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I need more of this in my life.
Gorgeous Harvest by Vile-FleshThese background ponies are so lovely.  I could watch an entire season of them doing what they do best, which is being the beauty of Ponyville.
April 4th
The Cutie Map aired April 4, 2015.  It is a day that I remember like yesterday and that day is burned into my skull.  I started watching MLP in December of 2013 and I really enjoyed it, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see in the Season 5 Premier.  "The Cutie Map" was the first episode I saw as it aired live and this was the very first time I ever saw STARLIGHT GLIMMER.  It was by the sheer grace of GOD that I was spared any spoilers of the Season 5 Premier when looking at pony art or on the internet or on youtube watching pony videos.

Beauty Emerges by Vile-Flesh 

Watching this premier is what drove me into the deep end and made me a fanatic of this show.  I LOVE Starlight's Village and the bleak landscape that it resides in.
STARLIGHT GLIMMER is the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen and Season 5 made 2015 the best year of my miserable life on this toilet earth.  LONG LIVE SEASON 5!
There is something that really draws me to the Pie Family mares.  I absolutely love the episode "Hearthbreakers" (Long live Season 5!) and how it shows the Pie Family life and the barren landscape of the rock farm they live on.  I find all of the Pie Family mares to be attractive, but what I love the most about them are that they are earth ponies.  I already had Maud Pie and their mother, Cloudy Quartz.  I needed another pony from the rock farm and I have always liked Limestone Pie.  I contacted :iconjoltage: who happened to be open for commissions and commissioned him for this lovely life size plushie of Limestone.

Limestone Pie stands at 38 inches tall not including her mane or ears.  Her body is made from "denim" minky and her mane and tail are made from "platinum" minky.  Her cutie mark is machine appliqued minky and her eyes are machine appliqued kona cotton with 3D eye lashes.  LOVE how her eyes and cutie marks came out.  I requested that her tail be longer than show canon.  I wanted something else unique for this commission.  I wanted Limestone to have permanent horeshoes to make her look like a pony who really works on the Pie Family rock farm.  Her shoes were made separately and do have thickness and are sewn onto the bottom of her hooves and are made of minky with nail heads embroidered on them.  She is pictured next to a 4DE Twilight for scale.  (4DE plushies are 10 inches tall)  

Limestone is the tallest standing pattern life size pony I have so far and she is a wonderful companion and very cuddly.  This pony is pretty damn big.  I really think she came out fantastic and I absolutely LOVE her expression.  She is cute as hell.
Life size Limestone Pie was made by :iconjoltage:

Life-Size Limestone Pie by Joltage  Arr12 by Vile-Flesh   Arr13 by Vile-Flesh


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:( by Vile-Flesh

I have met some great and fantastic artists who draw ponies on here and I am so grateful for the gift art I have received here. I wish I could say the same for the plushie side of the MLP art. The "life size plushie scene" is a VILE SACK OF SHIT and most of the life size owners I have encountered are loathsome and disgusting individuals who seem to be hive minded. I have seen so much unneeded carelessness and destruction to irreplaceable plushies. Also, you have to have seriously bad hygiene to need to use a carpet cleaner to clean your plushie. Take a bath and turn the thermostat down you filthy motherfuckers!


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I loved his work found it very cute and beautiful. 
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