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Rage of the Exploding Kind by ViktorMatiesen Rage of the Exploding Kind by ViktorMatiesen
Yeah, so I have been playing Cuphead a lot when it pretty much came out and I still haven't finished it yet. I swear, I thought that I was never going to make it past Grim Matchstick, that annoying and unfair as all hell dragon that transforms into a hydra by the third phase that I was stuck for about three days trying to get past that one. While I am still stuck trying to get past King Dice, I still feel like that I can beat the guy fairly unlike the dragon that you really had to rely on extreme luck to beat him.
And no, I won't say that this is like the cartoon version of Dark Souls, it is completely different. The Dark Souls games are like this dark fantasy survival horror heavy with depressing tension and no hope whatsoever while Cuphead is more like a platformer run and gun mixed with bullethell shoot em up with bright colors and a old school cartoon with fully traditional animations and handcolored backgrounds. Whoever dubbed the game equal to Dark Souls, is just a idiot... Probably the same guy who couldn't get past the tutorial level (seriously, it can't be real that someone is that dumb to not read the instructions). 
The funny thing is that I made this game a few days before another game called Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy came out. Basically it was developed by the same guy who made QWOP and the objective is to climb over mountain of obstacles like buildings and other various things using only a huge sledgehammer while the playable character is sitting in a big black cauldron for some reason and Bennett Foddy narrates and comments at your progress with either his view on things, quotes or just provides public domain music about failure but not giving up. This game has already being praised as  the most challenging and frustrating games ever made, various youtubers like Markiplier has been in so much rage that was worse than Super Mario Maker or Happy Wheels.
So yeah, I guess  that this could be a love and hate letter for both Cuphead and Getting over It.
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Stormourner Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018
this is the origin of comparing some games to Dark Souls…
DerangedMeowMeow Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017
I avoid those kind of games for the very reason that you've so elegantly illustrated. I just end up hating them. Well, maybe not hating them, but not playing them nevertheless.

For example, I backed a platformer on Kickstarter called Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. Loved the concept, character designs and such. Got the game, enjoyed it until I got stuck on the first boss. Couldn't beat the damn thing, not even after reading tutorials about it. Just dropped it and haven't played it since. These games just aren't for me. I guess I'll always be a filthy casual, but that's alright by me. Great games will always be played by someone.
ViktorMatiesen Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So you just watch let's plays of them?
DerangedMeowMeow Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2017
Heh! Actually no. I just enjoy knowing such games are out there based on what little I've seen of them on reviews and game related news on various YouTube channels.
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December 11, 2017
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