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Listen to…
as you read please! It helped inspire me to type all of this. Comment on what you think please! =)

The Traveler

She was very dedicated. She was beyond determined to travel amongst the stars; it was beyond her greatest desire. Varia (Vah-ri-ah) had a single, personal mission: to feel the warmth coming from another star.

 . . .

So many people had doubted her, so many groups in the scientific community refuted her, saying the technology at hand is simply too little to accomplish such a task.  She didn’t give up. She would not give in.

 . . .

 Some time has passed, and eventually, through all the stress, she found out that the key to interstellar traveling is unfaltering energy; energy that never depletes. But not only that! She’s even managed to develop a device to perform the impossible: Free, self-renewable energy. For a while, she kept this revolutionary technology in secret out of fear of big monopolies and other branching governments potentially sending out agents to destroy such a device, and its maker.

. . .

A while more, Varia was then able to produce a magnificent interstellar ship. She integrated the device into the craft.  However, it was developed underground, beneath an old warehouse in the middle of the fields in some place.  When she succeeded in test flight, nearby hikers noticed the craft and contacted the authorities rather immediately.

 . . .

Soon, the following night, the warehouse was surrounded with agents and even some military personnel, all armed to the teeth. In desperation to accomplish her life-long desires to be amongst the light of 12-trillion stars, she hyper-powered her spaceship, bursting through the warehouse. All those around the warehouse open fired in self-defense from the sudden blast of the building.. The lights from her spacecraft soon faded into the dusky skies in the far horizon.

 . . .

An all-out, world-wide search was initiated in secrecy for the location and surrender of Varia. After a few days, the Air Force, science teams at NASA and the ESA detected her ship moving at phenomenal record-breaking speeds  between the moon and Antarctica, traveling back and forth.  They locked her in radar, and prepared a counter-device to stop the craft when it reached Antarctica.

 . . .

However, when the plan for the involving governments nearly succeeded, her ship took off faster than any other man-made object, but this time into the heavens. Science teams were just barely able to track the position of the ship as it took off. They said she was headed toward Saturn at 99.9% the speed of light. However, it was at this point Varia did the unimaginable . . .

. . . Exceeding Final Stages . . .

Using the energy device that powered her ship, and the conversion of light energy, she propelled herself beyond that of the speed of light. When this happened, she completely disappeared from any radar that was on Earth. There was no longer any trace of her existence from that point forward.  In vast confusion, scientists were only able to come up with a few scenarios:

1: When it appeared that she pushed herself beyond speed of light, her ship was unable to handle the exceeding,  unimaginable forces beyond what universal energy has limited, and has completely disintegrated with no chances of survival.

2: She is no longer visible by means of light. She is traveling far too fast for light to bounce off her craft to become visible to the any device.

3: At unimaginable speeds, she could have warped to any other part of the universe by accidentally ripping a hole in relativity by going faster than light and time. At this point, if true, she could be literally anywhere in the entire universe; and maybe even outside of it. The reason for this is because she physically went outside of the theoretical light cone boundaries.

4: Because she propelled faster than light, she may have time-traveled into an unknown time period (era) as light or time could not catch up with her. Traveling faster than light or time could have ripped a virtual hole in the relativity of our universe, causing her final disappearance.

5: She was erased from existence as universal time was no longer bound to her if it were true she ripped time and relativity by going outside of the theoretical light cone.

6: A whole other world of things could’ve happened to her that scientists cannot begin to fathom.
. . .

With no evidence of her whereabouts at all and the possible events that may have happened to her, it was.. somewhat safe to conclude that Varia will not be returning to earth anytime soon, if at all. The search for Varia was dismissed as inconclusive and is most likely not alive, and further hopes for her discovery and reappearance are well beyond impossible at this time.


Vikutta-Perex's Profile Picture
My Mii-Verse thingy from Nintendo is Vikutta. I play Smash Brothers for the Wii-U quite often, so add me if youd like!
Now then..:
I do like anime, and different styles of art. As for music, I listen to any song that interests me, however they are mainly these : techno, Japanese, and medieval/renaissance/folk music, ambiance, and instrumentals.
I also take some interest in MMD, Utau, and Vocaloid.
Also, if you have interest in my drawings, please tell me what you think of them.. Any feedback is much appreciated!

That aside, here's alittle more about myself...
I have some pretty big interests. . . Space, Astronomy and Technology, computers

Astronomy... I just love the universe and the stars... I can tell you all about them.. I'll send you so many thousands of stars your entire life would be too short to see them all!
its a line from a song called "Starmine", a Touhou remix.

Technology... I hope to become an inventor.. from the smallest microchip to the darned space shuttle... This is no child's dream. Ive designed many space ships as well.. And im very good at troubleshooting/fixing computers!

I'm very laid back and open to any conversation you'd like to talk about... I'm an open person and accept any for who they are, i dont care about the past much.. its dead... but the future is yet to be made so anything is still very possible; like us becoming good friends. I'm always happy to receive new messages from anyone..
If you are feeling down and need someone to talk with , please talk with me... I dont like my friends or just anyone in general feeling down or negative feelings.. its upsets me to know someone is suffering... I only wish to help and make you feel better, and to encourage them to live..!


Who am I?
Not meaning for this to be any riddle or anything..
I can be a friend.. a really great friend for you! Or just another stranger... But it is up to YOU to choose that for me. Am I your stranger or your friend?
To get to know me more.. you must simply just talk with me... Its more of a feeling of trust and mutual relationship through means of communication, not by just reading a biography or paragraph.. This is another reason why accept all. I just wish you'd give me a good chance to show you my kindness and friendship... its all i really ask for.

I'm not quite the judging type either... you can talk or say anything to me at all.
It's always a pleasure to meet new people!


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