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Artist // Professional // Traditional Art
My Bio
Current Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, but I can't work while listening to it, so it's metal or punk rock most of the time :headbang:
Favourite style of art: Comicbooks and Fine Arts (wait... Comicbooks are Fine Arts!!!). I just love art in general!
Operating System: Windows
Favourite characters: Spider-Man, Himura Kenshin, Jesse Custer


Favourite Visual Artist
Diego Velázquez, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Geoge Pérez, Watsuki Nobuhiro, Steve Dillon, John Byrne, John Romita sr, Alberto Breccia, Orson Welles, Ingmar Bergman, Hitchcock, Fellini, Kubrick...
Favourite Movies
Memento, The Naked Gun (all 3 of them!!!), The Maltese Falcon, Unforgiven, The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance, Mulholland Dr, Citizen Kane, The Rope..
Favourite TV Shows
The Shield! Vikings, Justified, Burn Notice, Seinfeld, Band Of Brothers, Banshee, House, 24...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bad Religion, Saxon, Jinjer, Lyle Lovett, Chris Stapleton, Kreator, Oscar Peterson, Megadeth, Uriah Heep, Makoto Ozone, Warcry, Coltrane, Miles Davis, Amon Amarth, Helker...
Favourite Books
Preacher, The Count Of Montecristo, Day Of The Jackal, pretty much anything Pérez-Reverte writes, The Boys, Transmepolitan, Invincible, Las Legiones Malditas, old Spidey comics...
Favourite Writers
Alexandre Dumas, père, Kurt Busiek, Garth Ennis, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Edgar Allan Poe, Jorge Fernandez Díaz, Frederick Forsyth, Oscar Wilde, Will Eisner, Donald Westlake, Follet, Christie...
Favourite Games
Age of Empires 2
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, but I don't really play video games
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, paper, pens, brushes, ink and Photoshop (and eraser!)
Other Interests
Arts, History, drawing, dogs, growing my own vegetables, reading books, swimming, movies, music, kendo, nature, eating, tattoos...
Sooo, long time no nothing! I'll try to keep this short but, frankly, I need the catharsis. So, this stray dog started staying at one of the units of the duplex complex I live in. It's one that are on the front, while mine's in the back and there's a parking space in between them. So far, that's fine. Now, the dog, everytime anyone opens the front gate gets in. Again, it's ok. Now, there's this couple that live in one of the front that park their cars on that space (they shouldn't, since they have their own, but they put a pool there and asked us "backers" to let them park in the common space, and we're so cool that we said "ok"). Now, when they don't get the dog out, he starts scratching my door. And, again, so far so good. But then why the flying fuck don't they get the dog out? No, seriously, it's quite simple: It's a stray dog, he gets inside, you get him out. I just... I dunno, the lack of coherence in their actions just blows my mind. It's a matter of responsibility. The dog
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Hey there, folks! Long time, no nothing! So, where to start... 2021 was quite a weird year for me: In January, busy with the first of 3 movings I had to take care of: First to my grandad's old apartment (a block and a half). In February, I was at a reunion in which 4 of the 6 persons there got Covid (all ok now, thankfully). In March, I finally sold my parents house. The 9th of April my third second nephew was born, the next day, I moved back to Santa Teresita (300 km), took a month off and started working again. In May the problems started again but, for once, I'll try not to complain too much. Let's just say that my stress level went through the roof again and, well, if you've been there, you know how it goes... Anyway, in September my grandmom Nelly passed passed away. In October I finally found a new house and, If memory serves, it was around this time I found a buyer for my grandad's apartment. In November I bought the house. Also in November, there was a leak in the family
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Hey there, folks, no time, no nothing! So, the last 21 of September, my grandma died. She was almost 90 years old, had dementia, arthritis, had heart problems, was in a wheelchair... She was a fucking stone. A stone in which one could lean on. Hard as goddamn iron. I meant to write these words earlier, but my life's so fucked up I couldn't. I miss her. Fucking virus made it hard for me to see her (my bad, 'cause I could still see her, but it was too much paperwork -but, still, advanced dementia, so it meant, that these trips could be for nothing, also long hours' long trips for me just to see her). But I do miss her. Way too much, dare I say (hell, even her nagging!). Just rest in peace. Losing a son's something that shouldnt' happen. Your life was way too hard, but you were harder. And time eventually brings us all to an end. If there's an afterlife, we'll have a competition on who makes the best soup. Or the better lentils stew (but I know I'm gonna win that last one
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         thank you Victor 🖤
   Coming Home by kleinerteddy
No prob, keep up the great work! :)
Thank you for the fave!
No prob! Gotta say, though, those are some lovely dogs!!

And thanks for the llama! :)
Thank you and you are very welcome!
Thank you very much
Thank you for the fave