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Ledumahadi mafube - The Highland Giant by Viktorsaurus Ledumahadi mafube - The Highland Giant :iconviktorsaurus:Viktorsaurus 9 0 Shartegosuchus asperopalatum by Viktorsaurus Shartegosuchus asperopalatum :iconviktorsaurus:Viktorsaurus 6 0 Alvarezsaur line-up, enter Xiyunykus and Bannykus by Viktorsaurus Alvarezsaur line-up, enter Xiyunykus and Bannykus :iconviktorsaurus:Viktorsaurus 10 0


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Viktor Radermacher
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
South Africa
MSc Palaeontology student in South Africa. I love my country and its prehistoric bad asses.

Contact me for submissions:
Instagram: Viktorsaurus91


Ledumahadi mafube - The Highland Giant
Pronounced: Leh-Doo-Ma-Hahdi  ma-foo-beh
Southern Sotho for a "giant thunderclap at dawn"

With a stance like a pitbull, massive claws, and 12 tonnes of bulk - Ledumahadi mafube, 'The Highland Giant' - was the largest and most awe inspiring thing on land 200 million years ago. Not being a "true sauropod", Ledumahadi retained many traits associated with 'primitive' sauropodomorphs that were thought to constrain their maximum body size. Ledumahadi totally trashes that notion by not only exceeding previously anticipated mass estimates, but also in its unique stance. Trust archosaurs to throw a spanner in the works of our models and expectations.

Read it all over here:…

I've long though that sauropodomorph necks would've been sexual display structures and so I've reconstructed this bull with a pale red neck and dazzling dewlap. Trust me, lady sauropodomorphs love good looking dewlaps.
In the foreground we've got a little Heterodontosaurus looking on, the honey badger of the Jurassic standing its ground. Our distant ancestor, Megazostrodon, scurrying away - can you find all 5 of them in this pic?


Shartegosuchus asperopalatum
Here's my second ever commission, Shartegosuchus asperopalatum!

With erect and gracile limbs, small body size, and a secondary palate (!!!) this little croc really was a reptile doing its best mammal impression...
A cat in croc's clothing. Such a cutie.

Find the paper that this artwork services here:…

Turns out that secondary palates evolved multiple times in croc's evolutionary history!

Multiple fauna have been recovered from the Shar Teg deposits of Mongolia including thousands of turtle fragments and insects. Of the insects found, orthopterans (grasshoppers and friends) were the taxa I liked most. So here we have Shartegosuchus steadying itself on a cypress root as it snatches up a 'hopper.

Alvarezsaur line-up, enter Xiyunykus and Bannykus
Woohoo! What's better than a new #alvarezsaur ? TWO new alvarezsaurs!
People of the internet, it is my great privilege to introduce you to Xiunykus (2nd from left) and Bannykus (3rd from left).
In a paper published today by Xu et al, two new alvarezsaurs are described that fill in a 90 million year gap - a ghost lineage - between basal things like Haplocheirus (far left) and specialised, derived things like Shuvuuia (far right).
Alvarezsaurs are a truly wacky clade of theropods with their more emblematic members possessing a single robust claw (Digit I) at the end of a tiny but beefy arm.
These two new specimens show a near-perfect and step-wise way how the very unique hand was acquired.
Haplocheirus, the basalmost member of this clade, has long arms and long hands. Xiunykus retains these long arms but is beginning to reduce the size of the hand. Bannykus reduces the arm even further, simultaneously shortening digits II & III but hypertrophying (beefing-up) digit I.
And to paraphrase Jim Clark; 'this is the theropod version of digit reduction in horses'

Xiunykus: Shee-yoo-ny-kus
Bannykus: Ban-ny-kus (NOT: banny-kus)

Link to (beautifully written) paper:

Gouache on A3 watercolour paper.
Fiineliner for outlines.
"Chinese marker" and superfine white sharpie for sheens and shimmers.

Please credit: Viktor Radermacher


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