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Equestria and beyond: rev 8.1

By vikonaut

Download for full size! The preview is tiny

People seem to be having trouble downloading the full version, so here's the link to it:…

Want to use my map for a fic/video/etc?
You don't need to ask my permission. If you'd like to use the map for anything non-commercial, you may. Let me know though, I love seeing what people do with it.

See how it's evolved:
* Revision #5
* First revision

Thanks to TotalOverflow for the hoof-strap-revolver sketches.
Thanks to :iconpupuchaku: for drawing Fable's Hideaway
Thanks to :iconstinkehund: for the wonderbolts poster
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If the original artist is still around, I hope they see this. I'm hoping to maybe commission someone to remake the map but update it so it lines up with current canon. If that happens, I'm going to ensure all proper credit is where it should be. It just seems a shame to let such an amazing project continue to gather dust. I don't think I'll try to do anything with the fanfic but I think it would be really cool to see an updated version of the art piece because there's so much you could do in a sprawling world such as this.

I'll post an update here if I can find anyone to commission, if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to comment here.

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Rest in Peace this project. The author hasn't been online in seven years. And while I don't really care about ponies anymore, I do like this map.
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What’s the projection?
Where is the crystal empire?
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The map was released in 2011.

The Crystal Empire was shown in Season 3 of MLP:FiM in 2012 
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Then another update is in order.
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Sad part is that he hasn't been online, to my knowledge, since 2013.
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this map need a upgrade xD MLP Movie
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im assuming a lot of these areas come from the comics, as i have never heard of the places, unless i missed them in the show. Also, where are all the locations from the MLP movie?
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The map was released in August 2011, before the MLP Movie (2017) and even Season 2 (September 2011)
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Old as it is, this map is still far and away my favorite MLP map. Hell, It’s probably my favorite fantasy map, period. It’s so huge and complex and creative, and the names are so beautiful and evocative -- Eternity’s Bridge, the Blinding Veil Sea, the Quiet Sea, Abaddon’s Fury, Peril’s Cusp, the Scorched Lands, Silverline…


I think what I love best is the sense of vastness and complexity this map gives. I can spend hours staring at maps as it is, but with this one… I can just spend hours wondering away to myself: what’s life like in Noveria or Aura? What are the cities in the mountains south of the Broken Leylands like, and who or what lives there? What kinds of strange creatures live in all those islands and seas and lands? Who is buried in the Graveyard of the Forgotten? Who built Eternity’s Bridge? How was it sundered?


At this point I don’t know if you’re ever going to read this, but I just wanted to put this out there. This map has become the gold standard I use for comparing all other fantasy maps or geographical worldbuiling. It is, genuinely, the best of its kind I’ve ever seen, and I can only hope I can someday make something half as amazing as this.

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Sadly, we will never see the finished map, or the full story. But, at least we will always have this.

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What is your reasoning on some of the geography? I'd like to use this map for my fic, but before I choose it over the canon one I would like to know just how different this is from the canon Equestria.

For instance, the Yaks seem to be located to the east of the griffin kingdom, whereas in the canon map they are west of the griffins and directly north of Equestria.

I understand this is geared towards your fic, but more information of what point in your timeline this is taken from could really help as well.

I ask for so much because I am currently writing a fic that encompasses most of the kingdoms of the known world and involves wars in which territory is taken and kingdoms are lost. For the sake of making it easier to track the changes, I need a visual map that I can mark with those changes, and your map would give my world room to grow when compared to the canon one.
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If it helps, the differences from canon are because this map is quite old. It's from 2011, and predates Season 2, the canon maps and most of the canon countries -- that's why the griffins are northwest of Equestria instead of to its west, or why there's not Yakyakistan or Crystal Empire.
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This is still probably one of my favorite maps of Equestria, if not one of my favorite fantasy maps in general. There's a real sense of vastness to this one, like it really is the cartographical chart of a whole WORLD, and yet it's clearly just a small piece of a much larger puzzle. It's not a feeling I get with most fantasy maps, and lemme tell ya, I've seen a lot of 'em. I really hope this fic isn't dead, because it looks epic in scale.
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Unfortunately, I don't think the author has any intention to write it. Which is an enormous shame, especially after all that epic world building.
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Thanks for allowing use of your map. A friend of mine designed a cover for my fic using a small part of it. Here's a link:…
Author, when you will make a new version of your map? Your map is very cool, but there are some errors and inaccuracies in map: some countries are placed not where they must be, some cities does not exist (like Las Pegasus), same as some countries. Please, update your map.
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I love this map and its one of my inspirations. A shame the wiki for Where The World Ends is no longer up
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While this can be definitively stated not to be canon, it is still an insanely detailed and well-thought-out map.
is this story still alive
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This map is incorrect.
Equestria is a peninsula
Griffin kingdom is another continent
You forget Yakiyakistan, Saddle Arabia, Maretonia, bug bear teritory and Dragon Lair
Does not exist Cervidas, Eternity Crossing.
But you can improve if you want
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Are you going to ignore the fact that this was posted on 2011?
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