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Here's another Home Movies pic. I had previously done McGuirk and Jason(twice+1) and wanted to do Brendon for a long time. It's a weird mix of cartoon and realism. I dunno if it works, but I like it! =D

Tomorrow or sooner I'll be putting up some fun and bonus pics, like close-ups of Melissa and Jason, on

Made in 3d stuidio max 11, vray, and photoshop.
lot's of textures were made with images from

characters © soup 2 nuts and or adult swim and or Loren Bouchard

and p.s. Bob's Burgers is awesome!

and p.p.s This pic goes out to Sara and Allison, you know who you are.
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© 2011 - 2021 vikung-fu
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Even if this was how Home Movies was actually animated,instead of squigglevision, I would never have watched it. I was disgusted by the promos.

In every one, his puke of a little brother, would show up in jammies, and a long rope of mucus hanging from each nostril, and make some smarmy crack to rile Brendon and upset him. "I got a bladder infection ...".

 From what I knew, none of Brendon's problems ever get solved and he would make home movies to work off his pain.

The only satmorn cartoons I watched were Alvin & the Chipmunks, Lilo & Stitch, Science Court (in squigglevision, and very funny.) I was slow in getting started,because of Home Movies, but -maybe promos- got me interested. I even taped a few episodes. I was annoyed when it did not have a season 3).

All these shows got cancelled. I am tired of cancellation of favorite shows.
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Adult swim just shared your pic on its official Facebook page!…
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Just noticed Jason, honkey magoo painting and think big vote small poster in the back round.
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yay thanks for noticing the details!
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Wow.. this is amazing!~
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Np!~ These are awesome!
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If there ever was a Home Movies film, I bet it'd look something like this.
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that would be awesome
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God I wish I was a kid again.
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I wish I could thumb you up
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Oh you just did, thanks!
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Loved this show!
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Dude! Fricken Awesome!
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woohoo thanks!
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Best Home Movies tribute ever.
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that is very flattering!
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This looks great. Home Movies would've had a LOT more visual appeal if it were rendered in this style.
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It would be funny to render like this but still have it be squiggly like the first season. :)
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This is amazing!!
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