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May 24, 2010
Out To Eat With Zoidberg by ~vikung-fu
The suggester wrote:
"As a Futurama fan I adore John Zoidberg to death, and the way ~vikung-fu represented him and part of the Futurama world here is simply stunning! Looks like I could even hug this huge mollusc! Amazing!"
Featured by rydi1689
Suggested by Atramina
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Out To Eat With Zoidberg

Welcome back Zoidberg and the rest of Planet Express, even Scruffy!

Made over the course of 5 days(a new record) with 3d Studio Max and Photoshop. I'll be posting making-of pics and hidden characters(not Nibbler) on my website.

Brushes: dirt brushes :iconapofiss: stain brishes by :iconknightranger:

Zoidberg © Matt Groening
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Drawingstudio303's avatar
Hi Nibbler. I see you down their
TheAngryBirdKing's avatar
I saw your Roger image, and now this? Futurama is my favorite show and I always liked Zoidberg. This image captures him perfectly!
vikung-fu's avatar
Thanks very much again!
Need a good comment. Why not Zoidberg?
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
looks like we dang have a FUTURAMA MOVIE RIGHT ON OUR HANDS here with this one folks. Speaking of which its still an awsome cartoon and pretty hilarious :)
SCP-811Hatena's avatar
There are already four futurama movies.
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
yeah but not 20th century fox though.
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
yeah or live action is what I meant
BenderIsGreat7's avatar
This is a live action movie.
pimpaladettesdude's avatar
Oh okay good because I really didn't know :)
Snakeman2013's avatar
What to get a snack with someone? Why not Zoidberg? Wink/Razz 
Syrus54's avatar

Dude! You gotta make a little stop-motion video. Use sound-bytes from the TV shows.

That'd kick ass ! ! !
vikung-fu's avatar
That would be awesome but too time consuming! THanks!
SkyBreeze26's avatar
Really dig this lol gotta love zoidberg.
The-Golden-Horseshoe's avatar
II-edison-II's avatar
Nice job! I love zoidberg :P
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