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This would be a great reference for super heroine anatomy/impossibly tight costume design.
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Purple Passion ! ! !
All I see is the glitter rash that must follow :-D
thejimmyjames's avatar
She looks great! So beautiful and confident. I love how you capture your models, they look like they love where they are. It's intimate and very sexy, but it's never trashy.

Honestly, Juli looks like she's having such a good time! It's so natural!

Y'all rock together!! :D
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The big dirty hand print on her face ruins the effect. Next time give her a balaclava like covering.
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squiggledog's avatar
Mammaries magnificent!
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Liquid latex?
The color is great, and I love the glitter in it, but to be honest the best part is that it is so form fitting.
You can still see the model's shape well-defined.

You guys did a great job; keep up the good work
That is amazing.  I would love to know how you got the glitter all over her...
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