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Dear Viktor
First of all kudos to you for your wonderful art and all your beautiful models. One question, please: looking through her hair, Daria's expression seems very sad or suffering. Why did you want such expression (if you wanted it intentionally, as I think) in your image?
Many thanks in advance for your reply
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My models are not professionals. These are ordinary girls. They do not know how to portray emotions. What you see is embrassment. For a long time I did not want to publish this picture for this reason. But the model likes this photo

Good to know that your models' expressions are absolutely genuine, like Viki's smile in the photo on the stairs posted some days ago.
So, many thanks to Daria for giving us the opportunity to contemplate her beauty in your splendid photo despite her embarrassment.
And again kudos to you for your ability to catch such expressions at the time, another one of the many merits of your work.
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Truly lovely lady, and a wonderful pose! :heart:

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