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Right now, I am enjoying my morning tea after breakfast and plan to play some Mass Effect trilogy again since I really freaking love those games.

I also watch the Netflix show "She-Ra: The Princesses of Power" and I got pretty much the reaction I kind of expected and it was most "meh". But it did remind me of something. While it hasn't been a trend just yet, but it does feel like more old shows from the 80s and 90s are more or less getting a reboot.

But I started to think that since the 80s and 90s were pretty much the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons with a lot of shows that pretty much came and went with only maybe like ten episodes to maybe like two seasons if they were lucky.

So I was curious about what other animated shows that actually deserves to have a new take these days. Now keep in mind, I will limit to western shows since anime is its own thing and I will focus those that I have seen one way or another when I had access to cable TV when I was a kid but I will point out maybe one or two shows because why the hell not. 
This is also not a top list, just a list of my personal suggestions. Okay here we go.

Now this first one is more or less why the hell not since I really loved the movie and I freaking loved the animated show that I can pretty much call it a "gothic comedy for kids". It was surreal, had a bit of edge and it was freaky as all hell. 
I like to think that after Gravity Falls where kids could enjoy some actual nightmare fuel, I would love to see a new take on the ghostly con man and his human companion where they not only explore the wacky world of The Neitherworld but also how like maybe some monsters and other fiends tries to escape into the human world and causes some spooky mayhem in the nearby small town and it is up to a rather reluctant Beetlejuice and Lydia to try getting them back. 
That way, we could have a bit more focus on the human relation on Lydia's side. Like maybe since she is a goth, maybe she doesn't really feel like having human friends since her ghoulish friends is much more fun but Beetlejuice tries to encourage her to have actual friends to grow up with or something.
I dont know, but there is a market for scary kids show, I know it.

Now here was a show that really kicked ass to me personally. While it is a product of the 80s, I still think that it would be a even more awesome show if it were made today. 
Basically the premise is that a group of special military forces called the Centurions would fight against the invading forces of a evil cyborg and his robot army, using supersuits that could be applied with various weaponry and missiles.
Again a lot of potential hidden gems in this one, and I would LOVE to see a new take on marines vs robots.

When I hear the sentence "humans vs aliens riding on dinosaurs armed with laser cannons), I cum a little. Yeah, I will shout "I CAME" from the pure awesomeness that is Dino-Riders, it is the coolest idea ever! But sadly due to a lot reasons, bad timing, low sales and so on, the show only lasted for about 14 episodes while there has been talk about making a movie but nothing really seems to come out of it.
Which is why it is a lot better if they made a whole new animated series about it instead. Hell, I even have a imaginary trailer with this song playing in the background just to demonstrate the purest hardcore action and insanity with having dinosaurs as tanks and missile launchers against lizard aliens while updating the show with a lot more depth and character development that would be equal to Avatar The Last Airbender or Voltron Legendary Defender. Netflix, call me, I got some ideas in mind!

Truth be told, I have only seen a couple of episodes of this via VHS tapes I used to rent when I was a kid and honestly... I don't really remember much of the show itself but the intro, holy SHIT.
This is kind of a pre "The Avengers" to me really since I did love The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician comics when I was younger so seeing them in full animation was pure delight for me. The idea of them teaming up with Flash Gordon to defend the Earth against the invading forces of Emperor Ming the Merciless is still to me pretty damn awesome. Hell, I would only add a couple of other characters by King Feature Syndicate like Johnny Hazard or Buz Sawyer just to add in a bit more diversity or hell why not add in some public domain characters to give them some spotlight.
Either way this show deserves a reboot or continuation.

With the new Duck Tales show in its second season, I do wonder if they would consider to do the same with these classics. Yeah I could count in other shows that Disney has done but these were the shit to me when I was a kid. 
Yeah, I do think that these shows do deserve to be remade or atleast having a continuing show. Like what if the humans does start to acknowledge the existence of the gummi bears, or the Rescue Rangers dealing with more dangerous missions or Baloo discovering that the air pirates are collecting a army to take out his home town, the possibilities are endless here, you can show more of the action here.

It is funny how a table top role-playing game would have its own animated show. Then again, there are comics, video games and even movies based on it though the movies are just guilty pleasure and I am not looking forward to the new movie since it is said to be written by the same guys who wrote the Clash of the Titans remake, it was baaaaad.
At any rate, a new animated show wouldn't be wrong except the whole idea of the heroes being sucked into the fantasy realm via a D&D themed roller coaster was a bit dumb even for little young me. Now I get the concept of the friends wanting to go home which is understandable but still, I would like to see a team of adventures originated in the same realm experiencing their own adventures and such. 
Or hell if I had to add in the whole "being trapped in a alien realm from the real world" I would go for the "Narnia" approach, like how a group of young characters would accidentally activate some kind of portal to the other world and realize that it is the world where all the fantasy creatures they only read about now lives in or something like that.
Either way, I would go for a whole new animated adventure with dragons and swords.

This is a rather obscure sci fi sword-and-sorcery fantasy show that I actually liked to watch and while it did have a arching story arc about a group of adventures trying to fend off a evil king to conquer the kingdoms. It lasted for about 21 episodes and it was cancelled before they even could air the finale of the show which is pretty sad. 
Still, I think that a rather obscure and less remembered show like this would have potential for a full reboot while maintaining that epic fantasy angle-

I did cheat a little since I do like the original 1960s version of the show but the intro of the 90s version is just awesome and it really pulls you in that you are about to experience a world of magic, dangers and conspiracy theories delight that I actually called the show "X-Files for kids" even though there were other shows that was more like that.
But yeah, a whole new animated show about a young teenager and his family investigating the paranormal and other weird things would be pretty damn awesome since now we could be able to add in more scarier stuff and even more violent development like maybe terrorists who wants to awaken a ancient evil djinn to wreak destruction upon the world or even a story arc involving lovecraftian horrors. Again a lot of potential here.

I did cheat a little here too, since I have been only talking about animated shows and this is from a old 50s live action series but I just think that the theme song is just so catchy and wonderful to listen that I just couldn't resist plus it is the very first Zorro show I ever saw ever since I was a infant. My older half siblings had recorded some of the episodes from TV to VHS tapes so I could watch them at a daily basis.
Now there has been a lot of shows out there, I only recently discovered that there even was a futuristic version of Zorro. God, Phantom 2040Batman BeyondSpiderman Unlimited and now Zorro? Seems like no show was spared to have a sci fi setting. 
Anyway, Zorro does deserve a whole new take, inspired by the awesome Antonio Banderas movie version and the awesome Dynamite Entertainment comics with more dark themes and such while maintaining a faithful tone to the original vigilante that Batman basically was ripping off before it became canon in the comics.

Now I will have to admit that I only watched one episode out of this and I wasn't really interested which is rather dumb of me because in reality the show is pretty damn awesome in hindsight. But again, like so many shows made in the 80s and 90s, it got cancelled after about 21 episodes so why no one is considering to either remake this show or do a continuation is a bit of mystery to me. Maybe the rights is scattered all over the place since Hanna-Barbera Production has been defunct 17 years ago. 
Still, a pirate themed sea traveling fantasy series set on a alien world is something I would love to see  these days.

This has got to be the most obscure animated shows I have ever seen. The only one who seems to know about it are the most hardcore fans of the original game franchise and even  then its like a very small number.
Now I am only a casual fan of the games, like I have never played the  game but I like the designs of the space ships and I love watching the live action cut scenes featuring awesome actors like Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson and Malcom McDowell but to have them featured in the animated prequel show to the games is pretty damn ambitious to me.  
Maybe it is just me who just loves space traveling and combat movies and series but to be a full new animated version of Wing Commander would be a pure delight if they gave it to actual good writers.

And that is all I can think off, I know that I skipped or missed alot  of shows but if you like to mention any I would love to hear them. Have a good week

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Alright so lately I have been seeing and hearing and most of all reading a lot of rants and declarations of dismay and rage and so on and so forth towards a new Cartoon Network show that is pretty much the latest addition of screwing things up.

They are making a remake of the classic 80s and 2011 version of Thundercats called THUNDERCATS ROAR.

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Now it seems like these days, every single show that was made in the 80s and 90s are practically forced into becoming "gemified", a term that I like to coin unless someone else already uses it: Basically they use the same animation and design that was more or less originated in Adventure Times, Gravity Falls and of course Steven Universe hence the term gemify IE using a very simplified style and animation that is both cheaper and easier for a lot of animation companies. 

But here's the thing, when I first saw the announcement teaser for the show, all I could think was "How many articles and videos will have the words "Ruin" and "Childhood" in them in the upcoming months?" and I was right. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think that the style suits at all and it might suck but what if it will be just as dark and twisted as Adventure Time or as emotionally deep as Steven Universe? We don't know, but everyone is so cynical since every shows that has nostalgic value is getting a reboot one way or another and the ones we have seen so far... Yeah, the new Powerpuff Girls show sucked and was so bad that I am surprised that they didn't shoot over filled porter potties at the Cartoon Network building with catapults. 

"Ruin my Childhood", it is just so easy to whine about that isn't it? But has anyone actually seen the older shows? I mean recently? Most shows that we grew up with are a little etsy, bitsy outdated. Why is  there so many versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise or the Transformers franchise or even the My Little Pony franchise for example? 
Not only do they have huge marketing value, hell originally TMNT was merely created as a joke towards the grim and gritty themes in popular comic books that was the norm during the 80s and 90s like the Daredevil comics (though how the hell it became so huge I have no idea) but they are meant to introduce to a new generation of kids so that the shows won't be forgotten and ending up in obscurity like Dino Riders.

The point is, I don't think that we should be whining about our childhood being ruined because that would imply that we didn't have any childhood to begin with we relied it on just animated TV shows. It is one thing if they would come out badly as the new Powerpuff Girls, but we did get the new Duck Tales show and I do declare it to be just as good and the original show if not more so. 
We should just let the current generation of kids enjoy the current show and then see how the original shows were like for their own judgement. Should we be worried about that there might be some kind of "agenda" behind it, like there might be SJW themed propaganda forced into it? 
I have no idea, I only feel like we are so plagued about our nostalgic stuff being so called ruined that we are getting rather paranoid about our kids being "corrupted" by cartoons these days that they may end up being "wrong" in our eyes.

...Yeah, you see where I'm going with this? For all the eye rollings and groans we did at our parents when they complained about us watching violent cartoons with dinosaurs with laser canons or mutant reptiles with swords, WE are complaining that kids are watching cartoons that are "manipulated by SJWs and enforces their flawed ideals into the innocent minds of our children." Funny how things comes in full circle, ain't it?

We just live in a different time now, just as how our parents lived in a different time when we were kids. We lament about how kids are just oogling at their ipads and sitting by the computers getting likes on facebooks when WE in fact were sitting inside, watching cartoons and played Nintendo. 
Now that being said, I do think that we should be worried if these shows have some agenda instead of simply entertain us like our old shows did and bought their toys and comics tie-ins but I say that we should atleast wait until we get to see the result.

Or maybe hope that the next nostalgic show will come out good, like "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power". Yeah, Netflix and Dreamworks are doing a new co-op where they will be making a new show based on the 1985 Filmation show "She-Ra: Princess of Power" and while I have only seen like a teaser poster, the pics I have seen from the development... I think that it looks pretty good.
Maybe it is just me who always felt that every single Filmation and Ruby-Spears Productions cartoons ever made were just so corny and cheesy even when I was a kid that if they would make a remake out of Ruby-Spears Productions and Filmation's original shows like "Thundarr the Barbarian", "Mission: Magic", "Space Sentinals", "The Centurions", "Blackstar" and so on, not even blind nostalgia would make anyone deny the fact that the new shows would be better than the ones we had to watch just to get to the good shows.

But that just raises the same question again, were the old shows actually really good to begin with? I mean, I could easily name a list of my personal shows that I enjoyed to watch but only a few of them really still stands up and remains timeless to this day and they are the shows that appealed both adults and kids like "Animaniacs", "Batman the Animated series" and the following shows after that, "Gargoyles" or "Ren and Stimpy". For example, I freaking love Thundarr the Barbarian but I could still name personal favorite episodes from "Duck Tales", "Powerpuff Girls", "Batman" and the newer versions of TMNT, MLP and Transformers. 

Maybe it's me who didn't have cable when I was a kid so I had very limited access to Cartoon Network at the time unless the channels I did have at the time (I only had like three channels) did buy in some of the animated shows that I really liked and they were like Animaniacs, Batman, Sailor Moon and so on. Years later, I did get access to digital television and before that I used mostly illegal video streaming sites on the internet before Netflix and other similar legal video streaming sites became a thing and I did catch up to a lot of animated shows, both good and bad... Mostly bad. 

In any case, maybe that is why I am not so really blinded by nostalgia since I did miss a lot of shows as a kid and only managed to watch them if I visit family or friends who had cable and after that the Internet had access to alot of shows that I realized that I was happy to skip. 
I mean, right now there is a TV commercial for a national network operator where a guy has rented a cabin somewhere in the Stockholm archipelago and he tries to convince his two kids that they can enjoy the very small TV with a built in VCR and a VHS tape but they would be happier if they had access to the network who would allow them to watch movies and access to the Internet even at a isolated island.
And that's what got me thinking; where we were kids, we were happy if we could have a TV with a VCR or a antenna so that we could watch morning cartoons before going out for a bath in the ocean and now these days kids would be happy if they just can have access to Internet so that they can watch the latest let's play of Jackseptic guy or stay in touch with friends via kik no matter where we are. 
Soon, the kids will have to deal with their own kids who are happy with they can use their VR sets or hologram if we are lucky when we are stuck used to our ancient old ipads. 

So I guess that I am trying to say is that if we all keep whining and moping about our childhood shows being ruined and therefore our childhood being ruined instead of giving it a chance and let our kids get their own impression, maybe even try to see how easy it is trying to pitch a remake of a old show to a major animation company for themselves instead of complaining about all the wrongs about it.

So tl;dr, So what Thundercats Roar looks bad, stop being such babies and get over it, you still remember your original shows and it is still there to buy or download and ignore it. I swear, I am almost ashamed of our generation...

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So yesterday I got to watch the latest addition to the sequel trilogy to the Star Wars series, The Last Jedi with my step dad. Originally I was going to watch it with my fiance who watched it once before but she got a case of the nasty cold so I invited my dad instead, it happens. 

I was rather impressed that I've managed to avoid everything that has to do with spoilers from the already countless vlogs, blogs, articles and various videos explaining every aspects and angle of the movie so far, so I could get to see the movie with fresh eyes and opened mind. 

But one thing I noticed every since the premiere that there were also a lot of videos and articles stating the hatred for this movie, like how it had ruined the future of star wars or it was the worse thing than  the prequel trilogy. Really? Jar Jar Binks, the emotionless acting and the inconsistent writing is better than The Last Jedi? Then I would love to have the same of whatever they were smoking cause me and my stepdad loved this movie. Hell I dare even say that it was actually better than The Force Awakens

Sure, it isn't as good as the original trilogy but that is just a hard egg to crack and they did manage to keep things and elements in the story in rather unexpected routes that I was finding myself getting intrigued by.

The story itself kind of felt like a nice combination of The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi mixed in with new elements and some twists that kind of got me guessing on what was going to happen next. Yet it managed to keep things flowing nicely and not once was I getting bored by this scene or that scene (Matrix Reloaded has the record of the most yawns and bored groans yet), in fact the movie didn't feel long at all despite the 152 minutes long run. Sure it had its fair supply of plotholes and questionable paths but so did the previous trilogies as well. Hell, the prequels had it worse with their huge share of plotholes that you could fit in one hundred thousands Star Killers and we all know how huge that one was.

The action was intense, the dire situations were dire and the climax, dear lord the climax was just AWESOME, I don't care what people say. The comedic timing was pretty nice and got some giggles out of me, the emotional strings did their work and it didn't end on a cliffhanger like we thought it would. Hell, I even was surprised at a couple of scenes and the directions they were going with. 

So why the hell all the hatred for this movie? I really don't get it. Sure, I haven't watched the videos about the reasons why yet (I'm willing to bet that Nostalgia Critic will have plenty to say about them in his future review on it) and I'm sure that I would agree the flaws of this movie but what movie doesn'thave any flaws? One of the major complaints is that Rey is a mary sue character. Really? How? She has flaws, she wants to know things, she desires clarity on her past and she is desperate for hope and desperately seeks it refusing to let go or give up. Hell, the movie even gave us huge hints on how and why she became so powerful with the Force, hell it went to a concept that I didn't expect it would go for. 
If anything, it kind of reminded me of Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (spoilers btw) where the main villain wanted to kill the universe's connection with the force because she had been a jedi master and a sith lord but both sides left her disillusioned, questioning the very nature of good and evil and the Force seemingly being more malevolent, impervious or even just a mere source of power for people to use and exploit for their own purpose and created religions based on lies.
Okay sure, the movie doesn't go for that route but some of the dialog that mentions about past mistakes being repeated once again and the rather nihilistic views on the future with little to no hope of ever being peace in more than a decade or so but then starts to go for something that actually made me hope that they explore even further on how the Force is best used when in perfect balance reminded me of that game. By the way, go and play it, it is on sales on Steam. It is one of the more provocative and deeply written Star Wars games out there, you won't regret it.    

So again, why all the hatred for this movie? Of course it can't be as good as the older movies, of course the villains were weak in this one as well but there is no way that you would be able to top that. Sure, the expanded universe had better villains but then people would complain that they were rip offs than anything else. I swear, these sort of complaints is more from these snobs who can complain about everything but in reality can't do anything better themselves. It just makes me want to smack the back of their heads and tell them that if the movies were not good enough then maybe they should pull the effort to do the stories, the casting, the directing, the budget managing, renting places and locations and all the hard work instead. Maybe then we can mock them instead if their so called "improved" vision came out worse...
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So here is the thing; back in August mja42x was announcing that he was greenlighting the DU Anthology which is basically a webcomic community taking place in the DU universe where the artists and writers can create their own stories and comics featuring their original characters instead of doing monthly events like DU usually do with different settings and such.
So I have been scratching my head like crazy trying to come up with a good storyline for the "The Ever So Annoyingly Awesome Jeanne Nocturne" comic idea but I had like so many ideas for it, I couldn't decide on which. Now I finally have a couple of good ones and while I just need to write it down, the DU rules states that I need the permissions from the members if it's okay for me to use their OCs in various cameos or maybe more prominent roles in the storyline I have in mind.
I've decided to list each member that I picked from both the heroes and villains gallery, picking one or two of them in case members has created more than two OCs and keep in mind that while maybe atleast one or two characters that will have a more important part of the story. the rest will be featured in cameos like on televisions, internet video streams or even newspapers.
So send me a PM or comment of your approval or tell me to eff off and ask me anything you wanna know or just add some input of any kind.

EDIT: Sorry for the update to the ones who already responded to this, but I just needed to add in some new heroes and villains~

mja42x President Hatfield  Deviant Universe-President Hatfield by mja42x and Agent 42x  Deviant Universe - Agent 42X by mja42x
bogmonster Vicky Velocity  Deviant U: Vicky Velocity by bogmonster
Branded-Curse Rachel Koenig  Deviant Universe - Rachel Koenig by Branded-Curse
Bug-Off Pippin deviant universe Pippin by Bug-Off and Diago Deviant Universe - Diago by Bug-Off (like to discuss in private via notes)
bunny75 Demona  DU: Demona by bunny75
ChibiBrugarou Tomo  Deviant Universe Tomo by ChibiBrugarou
payno0 Blue Jay  Deviant Universe- Blue Jay by payno0
Speedslide Virtus   Deviant Universe - Virtus by Speedslide
Yoshphillie83 Captain Mc Gray  Deviant universe - Captain Mc Gray - Thunderforce by Yoshphillie83
@Kostmeyer Vigil  Deviant Universe - Vigil by Kostmeyer or Centauri  Centauri DU Handbook entry by Kostmeyer
@Primal-Lord Xanoheim the Huntsman  Deviant Universe - Xanoheim the Huntsman by Primal-Mythos

Bitkade Mr Dust aka Dustbunny 
Gaston25 Nightstrike Deviant Universe - Nightshrike by Gaston25
M60-Carnifex Masta Bishop Lucky Charmz  DU Masta Bishop Lucky Charmz by M60-Carnifex
ZDMCreations The Black Magic Rabbit  Deviant Universe - The Black Magic Rabbit by ZDMCreations
@sambo1996 Marci  DU-Marci by sambo1996
@Ritualist Ritz  Deviant Universe Villain: Ritz by Ritualist 
@bogmonster Dr Shock   Deviant Universe: Dr. Shock by bogmonster
@midnightowl07 Multiply  Deviant Universe Villain - Multiply by MidnightOwl07
@N-I-V-E-K Titan  Deviant Universe: TITAN by N-I-V-E-K
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 Remember, remember! 
    The fifth of November, 
    The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
    I know of no reason 
    Why the Gunpowder treason 
    Should ever be forgot! 
    Guy Fawkes and his companions 
    Did the scheme contrive, 
    To blow the King and Parliament 
    All up alive. 
    Threescore barrels, laid below, 
    To prove old England's overthrow. 
    But, by God's providence, him they catch, 
    With a dark lantern, lighting a match! 
    A stick and a stake 
    For King James's sake! 
    If you won't give me one, 
    I'll take two, 
    The better for me, 
    And the worse for you. 
    A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope, 
    A penn'orth of cheese to choke him, 
    A pint of beer to wash it down, 
    And a jolly good fire to burn him. 
    Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring! 
    Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King! 
    Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

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Of all the superheroes I can think of, there is no one else that creates so much controversies, praises, criticism, frustrations, cringe, respect and other various negative and positive words than Spider Man. 

Ever since his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1965, Peter Parker aka Spider Man was written to be the hard working class, the blue-collar worker of superheroes that didn't have a nice upbringing or enough money to really support their crime fighting alter life with special hi tech and what now.
He is supposed to be viewed as the normal everyday life man, who has to struggle to maintain a extremely unstable balance between his personal life, his relationship with his friends and love ones, his job and his self appointed heavy burden of having the responsibility of the power to protect the city he was born in by helping out the problems the higher profile superheroes don't have time with.

For better and for worse, Spider Man and other future Marvel heroes with more or less same concept were established with a massive cultural impact of various degree. Like Daredevil with his struggle of being blind and a low paid lawyer in a corrupt justice system, Iron Man who was a industrialist weapon designer and extremely rich playboy were cursed to wear a armor to keep him alive 
(then later would deal with alcoholism) thus creating sympathy for a character who the reader usually were supposed to hate and despise and so on. 

I could go on and I may be mistaken but like I said, Spider Man is the first one you can think of when you try to remember the most infamous, remembered and downright hated and controversial events in the history of Marvel Comics: Like 
The Night Gwen Stacy Died in 1973 that is today viewed as one of the major key events that marked the end of the Silver Age of Comic Books, and the beginning of the darker, grittier Bronze Age"The Wedding!" (1987) "Torment" (1990) which is my personal story arcs since that one applied more psychological horror which was pretty badass. But sadly in the later years, most bash Spider Man for a lot of recent events that pretty much kills the fandom like the eternally long running "Clone Saga" that was running way too long, "Maximum Carnage"  that was just a odyssey of murder and mayhem but to me what really killed me being a fan of Spider Man, as well stopped being published here in Sweden was the "One More Day" event in which was caused by multiple reasons but I rather want to let Linkara tell you all about that in his  200th Episode of his show Atop the Fourth Wall. And the less I talk about The Superior Spider-Man run, the better. 

But it isn't just the comics where Spider Man gets the short straw of bad luck, hell the movies have it even worse. The story behind the whole thing with the movie rights is just so complicated as all hell, Sony's refusal to let go of the one property that had the most profit and so on. Hell, there is a long story about the development hell struggle that goes way back to the 70s. Yes I know that there were TV movies based on the  The Amazing Spider-Man TV series, hell even Tōei had their own Spider-Man TV series that is just weird in that awesome Japanese way. 
But it was the Sam Raimi trilogy that more or less started up the whole superhero movie trend once again and while the movies are considered to be golden cult classic, we still wonder if they really were good to begin with. Even when Sony announced a reboot with  The Amazing Spider-Man only merely five years later after the release of Spider-Man 3 that is considered by a lot of fans to be the dumbest and weakest entry of the series that may have caused the development hell and death of a potential Spider Man 4 but there were other reasons for it.

But with the new Spider Man movie directed by Marc Webb (heh, I wonder if they realized the pun there) who only then had directed (500) Days of Summer which was a pretty damn good movie that subverted a lot of the typical romantic movie tropes, people are still split between if this movie and its sequel is better or not and to me personally it is kind of both ways. By that I mean the movies were better in that keeping a more down to earth kind realism with the origins of Peter Parker than the original Raimi movies that went fully with the goofy comic feel but at the same time the newer movies went with decisions that didn't make sense. I could go on, but needless to say I think that the second movie was the worse with way too many plot points, characters, and a ending that just pissed people off. 

Again, it would seem that Sony screwed things up, until we saw the trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War when we saw him. Spider Man stealing Captain America's shield. I can only imagine the massive reaction that people had when they saw that Spider Man had finally come home. He was now a part of the  Marvel Cinematic Universe at long last. And when we saw that he was going to be in his own movie, people went to the roof. 

And thats where we come to Spider-Man: Homecoming, co-written and directed by Jon Watts who only had one major movie behind his back, titled Clown. Seriously, what is it with the trend of hiring directors who only had made like only one or two movies released these day? So with all that, is this new entry to the Marvel movies any good?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: .... Eeeeh, it was okay in a good way but at the same I found myself cringe and groan at scenes that made me being reminded of a lot of the bad incidents in the original comics.

Okay, let's just start with the good things about it, without pulling way too much spoilers since this movie came out only recently.

First of all: Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider Man is actually a lot better than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Tom pulls off being that nerdy and somewhat awkward teenager very nicely, even looking like a actual teenager despite him being 21 years old at this time. Unlike Maguire who focused more on the awkward nerdy side of the character and Garfield who focused more on the gritty and cocky side, Holland managed to balance it out with being a badass superhero while being that awkward rookie and nerdy high school student. Sure there were moments that made me cringe and groan, but thinking about it now Parker is a teenager, 15 years old at that. There are a lot of moments and choices that will end up being screwed up because irrational thinking and decisions. So I think that a lot of me cringing is me being related to the character more than the previous movies.

Second of all: His spider suit has always been a pet peeve to me for a single reason. In the original comic, Peter just manages to create the suit with ease. I know that he could sew and all that but there is no way a young teenage would be able to create a complicated suit with the webb lines and such. Maybe I'm wrong but it just never made since how in the Raimi movies he was able to create a suit with the weird webbing pattern that seemed to be made out of silicon or something. Atleast in the Webb movies, we see the progress of him making the suit step by step. From starting with a simple mask to custom make it with resigning his looks and outfit until we got the perfect design in the sequel. 
But in Civil War, the suit was a high tech suit designed by Tony Stark since he only had underoos, hoodie and tights that he could only find on local clothing stores. That may be a cop out to some fans, but it makes sense to me that Stark would be able to create him a suit based on most likely Parker's ideas for a look, with additional features like the eyes on Spider Man's mask being adjustable to his expressions. Now in Homecoming, we really see how the suit actually works. I won't spoil much but it is rather fun and amusing.

Thirdly: Jacob Batalon as Ned, Peter's best friend. He may look like the stereotypical gamer and therefor a master hacker kind of fat neck-beard kid, it is actually both downplayed and made fun of. Hell, he even pulls the whole fedora hat thing at one scene but that is only one scene and is just more a confident happy kid that is just so gleeful and got Parker's back except when he made a mistake at one scene but that was made for laughs. Ned is just a fun character, who has the genuine reaction and comments about everything.

Fourthly: Marisa Tomei as May Parker and Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes. What good is a movie without its supporting cast and villain. I dunno, what? Anyway, while I did enjoy Sally Field more Rosemary Harris (Seriously, she is like in her 80s, how is that logical). So I like to think that Tomei who is in her early 50s is more logical for a aunt to me. Plus Tomei comes out more as a motherly figure than Field who was in the end a aunt. Now with Keaton, what is even funnier is that he did star in a indie movie called Birdman where he played a bird themed superhero. Yeah, I know its more to it than that but I just think that it is hilarious that he would star as a bird themed supervillain. Now looking at the comics, Vulture had this silly look but in the movie, it is pretty damn awesome to me. He uses a aviator outfit with a high tech wings with hovers that is rather practical which is pretty badass. Plus, I do like this one's origins a bit more but you have to see it yourself. 

Last but not least, no melodrama. The problem I have with both the Raimi and the Webb movies is that they really focuses on the melodrama of being Spider Man. Like I can't even think of having a drinking contest of every time something bad happens and Peter cries and is brooding about it while struggles with hardship of being a hero. The Homecoming movie however, just focuses on Spider Man who just wants to do something more (insert your Disney Princess joke here), but the fact that the movie never mention the horrific event involving his uncle or the spider that bit him. Yeah seriously, the movie skips the whole origin story and focuses more about how Spider Man tries to adapt himself after being involved with something big in Civil War and wants the same more, while having fun doing it.

Now with the good things in hand, let's take a look at the annoying and bad parts of this movie: 

Tony Revolori as Eugene "Flash" Thompson and Zendaya as Michelle... Say what you want about Joe Manganiello and Chris Zylka about their performance as the iconic bully who later becomes Parker's closest friend, but compared to Revolori's performance, they are OSCAR AWARD WINNING. Seriously, I get the idea that this version of Flash is supposed to be this smug rich kid who rather abuses and bullies Peter verbally and emotionally rather than psychical bullying but this one wasn't funny nor clever. Hell he is a member of a decathlon team that Peter is with, and he shows NO intelligence of actually worthy of being there so why the hell didn't Peter's friends just kick his ass out of the team and ridicule him for even bullying Peter who is THEIR FRIENDS. Every time he was on screen, I just wanted to jump from my seat and shout out "YOU ARE FIRED FROM BREATHING! Please, pack up your desk, and kindly leave LIFE!!"
And then there was Michelle who at first seemed like a fun outsider kind of girl who has a little funny remark and comment about stuff, but the more we see of her, I get the impression of her being a attention seeking bitch bully who seems to be stalking Peter at some point who claims she doesn't care much but I can just tell that she is just screaming "look at meeeeee! Look at meeeeeee!!" So in  the end, not spoiling I just reacted with a chanting "no" when she mentioned something and it is stated that she is not what I thought she was, and I thank gods for that.

The whole "Not Ready" trope in this movie. Now giving the benefits of the doubt on this movie, Spider Man is 15 years old in this. Teenagers makes dumb decisions, and he is a rookie at this real superhero stuff when he just handled burglars and stopped renegade buses but you'd think that when given a super advance suit and let him experience the thrills of actual superhero stuff, he'd be having a better mentor or someone who could keep him in check. Hell, wasn't that the whole point in Civil War? Keeping the increasing numbers of supers in check and train them? Why didn't they just invite Parker to the Avenger's building and help him train? Why don't they especially Tony Stark support Parker when he found evidence of a criminal activity that went on in eight years? Hell, if it weren't for that and Peter's desperate attempts to fit in with the Avengers, there wouldn't be much disaster at the end there. Already now, I think of better ways they could handled things better. 

But despite that, the flaws in this movie is balanced out by a lot of good things in this movie. In the end, I recommend you to check it out. Maybe you can enjoy it more. 
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Lots of nopes from that moment on...
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Ever since they released the teaser trailer for the upcoming "Battlefield 1" about three days ago, there has been a onslaught of reactions and what not praising the fact that there is now a FPS taken place not in the present or "20 minutes" into the future kind of shit we have been taking in over the years. Seriously, "Call of Duty: Infinity Wars" has practically jumped the shark with the whole space travel thing and the funny thing was that when I was thinking about a new game in that franchise, it could go two possible ways: World War 1 or 2 or space. Anyway, let's just see what the trailer has to offer first:

At first glance, it does feel rather refreshing that a old game franchise decides to go back through time instead of going modern or futuristic settings like they did with Battlefield 2142  and this time we go to the time where we coined the term "the war to end all wars" World War 1 which is considered to be one of the most brutal and relentless war that left a everlasting scar in history and pretty much changed the world forever. 
However, it does also raises a lot of concerns for me. And I will try to list them down with what I wish the game to feature:

1: Open world gameplay: One of the bigger issues I have with Battlefield game series especially in its campaign and story mode, is the linearity which involves just go in a straight narrow road with the illusion of big map levels. My wish is that they would go for the same open world gameplay they did with Battlefield: Bad Company, huge world maps with endless means to attacks from different angles. Hell, that is why I love open world FPS games like the Far Cry series especially in the sequels where you have the ability to take on a enemy checkpoint or a campsite from different angles and study the enemy patterns before initializing a sneak attack or a full frontal assault. And seeing how it is a game that features trench warfare, it would be awesome to be forced to crawl through miles of muddy mazes filled with death and chaos as you try to get to the next trenches and take out enemies, and it would be up to you HOW to advance to that next point and not when the game tells you to.

2: Engaging story line: While I don't expect the game to be as engaging and nerve wrecking sad like Valiant Hearts: The Great War, one of the saddest games that also takes place during World War 1 but I do expect some immersion and a storyline that will make me care about the playable characters I will be controlling. My hope is that the game will focus on just four characters, with their own personal dilemmas and motivation while experiences the amazing horrors of the great war like a American soldier, a Kraut commanding officer, a British pilot and maybe a Indian or a Egyptian Medjay horse man. That is the impression I got from the trailer. Also I do hope that none of these characters are silent protagonists, I have always hated to have blank state of characters in video games when I really want to engage by how the characters act and how they feel about certain situations. Hell, when I get more engagement from a parody fandub of Half-Life where the guy voices in the reactions and thoughts of the game's protagonist than I did in the original games, that is saying alot about how I dislike silent characters.

3: The title itself: This is just a minor nitpick, but I am not a fan of the title "Battlefield 1". I know it's a nod to the whole WW1 setting but it is just as stupid like redubbing a game console in a single number again. Maybe they will change it in time, but I do hope that they will change it into something cool like Battlefield: To End All Wars, or Battlefield: No Man's Land or just something but not Battlefield 1... Just stupid.

And that's about what I feel about that. 
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Alright, so hey and welcome to a new year everybody. I hope that you didn't waste all of your money on booze, food, gifts and other crap you think that you might need and now you have to live on ramen or any other instant food products that are cheap for a month.

As for me right now, I am enjoying some peace and quiet now after about three weeks of christmas food that will leave me clogged for a half a year, enough candy to make me diabetic and a couple of really nice christmas presents that will last between five to eight years if I'm lucky and the constant visits from friends and family and spending some time with my girlfriend to celebrate our first new years eve in her first own apartment.

So how will 2016 look for me in general? Well I try not to keep any resolutions since they never come true, I just rather prefer to go with the flow and see how things develop. But I do hope to make my web comic projects come true and posted online, and I will try to get a personal gym teacher or trainer who can help me to work off some or rather A LOT of death weight of my back and maybe find me a real job. But other than that, it is more ideas and suggestions than actual resolutions. Its easier to see it that way, just like Obi-Wan did: Just looked at things from another different angle and denied all the flawed logic... Yeah...

Anyway, that is all I have to say so I hope that I will draw more stuff and that you will enjoy my stuff. Toodles.


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A white fat Swedish balding guy trying to play a horror game: 

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DA has entered in fifteen years filled with drama, let downs, ups and downs, flaming, warring, and so on and so the time has come to do the typical DeviantArtist Questionnaire meme I have heard so much about lately, LETS DO IT!!

How long have you been on DeviantArt? Nine years now

What does your username mean?
Right, it is just my real name, before I had a username called DarkPaladin300 I took years ago, but I grew tired of it ^^ I have no real memory of why I choose that name, other than that it was my usual internet username. In other sites like FA, I use the name "TheViktor" as a intern joke I had with forum friends whenever I approved of something. "THE VIKTOR APPROVES!", "THE VIKTOR FEELS NO PAIN!" stuff like that.

Describe yourself in three words.
Lazy, easygoing, and fun

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
Oh god, it was this piece of crap SAND WRAITH by ViktorMatiesen Soooo bad >3< 

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Western cartoon style artwork is my thing ^^

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?  The ones used by nebezial, IsisMasshiro, and/or tracyjb Their artwork is just PHENOMENAL!

What was your first favourite?
I think it was this one:

Mature Content

Leader of the Pack by dpdagger
Still awesome

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Whatever feels alright for me personally. Hard to explain really.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Oh god waaaay too many to count <.<

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Well, aside the fact that I did meet a fellow DA user chili19 is still my gf, we got back together and that I personally know some deviant users one way or another I don't know. I guess, I would love to meet Rimani, Pahgiz KattFloka weremole dreadwolfclaw and Bug-Off and just have a awesome BBQ party ^^

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well it is always nice when you hear a happy and positive comment and constructive criticism from DA friends, there isn't much of them apart from my fanart. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
paper, pen, ink pencils, a good scanner and photoshop, thats it. Old school aaaall the way XD 

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
If I find it, I'll let you know ^^;

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Oh yeah, when I was a part of or associated with OCTs like EverEnd, SDL and Dark Kingdom and we just chatted all day and talked about random stuff, it was great. I kinda miss that these day ^^
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Saw this via a friend and this is how I react to it:

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Yesterday, Saturday 18th of October, I've finally got to rent the Godzilla 2014 movie on DVD with chili19 and I've decided that I should just give a certain point of view aftermath review of it.

Now I have seen a lot of movies that I've enjoyed while most people haven't. I can watch at extremely gory splatter movies or weird surreal art movies with enjoyment while others would feel sick or extremely confused. Then there are movies that are so critically praised and most loved by almost everyone, while I can't just understand the hype of it or I just don't think that it is the greatest movie ever made. But I often overlook such trivial things, since if I even watch the movie once I can safely say that I've enjoyed it or not and mostly stick to my opinion and move on.


When a movie gets even more praises and likes and whatnot from audiences, critics and reviewing sites despite the fact it really shouldn't, I often want to express my own opinions about that such movie but this? I have to honest, I have no fragging idea why Godzilla 2014 has gotten so much positive reactions and reviews.

This movie is just simply abysmal. I have NEVER in my entire life been in much rage at a movie before, no really I am dead serious, no comparison.
This is even worse than the 1998 version of Godzilla directed by Roland Emmerich. Oh yeah, I went there.
I had to hug and scream into a pillow from all the stupid things and decisions the director and producers of what was supposed to be the next best thing in a franchise created only ten years after the end of world war 2 with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which was and to most still remains in the Japanese consciousness and the horrific consequences.
And the most funniest thing is that I am not a hardcore fan of the movies like Chili who has a collection of what she thinks is the best ones of over 28 movies and while I have enjoyed them highly, I have always regarded the first movie to be the best one since it truly depicted a horrific event and worse case scenario that may be viewed as far fetched these days but the idea and the very fear of nuclear aftermaths and consequences had burnt into the minds of people that seeing a huge radioactive lizard monster crushing and destroying everything and everyone in its path and also causing radioactive sickness and burning all around it.
Godzilla, or Gojira as its originally called was the Japanese depiction of a true horror caused by the Americans and was a accusing middle finger at them for creating such a abomination.
And yes, I am fully aware that the movies that came afterwards got less and less serious in its tone and all but at least they were made with effort. The executions, the details, the amount of massive destructions that had to be done over and over again still astounds me. Monsters and man, fighting each other for survival, explosions, death and chaos and I am talking about a disaster of biblical proportions, The Old Testament, real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Earthquakes, volcanoes! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!
...Sorry, I lost my track there for a second.

I won't waste much time here since no one really bothers to read journals or at least my own if its not filled with personal drama, death in the family or celebrity, commission information or just hypocritical critiques on society in general. That and the fact this movie had so many wrongs that it would take me months to list them all up, so I will try to narrow it down.

I will however point out the real first sin which is also the largest one within the very SECOND the movie starts with that stupid ass intro sequence with the credits being erased like those government papers that has entire pages with black marks over the text: THE ORIGINAL GODZILLA THEME SONG IS NOT EVEN FEATURED IN THIS MOVIE. How dumb are the makers of this movie? Its like replacing the theme song of Indiana Jones or Star Wars with the My Little Pony's theme song, it just doesn't work like that!
Anyway, the story of the movie is that it has completely ignored the fact that Godzilla has been living on a island filled with giant monsters and has been saving the world on several occasions from evil monsters, aliens and whatnot and instead its revealed that it has been in dormant since the 50s and the governments have been covered it up with other real life projects like Project Monarch and such ... God this is stupid.
Anyway, the story is primarily focused on Joe Ford, a US Navy explosive ordnance disposal officer (Watch The Hurt Locker in case you don't know what it is, pretty heavy stuff and a pretty damn good movie).
He's upset because he's thrust into a Steven Spielberg-esque storyline with his insanely estranged father because about 15 years ago, his wife was killed in a incident at a nuclear plant disaster in Japan they were working at as supervisor which is quiet odd to me. Not the fact that a American family with a kid who was ten and went to a Japanese school, the nuclear plant had dark smokes coming out of it or all the Japanese workers at the facility can speak perfectly English, but the fact that the nuclear plant was just BESIDES THE EFFING CITY AND JUST CONVENIENTLY POSITIONED SO THAT THE KIDS CAN SEE THE NUCLEAR PLANT FROM THE FRONT WINDOW IN THEIR SCHOOL, ALLOWING THE SON TO BE TRAUMATIZED BY THE CATALYTIC QUAKE THAT TEARS THE ENTIRE PLANT DOWN!
I mean, granted I admit that I don't know how nuclear plants work or stuff like that and I know that some nuclear plants are place near cities in Japan and other places but even then they are not placed in a way that you can throw stones at it over a fence and even from a elementary school window view! But maybe I'm wrong so feel free to correct me.
To cut a long story short (too late), Walter White (seriously, it is Brian Cranston from Breaking Bad playing as the dad) just got bailed from prison by Joe after making drugs and making a break and entering into the quarantined zone of the city where the nuclear plant was destroyed but it turns out that there never was any radioactivity in the city because a monster that attacked the nuclear plant and sucked up all the radiation from its core.
I will talk about the monsters later, but I need to address a major plot hole here. Nuclear and radioactivity is not easy to dispose off, and don't give me that believe in disbelieve speech since the monsters has the ability to suck and eat it like water because its a lot more complicated then that. Lets take a look at Chernobyl. Even if the nuclear plant didn't suffer a complete core meltdown, it still managed to become one of the most lethal locations in the world. And while it has become a tourist attaction, its still a dangerous to be in without the guidance of highly trained professionals. Not only is the air contaminated, but rocks, trees, even grass has traces of radioactivity on it and the animals has shown up dead due to eating other contaminated animals but also been in simply wrong places. And whatever happened to the nuclear plant that the monster attacked in the movie, the disaster would be even more massive! I don't care if the monster sucked it all in, there was no way that it would get everything! If the movie had indicated that the city had only like two or three dots on the Geiger counter instead of zero, then I would buy the fact that the area was not radioactive enough to kill people but still enough to scare them away.
...Man, I try to keep the journal short but the movie had so many wrongs, I can't narrow it down enough.
Anyway, the reason why Joe and Walter White broke into the area was to find some old floppy disks in their old homes which not only would had been destroyed due to exposure of moist, bryophytes and other natural causes but also as it would be revealed had no real point to the story in the movie whatsoever. Maybe Walter wanted to get his recipes for his drugs? But yeah, they get arrested and finally they see the horrible truth about the cover up. The menacing dangers that has been growing and eaten all the nuclear core at the fullest...

Giant bugs.

Yeah. Its not Gidorah, not Gigan or even Hedorah or even a whole new awesome rival monster. They are... Giant...Bugs. This is without a doubt, the DUMBEST idea for antagonist monster ever made. Not only do they have such a retard name which is M.U.T.O. which is a acronym for Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism which is rather redundant, you might as well get ALF while you are at it since it has the same impact. But also the design is basically from the Cloverfield monster, the Starship Troopers alien bugs and cockroaches. I can't even comprehend how amazingly lazy the makers of this movie was. They had so much in the source material! I need to ask you, makers of this movie: Have you no passion for possibility? Have you no understanding of this... pool of amazing source material that you could unleash with this creativity? I mean, what is your major malfunction, you... suckers of talent and good? What is going on in your head? Please! Contact me! Let me know! Let me know what the flying eff has caused you to become so uninspired when this stuff has practically gift-wrapped it for you from the original makers of the movies and just said, "Make me incredible! Make me incredible!" Please! Get in contact with me!
I mean... Jeez! So... yeah! Godzilla has been reduced into becoming a bug exterminator. Are you effing kidding me?
But yeah, the first MUTO escapes, killing off Walter White in the process because really the potential storyline of father and son reconciling is nothing anyone would care about and after they study its echolocation and its smelling radiation from nuclear plants which would be hilarious if it would walk pass Chernobyl and other nuclear incidents while they were at it so they could clean up the mess, it searches for the other MUTO which turns out to be a female though how the humans know that is anyone's guess and you will not BELIEVE where they had placed it.

Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository located in the Nevada desert

So let me see if I got this straight; the... Scientists who studied the monsters before their awakening, who knew that they ate nuclear and radiation like water, decided to dispose on the monster who they had no real idea if it was dead or not... IN A NUCLEAR WASTE FACILITY!?!
Okay okay... I just realized that I had forgotten to talk about a certain someone. The one that has its name in this movie. Godzilla himself. Yeah, you might be wondering why I haven't mention him yet. Well as luck would have it, the first monster would start to attack Honolulu in Hawaii using electric magnetic pulses which does seems to be a interesting power to have but its rather useless since it doesn't affect living beings, only machines.
But yeah, we finally get to see Godzilla in his full majestic posture and I just let out a happily desperate fangasmic squeal as he roared that awesomely trademark roar. Finally, after all the padding of a build up, after all the stupid human storylines that doesn't go anywhere and after all that, we would finally get to see the first of many awesome fight scenes between monsters that would have lot of destructions, monster punching each other, using their special attacks at each other, destroying buildings in the process, humans running around screaming in agony and fright as concrete would smash their heads in...
They just cut to Joe's family.
Yeah... We don't get to watch the fight fully, the movie just cut to Joe's wife and son sitting in living room which the camera has focused on their ugly mugs reacting to the news reporting the fight as it finishes. And it does that several times too in this movie, we seem to finally get some action, but the movie just cuts off to the humans who just do NOTHING, just look in chock, talk a little and do NOTHING that has ANY impact to the story WHAT SO EVER.

...That's it, I'm wrapping it up! After many tedious cockblocks and teasing, we FINALLY get to see Godzilla fighting both MUTOs at the same time, though why he is weak against the monsters when he had been able to crush weaker monsters in the past, I have no idea but I don't care! This is the moment I have been waiting for! Godzilla fries the lame ass monsters into oblivion, even finishing the second one and holds up its jaws, FIRING HIS FIRE RIGHT INTO IT'S MOUTH! And so the Godzilla is dubbed hero by the humans despite the destruction he caused and he just swims off back to Japan begging to be in a better movie.

I really don't understand why this movie is so liked by many. The movie had so many plot holes, that it could fit in over twenty Godzillas. The human characters were dull and illogical in their dialogs and their storyline had no real impact to what was really going on. The monsters were lazy and dull with no real threat, even Godzilla himself didn't seem to have real importance in this movie, and this was supposed to be his great comeback.

All I can say, I don't care if I lose friends because of this but I stand by my own opinion, and now if you excuse, I will show you how it should have ended! YOU'RE WELCOME!

1. You must posts these rules. 
    2. Each person has to share 10 things about them 
    3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
    4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal 
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    9. You can't say that you don't do tags. 
    10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry

 Questions from :iconpahgiz:

1. Size of your shoe?
Nine and a half, or 43 in EU standards

2. Do you like thunderstorms?
Well it depends, its fine at night when I'm sleeping but not during the day because you never know when a power outage may occur and ruin my working progress in my computer ^^;

3. Have you ever sung karaoke?
Oh hell yeah! XD Back in high school during a school trip in Berlin, I sang "hey Macarena" XD  It was so hilarious

4. What time is it?
Right now, 17:31 as I am writing this answer down ^^

5. Your Chinese zodiac?
I had to search google for it and I guess that its Dog? :shrug:

6.  Your favourite scent?
Clean bed sheet ^^

7. Where are you from?
Märsta, about 30 minutes from Stockholm by car

8. The most annoying song?
Barbie Girl by Aqua, and everything by Justin Bieber DX

9.  What would you like to do in future?
Well, hopefully still alive?

10. Tell a joke ( though its not a question XP)
Why did the stadium become so hot during summer? All the fans had left!

My questions:
1: Whats your favorite comic or webcomic at the moment?
2: Any soon to be released horror games you are looking forward to?
3: PS4 or XboxOne?
4: What is your favorite internet show? (Like AVGN, Nostalgia Critic, Atop the Fourth Wall and such)
5: How long can you be with any computer or phone?
6: Do you have any youtube lets player?
7: What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
8: Whats the color of your socks you are currently wearing?
9: Do you prefer to draw on paper or on tablet?
10: Would you like some cake? =3

And I'll tag:
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Since its the start of May and the sun is bright and its lovely outside (when its not raining or snowing and then it vanished like it never happened but whatever), I'd thought that it'd be cool to do a feature journal here. And yes, I know that not many does that these day but damnit I wanna do it so here we go.

The rules are simple, if anyone is interested I'll do features for a feature: I feature you, you feature me. Quite simple really, and it'll be a proper feature too! Comment here or note me if you are interested, and you are welcome to suggest which three pictures you'd like to have featured, or I'll pick them out myself.

:icondarkhelmetplz: Everybody got that? Good! Then lets begin!

And since it was Honeykitten who featured me in her journal, I'll start with her:

Adorable and funny artwork from a fellow Swede who I'm sure is just as cute ^w^
Water sprite by Honeykitten ID 2013 by Honeykitten Machoponi art: Chill-aid man by Honeykitten

I met this guy during the art tournament DA Secret Wars and we pretty much got along and became DA friends. His artwork is just sublime with his clear lines and yet very details that just makes me jealous at times and his comedic timing and characters are just... Wow.

  SW Ch10. Deleted Scene: Payment by Bug-Off DU Mikey Cover by Bug-Off Mikey's Mask by Bug-Off
To say goodbye to My five Six year old computer that just died early today at Monday 3rd marsh. Or rather it refuses to stay on for a while before it either freezes entirely, rebootes on itself or just shuts Down on its own. Hopefully, I can get a new one soon but now i have to use My iPad inorder to check up online. Now if only i could figure how to set the text language to english...
Ask me something!!!!
This... is gonna be so AWESOME!!!

I am so happy!!... :iconiloveyouplz: