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Still Alive [Vocaloid Lola]

I made Lola cover "Still Alive" and figured she needed some art. So I Aperture'd her up and GAVE HER CAKE =D
Link to the cover/video! -> [link]

Matured for the fact she doesn't have a top on, even though she's a robot here and nothing is... well, there.
Reference/base by ~Nakedbloomsinsnow -> [link]
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The Question is, are YOU Still Alive xD
FakeTsuki's avatar
-glomps- OMG I missed you :P
VikingScarecrow's avatar
<3 I miss you tooooo ;n; I got promoted at work so I've been working a lot. Haven't been drawing much lately and I've barely been around. I need to hang out with my internet friends again ;A; I missss yooooou <3 <3 <3
FakeTsuki's avatar
Ooooooo, at least you have a valid reason and you even got promoted <3333
I've missed you more :I
Jeeeez :3
VikingScarecrow's avatar
Yea :D Work is finally slowing down some so I'm taking time to focus on finishing up my cosplays and catching up on much needed house cleaning and maintenance @___@ But I've been itching to get back to art, and UTAU XD SOON. HOPEFULLY. MAYBE. uguu
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I can't wait for your comback :3
I bet you'll be doing some pretty interesting things <3
VikingScarecrow's avatar
Hopefully yeah :D Right now I'm technically arting up some furniture, all steampunk-like. It's been on my to-do list forever and a day. Lots of paint and paper and mod podge and powertools huehuehue
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That is pretty cool!
VikingScarecrow's avatar
Thank you very much!~ I'm quite proud of this one ^___^
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I don't know the song "Still Alive", but the cake works well with the robot part and I like how you drew her hair.
VikingScarecrow's avatar
Ah, thank you very much! <3
The song "Still Alive" is the end theme to the video game called "Portal", wherein the passive agressive robot who has tried killing you the entire time is singing about how she isn't quite dead. She also has a slight fascination with cake and it is mentioned in the song, so I thought I'd go ahead and draw some in there. ^^ I'm glad you think it works well, I was worried the cake would look off.
As for her hair, that was actually the rough sketch lines that I decided to leave as-is because it looked so cool! So, thank you! XD I'm really glad you like it~
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Lol love it! This actually reminded me i need to finish my Kaito version O_O
VikingScarecrow's avatar
Thank you! <3 <3 <3
Oooooh yes please do!~ <3 i would love to hear it when you are done :D
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