrown | Security Breaches.
12. Biggest fantasy: Taking over all of the Morbid Kingdom and Killing her Brothers [ Or Imprisoning them ]
13. Bad habits: Yelling [ No Volume Control ] | Hitting People [ Or just being Physically Violent ]
14. Biggest regret: Letting herself get killed. Letting a man be more powerful than her.
15. Best kept secrets: Her life before her death. Her actual relation to her siblings.
16. Last thought: "This meeting is so boring...How the hell can someone talk for soooooooo long..."
17. Worst romantic experience: "Urhm..." [ Killing her former husband in a fit of rage. ]
18. Biggest insecurity: Her height... [ Short. Short. Short. ]
19. Weapon of choice: Her Crop | Soldier Rifle
20. Role Model: Herself.


01. Full name: Hakkiri Fumeina
02. Best friend: Sakana [ His Fish Kite- ]
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Demisexual
04. Favorite color: Neon Purple | Electric Blue | Fire Red
05. Relationship status: Dating Chase "Catch 'Em" Jones Digital-Cacophony
06. Ideal mate: Patient, Quiet and Understanding People. Prefers Androgynous Aesthetics.
07. Turn-ons: Anything and Everything? He's Adventurous and Curious!
08. Favorite food: Cheap Ramen Noodles and Black Licorice Gummy Worms-  
09. Crushes: Just Chase! [ He's got both his hearts in his hands! ]
10. Favorite music: J-Rock | Drum n Bass
11. Biggest fear: Letting the 'Static' in His head Take over | Becoming ' Silent ' | Corrupt Chase | Losing his babies ;A;
12. Biggest fantasy: Isn't too sure on it. He's currently enjoying the life he has now.
13. Bad habits: Finger Twitching + Fidgeting | Lip Gnawing | Feather Picking | Ear Flicking | Distressed Chirping | Talking to Himself
14. Biggest regret: Forgetting...Everything...
15. Best kept secrets: All his secrets are locked away in repressed memories
16. Last thought: "This movie is so shit."
17. Worst romantic experience: Having a 3 foot long Gummy Worm forced down his throat. Yes. An actual fucking Gummy Worm. And liking it.
18. Biggest insecurity: His Amnesia? His accent.
19. Weapon of choice: The Eye on His Chest/Shirt
20. Role Model: His Son Karusakami! [ // Proud Dad Noises// ] Digital-Cacophony


01. Full name: Iron Rose Hematite
02. Best friend: Eyris Pearl? HaWiFi
03. Sexuality: Aromantic Homosexual
04. Favorite color: Midnight Black | Dark Silver
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Taller figures. People who handle themselves with grace!
07. Turn-ons: Being Commanded | Biting [ Giving ] | Gentle Smooches [ Receiving ] | Cuddling
08. Favorite food: Nothing [ Doesnt Eat? ]
09. Crushes: Not really sure if she knows what it feels like to Crush on Someone.
10. Favorite music: Gabber | Horror Ambiance
11. Biggest fear: Failing Homeworld and White Diamond...
12. Biggest fantasy: Being the Advisory of White Diamond | Taking down Graphite and Relinquishing the Rebel Gems of their bodies  
13. Bad habits: Hair Pulling + Playing + Eating | Scratching her arms | Sniffling when Nervous
14. Biggest regret: Letting Cave Glass and Graphite slip through her fingers.
15. Best kept secrets: Wanting to actually become a 'Diamond' | Realizing she might just have a bit of feeling towards Eyris...
16. Last thought: "The coordinates to Earth should arrive in a moment..."
17. Worst romantic experience: None.
18. Biggest insecurity: Her fragile appearance and voice. Her bizarre looking gem.
19. Weapon of choice: Serrated Scissor Blades
20. Role Model: Eyris Pearl [ Finds her Elegance and Beauty to be unmatched- ]


Arrow left Asked By: SkribbleSpoon Arrow right 

01. Full name: Milana Widows
02. Best friend: Paola Allegri | Heinrich Fleischer
03. Sexuality: Biromantic Heterosexual
04. Favorite color: Dark Forest Green
05. Relationship status: Single | Widowed
06. Ideal mate: Mature and Witty, someone who values personality over age. Likes them younger though because hypocritical. <s> Someone who tastes good. </s>
07. Turn-ons: Voyeurism | Light Blood Play | Food Play  
08. Favorite food: Insectoids and Insects | Frogs' Legs | Escargot
09. Crushes: Noooo one at all.
10. Favorite music: Broadway Musical Numbers | Show tunes
11. Biggest fear: Dying before she finishes her Magnum Opus | Failing any of her roles in movies | Developing Stage Fright
12. Biggest fantasy: Her Magnum Opus becoming a worldwide hit! Becoming famous once more.
13. Bad habits: Eating All her Dates | Blinking too Much | Constantly Fixing her Wig
14. Biggest regret: Not having any children or kin to hold over her legacy
15. Best kept secrets: Being the one to murder her husband
16. Last thought: "Must I answer the door? ....Mmmmm It's probably just some dumb 'Vox Witnesses'..."
17. Worst romantic experience: Inviting a charming young man over to dinner only to make him into dinner. Having to convince the police that the blood on her webs is just her monthly-
18. Biggest insecurity: Her baldness | Her tallness | Her age
19. Weapon of choice: Venomous Bite | Webs | Her many arms
20. Role Model: Ludovic Astre [ The Prince of Theatre! ]


01. Full name: Dezirey Pasque
02. Best friend: Willow Lytes
03. Sexuality: Biromantic Heteroflexible
04. Favorite color: Magenta
05. Relationship status: Dating Will SkribbleSpoon
06. Ideal mate: Strong and Muscular Physiques. A guy with an open mind~
07. Turn-ons: Light Bondage [ Receiving | Giving ] | Passionate Kissing | Surprise Fondling | Dirty Talk
08. Favorite food: Nectar Drops | Honey Flavoured Things
09. Crushes: Just her Darling Squirrel~
10. Favorite music: Hip hop | Electro-Pop
11. Biggest fear: Failing Morrigan McCarthy [ Her Boss ]
12. Biggest fantasy: Quitting her Journalism Job without consequence
13. Bad habits: Resting Bitch Face Syndrome | Yawning [ Even when not tired ] | Tail + Ear Wiggles
14. Biggest regret: Leaving her home town
15. Best kept secrets: What happens to her on her riskier jobs. [ Keeps it all from Will ]
16. Last thought: "This is gonna make suuuch a juicy headliner!"
17. Worst romantic experience: A guy finding out she was taking pictures of him [ without him knowing ] when she was just a teen. [ Stalker Much? ]
18. Biggest insecurity: Her sickly sweet scent | Her uni-horn
19. Weapon of choice: A camera! Or her strong legs [ Kick ya in the face, son! ]
20. Role Model: Xander Ortiz [ He's an amazing Photographer! ]


01. Full name: Sasha Cuervo
02. Best friend: Juliet Couture
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Grey-Asexual
04. Favorite color: Cream Yellow | Burnt Orange | Any warm colours
05. Relationship status: Incredibly Complicated [ Currently Married to Vitalis De La Plague but not out of Love. ]
06. Ideal mate: Anyone who isn't an abusive or angst ridden asshole. [ "Treat me nicely for once, geez!" ]
07. Turn-ons: Tender Touches | Whips [ Receiving ] | Wing Rubs! | Preening [ Receiving + Giving ] | Back Massages | Silence
08. Favorite food: Millet Seed | Crickets | Candy Apples
09. Crushes: None whatsoever
10. Favorite music: Indie-Folk | Folk-Rock
11. Biggest fear: Being sick forever | Having to live forever
12. Biggest fantasy: Finally resting in peace | Finding someone to care for that doesn't have ulterior motives
13. Bad habits: Nail picking | Scab picking | Nervous Whistling or Chirping
14. Biggest regret: Befriending the Plague King and Not listening to her dad.
15. Best kept secrets: That she can rot things like the Plague King now. Tries to keep that under wraps...literally.
16. Last thought: "1 Mississippi...2 Mississippi...3 Mississippi...4 Mississippi...."  
17. Worst romantic experience: "I wouldn't call anything I've ever had to be a 'Romantic Experience' . "
18. Biggest insecurity: Her stunted age [ making her look prepubescent for all eternity despite having a mental age above 18 ]
19. Weapon of choice: Her talons | Staff
20. Role Model: Her Dad, Andre Cuervo


Arrow left Asked by: mini-bit Arrow right 

01. Full name: Franklin Ogen Goldberg
02. Best friend: Sergei Zolnerowich
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Heterosexual
04. Favorite color: Seafoam Green | Deep Ocean Blue
05. Relationship status: "I seein' someone."
06. Ideal mate: Someone small and caring. A maternal figure for his teenage son.
07. Turn-ons: Rope Bondage | Spanking [ Giving ] | Commanding / Domming | Daddy Roleplay | Dirty Talk | Sweet Talk
08. Favorite food: Raw Nautilus | Raw Octopus | Calamari  
09. Crushes: A small goat by the name of Aurie mini-bit
10. Favorite music: Blues | Swing
11. Biggest fear: Losing his baby boy ;A;
12. Biggest fantasy: Having a stable family and probably a few more kiddies
13. Bad habits: Teeth Grinding | Not Blinking for hours at a time | Forgetting to drink water-  | Smoking
14. Biggest regret: Getting caught on the job and going to Jail, missing out on his son's childhood and straining their relationship.
15. Best kept secrets: His fetishes???
16. Last thought: "Where's the stupid pen!? I swear it was here like 2 seconds ago!"
17. Worst romantic experience: Being divorced :'U
18. Biggest insecurity: His big belly UAU It's hard to lose the dad gut
19. Weapon of choice: His whole self. That jawful of teeth!
20. Role Model: Heinrich Fleischer


Arrow left Asked by: TyDyeRabbit Arrow right 

01. Full name: Smithsonite "Geoff" Geode
02. Best friend: Fordite!!
03. Sexuality: Dreadromantic Dreadsexual
04. Favorite color: Ruby Red
05. Relationship status: Taken by the Charismatic Star Ruby! TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: Powerful, Enthusiastic but Responsible is what he prefers in people. A person who can hold their own. A humble, honest personality is also a must!
07. Turn-ons: Cheek Kisses | Warm Embraces | Rough Housing
08. Favorite food:  Rocks <:y [ Iron Ore specifically ]
09. Crushes:Rue!!
10. Favorite music: Eurotrance | Euro-Dance | Tribal | RnB
11. Biggest fear: Being Cracked completely
12. Biggest fantasy: Not...being a geode.
13. Bad habits: Fidgeting | Constantly swinging his wrench or Sickle around
14. Biggest regret: Not being able to save all of "them".
15. Best kept secrets: His Geode Status | The whereabouts of his people  
16. Last thought: "Well there goes that mining cart! "
17. Worst romantic experience: Almost getting blown up by one of Rue's Episodes! [ Not fun! ]
18. Biggest insecurity: The giant crack on his back revealing his inverted Gem
19. Weapon of choice: Pick Axe [ Formally ] | His Strength or Wrench [ Currently ]
20. Role Model: Star Ruby | Fordite


01. Full name: Fordite
02. Best friend: Geoff! [ Smithsonite Geode ]
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Homosexual
04. Favorite color: Gunpowder Grey | Leaf Green | Fire Engine Red
05. Relationship status: Devoted to her lil Vesuvianite TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: "Pretty Gals all the way~"
07. Turn-ons: Being Ridden | Neck Biting | Gem kisses + nuzzling | Chest + Thigh Rubs / Groping | Having her hair pet
08. Favorite food: Fast Food | Egg Creams
09. Crushes: Just Ves! Only Ves!
10. Favorite music: Rock n Roll | 50's Jazz
11. Biggest fear: Her motorbike breaking down and being unable to fix it lmao [ Losing to homeworld too ]
12. Biggest fantasy: Owning her own Metal workshop!
13. Bad habits: Constantly Fixing her Hair | Smoking? | Always grabbing onto Ves
14. Biggest regret: Being born outta Kindergarten
15. Best kept secrets: Not being from Earth-
16. Last thought: "Hmmm...I only have 2.50 left in my wallet- what can I get with 2.50..."
17. Worst romantic experience: Hasn't happened yet?
18. Biggest insecurity: Her overall clumsiness
19. Weapon of choice: Automatic Bazooka!  
20. Role Model: Vesuvianite! [ So small but so strong! ]


01. Full name: Paola Allegri
02. Best friend: Kasumi Miyazaki | Milana Widows
03. Sexuality: Heteroromantic Heterosexual
04. Favorite color: Mint Green!
05. Relationship status: Currently being Serenading by Rook TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: Cuddly and Charismatic guys. Someone who isn't afraid of PDA
07. Turn-ons: PDA | Nibbles [ Receiving ] | Cuddling | Being Squished | Play Fighting
08. Favorite food: Lemon Buns | Coconut Creme Buns
09. Crushes: Just a silly and hyperactive bird
10. Favorite music: Classic Pop | Bubblegum Pop
11. Biggest fear: Being eaten alive! [ Being a melon bun bunny isn't always fun...] | Breaking the oven in the Pastry Shoppe-
12. Biggest fantasy: Being Co-Manager of the Pastry Shoppe...or Owning her own Artisan Cupcake shoppe!
13. Bad habits: None whatsoever
14. Biggest regret: Quitting her Actress job sometimes- or letting those scones burn when she was serving the Mob Boss's Daughter [ How embarrassing...]
15. Best kept secrets: Her being an actress before she decided to move into the baking bizz | Being intersex?
16. Last thought: "Has it been 10 minutes or 15? What's the that smoke?! OH NO MY COOKIES ! ! ! "
17. Worst romantic experience: Being tackled by Rook when they first met >:U "Rude!"
18. Biggest insecurity: Her delicious scent and taste ??
19. Weapon of choice: Rolling Pin! Spatula! Butter knife?
20. Role Model: Boris Beastly!


01. Full name: Ivory
02. Best friend: Arsenopyrite
03. Sexuality: Aromantic Homoflexible
04. Favorite color: Ivory [ Duh ] | Dusty Rose
05. Relationship status: Being followed around by Schorl TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: "Meh" [ Hasn't truly thought about it - prefers a nice masculine figure. Maybe Opposite of what he is? ]
07. Turn-ons: Dissecting People | Power Play | Power Bottoming | Gagging | Being Cornered | Being Blindfolded / Sensory Play
08. Favorite food: Just water.
09. Crushes: None really...but he supposes Schorl.
10. Favorite music: Euro-Techno | Industrial  
11. Biggest fear: Having his experiments turn against him | Failing Yellow Diamond
12. Biggest fantasy: Being Promoted to head researcher
13. Bad habits: Biting his nails | Taking forever to regenerate | Fixing his glasses or cleaning them constantly
14. Biggest regret: None!
15. Best kept secrets: His....side experiments
16. Last thought: "Ah yes...that's the right mixture!"
17. Worst romantic experience: Being 'romanced' hard enough to be poofed back into his gem.
18. Biggest insecurity: His fusion dance
19. Weapon of choice: Medieval Bone Saw
20. Role Model: Yellow Diamond!


01. Full name: Masha Manhattan Artemiva  
02. Best friend: Adam Bomber | Reinhardt Spielmann
03. Sexuality: Demiromantic Grey-Asexual
04. Favorite color: Sunshine Yellow
05. Relationship status: Having Chemistry with Reinhardt TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: Intelligent and Methodical is her sort've deal. Maybe someone who brings a spark to her life. Things are too calm...
07. Turn-ons: Gentle Touches...well, she prefers to do science not sex.
08. Favorite food: Anything liquefied. Eating is a lil hard at the moment.
09. Crushes: Just her sweet and...explosion crazy Rein
10. Favorite music: Classical Music [ Mozart! ]
11. Biggest fear: Her body failing her finally | Being turned into a Full Robot
12. Biggest fantasy: Being healthier than she is now | Curing her cancer
13. Bad habits: Overworking Herself | Staying up at night
14. Biggest regret: Not evacuating the nuclear plant when she should've
15. Best kept secrets: Her mechanical parts | Her face
16. Last thought: //Some sort've complicated Equation//
17. Worst romantic experience: None ever happened really
18. Biggest insecurity: Her prosthetics | Her burn scars
19. Weapon of choice: Scalpel
20. Role Model: Reinhardt


01. Full name: Jericho Sharmarke
02. Best friend: Nevermore Faulkner | Travis Rahotep
03. Sexuality: Aromantic Asexual
04. Favorite color: Beige
05. Relationship status: Confusing Situation with Sigyn TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: No one. Unless you're actually useful
07. Turn-ons: None. Prefers 0 physical contact.
08. Favorite food: Rotting Meat | Bones
09. Crushes: None.
10. Favorite music: Raga Rock
11. Biggest fear: Failing to pay all his debts
12. Biggest fantasy: Being able to live in peace and quiet...bothered by no one
13. Bad habits: Preening Nervously | Always looking in Mirrors
14. Biggest regret: Capturing Sigyn | Having to commit to a job he hates
15. Best kept secrets: His former job
16. Last thought: " That's 500 gold coins...that's 300..what's today's profit..."
17. Worst romantic experience: Hasn't really had any 'romantic' experiences.
18. Biggest insecurity: None! He's very confident in how he is.
19. Weapon of choice: Khukri Knife
20. Role Model: No One.


01. Full name: Davey Lionheart
02. Best friend: "Banks"
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Gold
05. Relationship status: Single
06. Ideal mate: Feed him food and he's all yours
07. Turn-ons: Ear Scratches | Hair Pettings | Tail Tugging | Odontophilia | Tummy Rubs
08. Favorite food: Any type of fish
09. Crushes: Nadaaa
10. Favorite music: Chillwave
11. Biggest fear: Being indebted to someone who doesn't care much for him | Becoming a pet
12. Biggest fantasy: Having an endless supply of food and a comfortable home to sleep in
13. Bad habits: Purring | Eating things he shouldn't be eating
14. Biggest regret: Chasing a mouse and getting his tail caught in a mouse trap cause of it [ Think Tom n Jerry ]
15. Best kept secrets: His species | His ability to give fortune
16. Last thought: " zzzz.."
17. Worst romantic experience: Eating all of the guy's fish in his kitchen and running out :U Not so bad for him but bad for the other guy!
18. Biggest insecurity: The fact that he has to give fortune to anyone who feeds him. Whether good or bad.
19. Weapon of choice: Claws n Teeth but prefers to run away
20. Role Model: None o:


01. Full name: Benjamin Walker
02. Best friend: Jimmy Wright | Noor Touma
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Indigo | Royal Blue
05. Relationship status: Dating Ryo TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: Quick and Sharp. Doesn't have to be the smartest but they at least have to know the streets. Gotta keep up with him. Be funny!
07. Turn-ons: Rough Housing | Angry Sex | Passionate Kissing | Edging
08. Favorite food: Juicy Fruit Gum
09. Crushes: Regretfully an annoying little bot
10. Favorite music: Mexican Bolero | Corrido
11. Biggest fear: Losing his legs
12. Biggest fantasy: Never having to fight another war ever again
13. Bad habits: Smoking | Cracking his Joints
14. Biggest regret: Straining his relationship with Ryo from the start.
15. Best kept secrets: He's pretty honest. Doesn't really keep any secrets.
16. Last thought: "Wow that's a cute butt-"
17. Worst romantic experience: Kissing someone who had just eaten garlic. It even overloaded his sensors!
18. Biggest insecurity: His smaller appearance as opposed to his team mates
19. Weapon of choice: His needle point legs / feet [ can be used as blades or daggers ]
20. Role Model: Roger Johnson


01. Full name: Xavier 'Rex' Moore
02. Best friend: Russel Harris | Hector Spielmann TyDyeRabbit
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Morocco Red
05. Relationship status: Dating Ellena TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: He really isn't one to 'look' for people at all. Ellena was just a special case of sweetness that dropped into his life. He likes reliability.
07. Turn-ons: Biting | Scratching | Rough Sex | Odontophilia | Oral Fixations | Warm scents [ Like cinnamon or campfire smoke ]
08. Favorite food: Honey Mustard Pretzels
09. Crushes: Well Ellena! He has his eyes only set on her
10. Favorite music: Heavy Metal | Rock n Roll | Classic Rock | Grunge
11. Biggest fear: Having to be put back into 'War Mode' | Losing his free will | Losing his sunglasses
12. Biggest fantasy: Having a Motorbike that'd actually support his weight without breaking down in a month
13. Bad habits: Finger Tapping | Sneering | Glaring [ without meaning to ] | Smoking
14. Biggest regret: Losing contact with Ellena for so many years. Not being able to see her once the war was over.
15. Best kept secrets: What's beneath those sunglasses!
16. Last thought: //SNORE//
17. Worst romantic experience: Spraining himself trying to go down..on himself [ curiosity hurts- ]
18. Biggest insecurity: His lack of Stamina | His eyes | His bulky body type
19. Weapon of choice: Built in Missile Launchers | His Brute strength | His drill bit teeth
20. Role Model: Ellena [ So strong for what she had to deal with... and yet comes out on top! ]


01. Full name: Steven Sydney Salomon
02. Best friend: His Owner, Florence
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Light Olive | Moonlight Lily | Blush Pink
05. Relationship status: Datin' Willa! TyDyeRabbit
06. Ideal mate: They gotta be able to take care of themselves! Be responsible and smart...or at least strategic. Can handle their money well and not act upon impulse.
07. Turn-ons: He's horribly vanilla - not much to see here >A>
08. Favorite food: Falafel in Pita with Hummus | Sugar Dusted Beignets with Black Coffee
09. Crushes: No one except his girlfriend! He has a celebrity crush on a few personalities on T.V. though.
10. Favorite music: R 'n' B | Hip-Hop | Jazz Blues | Bossa Nova | New Orleans Jazz
11. Biggest fear: Becoming nothing but a pair of body parts again! | Having his head mounted on a wall or being turned into clothes-
12. Biggest fantasy: Being alive once more...and not in a zombie way!
13. Bad habits: Picking at his stitches | Cleaning his glasses | Never looking someone in the eyes | Germaphobe
14. Biggest regret: Attacking that hunter and not winning the fight...resulting in his current situation!
15. Best kept secrets: Sometimes he eats meat but doesn't ever fill anyone in on that.
16. Last thought:" $100...$150...$200! That should be enough to buy some nice stitching....Maybe I'll get pink thread or...or! Some rose gold metal stitches..."
17. Worst romantic experience: Going on a date with someone who wants to go to a steakhouse...yikes!
18. Biggest insecurity: His 'Sissiness' and Not being the typical type of gator | His status amongst other carnivores [ He's attempting to be a vegan- ]
19. Weapon of choice: "Fighting is for savages and fools! I use my words~"
20. Role Model:  Savyon! His clothes are to die for! If only he can make them!


01. Full name: Graphite
02. Best friend: Gold | Galaxy Calcite
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Midnight Blue | Carbon Black
05. Relationship status: Single [ Slightly hoping that changes soon ]
06. Ideal mate: Fun-loving and Reckless but is not without their wits. Preferably someone bigger or taller than her already massive self. Strength is something she looks for.
07. Turn-ons: Dirty Talk | Dirty Dancing | A Gruff Voice | Power Play | Thigh/Leg Worship  
08. Favorite food: Doesn't Eat
09. Crushes: No one at all!
10. Favorite music: Avant-Garde | Gothic Opera | Jazz Rap | Glitch-Hop | Abstract Hip-Hop
11. Biggest fear: Having to use her "Hypnotic Orchestra" Once more
12. Biggest fantasy: That gem kind and other races in the universe finally live in harmony.
13. Bad habits: 'Talking' with her hands | Not being aware of how much space she takes up [ knocking things over with her hips and such ]
14. Biggest regret: Letting herself even be part of homeworld to begin with.
15. Best kept secrets: What's beneath her mask | Her abilities besides her basic weapon | The fact that she never once fused
16. Last thought: "Everything is...too quiet..."
17. Worst romantic experience: None that she could remember?
18. Biggest insecurity: Her former connection with the Diamond Authority | Her massiveness | Her inability to 'speak'
19. Weapon of choice: Finger Dagger
20. Role Model: Malazurite! Her small precious Knight~ TyDyeRabbit


Arrow left Asked by: Albo-Beati7 Arrow right 

01. Full name: Harley Cross
02. Best friend: Liam Pix | Cassidy Quinn [ Regrettably ] | Jay
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Ghost White | Space Cadet Blue | Celeste Blue
05. Relationship status: Doggy Sitting B)
06. Ideal mate: Anyone really! He came from space so anyone who isn't the same species as him. Earthlings and Hell Creatures amuse him~
07. Turn-ons: Pet Play | Power Bottoming | Biting | Scratching | Light Blood Play | Voyeurism | Temperature Play | etc etc etc too much to list
08. Favorite food: Bacon, Egg and Cheese on a Roll | Salmon and Lox | Shrimp Rolls | Buttercream Frosted Cupcakes | Blueberry everything
09. Crushes: Drystan [ his fuck pup B) ] - Really no secret there >o> Albo-Beati7
10. Favorite music: Dream Pop | Indie Rock | Math Rock
11. Biggest fear: Being consumed by his initial gluttony [ Caving in and forcing any bonds- ]
12. Biggest fantasy: He's pretty much loving it! [ Going Steady | Has a good job | Decent sex life | Nice Apartment - even if it's small - ]
13. Bad habits: Nail Biting | Touchy [ With those he's close with ] | Closing himself off too easily | Smoking | Caffeine
14. Biggest regret: Letting himself trust others too easily or opening up too easily
15. Best kept secrets: His species type [ Appears as just some mutated human to most ]
16. Last thought: "What was the number to that new Chinese place again?"
17. Worst romantic experience: Finding out that he was being cheated on
18. Biggest insecurity: His more 'Feminine" Parts | His Species Type | His Severe Insomnia
19. Weapon of choice: His switch blade
20. Role Model: He wouldn't say he looks up to anyone!


01. Full name: Cassidy Quinn
02. Best friend: Harley Cross!!! "He's nice to me! Usually... <:3c "
03. Sexuality: Panromantic Pansexual
04. Favorite color: Atomic Tangerine | Tea Rose | Sunflower Yellow
05. Relationship status: Single!
06. Ideal mate: Anyone fun and cheerful! No sadness please! Helps him learn things.
07. Turn-ons: He'll probably like anything as long as you warn him first <:y
08. Favorite food: Pop rocks | Citrus Fruits | Bacon flavoured Grasshoppers
09. Crushes: He doesn't really crush! If he likes you he'll tell you! So none at the moment :>
10. Favorite music: Chillstep | Lounge Music | K-Pop | Instrumental Prog Rock
11. Biggest fear: The Ocean! The ocean terrifies him!
12. Biggest fantasy: Getting that amazing Camera he's had his eyes on!
13. Bad habits: Chewing on his necklace | Not blinking | Standing in one place constantly | Not being aware of anything | Not paying attention | Mumbling | Humming
14. Biggest regret: Nothing he's done to regret! Besides accidentally knocking someone over with his tripod [ woops ]
15. Best kept secrets: What secrets! He doesn't do much except sit around in the sun
16. Last thought: //elevator music//
17. Worst romantic experience: Doesn't remember anything. Has an attention span of a goldfish!
18. Biggest insecurity: He likes himself just the way he is c:
19. Weapon of choice: Not much of a fighter! No weapons for him? His claws hurt tho
20. Role Model: "Xander! He's an amazing Photographer! "

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Have My Paint Tool Sai !!!

Sat Jul 11, 2015, 1:10 PM



I just wanted to post up my links so ya'll can have the program but i am not tech support. Please stop asking me for help on your sai malfunctioning. This is a pirated program - its gonna have issues and even I dunno how to fix em. This has no viruses as far as im concerned. 

UPDATE #3 | 12/23/16 : To those who don't want floating panels / tool boxes in their Sai for 'VileBile's Custom Sai 2" - Here is a tutorial on how to reverse it or actually enable it for those who want it in their OWN sai 

Floating panels in Sai settings


[ Hey Guys! Decided to update my sai download with the newest version I have - It has all my brushes, textures and good stuff so if You ever wanted it, well now you can have it! I also have a link for the default Sai at version 1.1.0 which is an older version but still good! Much better than 1.0 ( So that means it has Transparency woot! ) Have fun guys and happy drawing c: ] 


Arrow left  VileBile's Custom Sai 1 Arrow right   

Arrow left  VileBile's Custom Sai 2 [ MOST CURRENT OF MY SAI ]  Arrow right 

 Arrow left Default Sai Ver. 1.1.0  Arrow right  

SAI Download Tutorial

1) Download One of the Versions of Sai that have been provided above
2) Open Paint Tool Sai with a Windows Archive Program. Here are 2 that work pretty alright for me: Winrar or 7zip But I know Windows 10 can open Zip files regardless. Just make sure to extract them! 
3) Once opened. Make a folder in your computer [ I recommend either your program folder or your Document Folder ]
4) Select ALL files in your opened Sai folder than you downloaded and move them over to the new folder you made.
5) Locate Sai.exe and click it! Boom you now have Paint Tool Sai!

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Shipping Rules

Sat Mar 21, 2015, 4:47 PM
{{ Yes, Rules for Shipping with me and my characters! Cause I feel it's pretty necessary to discuss! }}

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario What I Ship:
- Any Gender | Sex | Orientation 
- Sexual Relationships with OCs Above 18+
- Romantic | Crush Relationships with OCs Above 16+  
- Certain Kink Types { Must Talk to Me About it First ) 
- Polyamory | Monogamy | FWB | Queer-Platonic | Platonic | Hateships | Enemies | Rivals
- Dub-Con ( To an Extent??? I guess??? )  

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario  What I Don't Ship:  
- Sexual Relationships with Minors 
- Non-Con ( Unless Specifically Story Related and Must Be Shown in a Bad Light ) 
- Certain Kink Types ( Must Talk To Me About it First ) 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario  What To Keep In Mind: 
- Please Be Active when Shipping With Me. Please Keep in Contact cause If I don't hear from you in like 2+ Months then its Off. It goes Vice Versa. 

- No Instant Shipping. Don't Force me for a Ship. 

- If an OC is in a Ship and is NOT Polyamorous or Shows NO interest, don't go for it. You can try for Platonics though! Friendship Exists! 

- Not all Ships Sail. If I feel Uncomfortable or Something, then I might come to you to evaluate the Ship. 

- Ships should have some form of Development, don't be a stale piece of bread. It's not All about Sex/Babies/Marriage. 

- I can't always draw for a ship and I understand if You can't either. Its okay. 

- No Out of No where Crushes unless I agree on it. Don't be weird Yo. 

- Planned Ships are Welcome! You can ship with me multiple times! [ In Fact I Prefer it! ] 

- I headcanon more than I RP! I feel like it keeps Ideas flowing. 

- If you aren't comfortable with a ship, tell me! Breaking off a ship leaves no hard feelings for me so don't be afraid to speak up! 

- Me and You gotta be pretty chill with one another before we Ship. Sorry, It's how I can trust you. This means our ship isn't the only means of our friendship. 

- This also means I only ship with Mutuals

- No Non-Con out of No where, we gotta discuss it first or else that's just fucking awkward. 

- Be open with engaging in a story plot with me! All my ocs already have plot points, plans and settings , share yours as well so we can collaborate! 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario  OC List: TBA 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario  Shipping List: TBA

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Roleplay Rules

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Area | Kingdom Directory  

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Roleplay Rules

Thu Feb 19, 2015, 8:36 PM
{{ Decided to Update my rules from way back when! Please read this and follow the rules lest you don't want your Roleplay Dropped. )) 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Roleplay Status: Closed Unless you're a Close Bud + RP groups

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Roleplay Style: Paragraph | Literary Style  

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Where It's Done: Notes | Discord [Mutuals ]

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario What I Will RP: 

- Angst 
- Gore | Horror 
- Smut | 18+ Scenarios | Selective Kinks 
- Casual | Friendship | Comedy 
- Adventure | Action | Intense Scenarios 
- Shipping | Fluff | Romance 
- Alternative Universe | Selective Crossovers 
- Canon Scenarios
- Original Characters | Multiverse OCs | Fan Characters
- RP Group Stuff

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario What I Won't RP:

- Official Characters | Characters from Official Media
- Selective Kinks: Please Ask First
- Dialogue Style  
- Character Death: Discuss with Me First
- Crack Scenarious: Must be Discussed First!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Things to Keep in Mind:

- Make Sure You Have a Set Up Scenario and OC In Mind when Asking to RP. 
- Grammar and Spelling Matter. No Text Talk. As Long as I can Understand it. 
- English RP'er Only. I cannot RP in Other Languages.
- Length Doesn't Always Matter : Don't write for length, write for Importance. 
- Development is Key! Most Interactions are Considered Canon so Make it Matter! 
- No God Modding. Give my character a chance to actually DO Something.
- Do not Rush Me. I work and draw. Sometimes It takes me a while to Answer. 
- Don't Ask me over and over if I'll answer, I will definitely not answer you. 
- All Shipping Status Must Be Discussed Before Hand ( Not All Ships Sail!) 
- Do not Resend an RP unless I have ACTUALLY stated that I lost it.
- In Return, Do ask me if you lost one of my responses and want to answer! 
- I won't answer everything. My Interests Vary so Don't take it personally.
- If RPs are Closed - Don't Keep asking me for one. 
- I have the right to deny a Roleplay. 
- Smut RPs are reserved to people who are Of Age . I will not RP sexual scenerios with those under the Age of 18
- Only OC's with "Available" Written on Their Status are Open for Roleplaying
- That Being Said, I prefer to Headcanon over RP! Hit me up with Ideas and stories about interactions! 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario  OC List: TBA 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Shipping List: TBA

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioShipping Rules

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioRoleplayable Universes:

- Original (Multiverse)
- Splatoon
- Animal Crossing 

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