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Stop Bullying



[EDIT 1:] 2012-04-12, I have updated this picture. it seemed that many really liked this piece, but I always felt it looking messy so I renewed it. it was originally made in 2009.

[EDIT 2:] 2015-08-03: I have disabled comments because I'm tired of getting negative, trashy and insensitive comments on this piece. My art is not a shout-board for your anger. Thank you. 
                                           You'll have to message me personally if you want to talk business about this work.

                                          I don't even know where to start with this. it upsets me so much when I get a note of someone telling me it was stolen again. You can buy a copy from me, it's not even that expensive.
                                          the price vary depending on what you're using it for. if you're a teacher and want to use it in your school to raise awareness, then message me and I can get you a better resolution and we can discuss a small fee.
                                          But for the love of everything that art stands for, and ironically this piece stands for, stop stealing this image from me. it means a lot to me and you are disrespecting my hard work and running me over.


Stop bullying.
it comes from all people; it could be your classmates, your friends, work comrades, family, authorities and so on so forth.
It comes in all shapes and forms; online, in school, at home, at work, in society.. you can find it anywhere..
And it could come for the stupidest of reasons.

it's unacceptable.

Just because you hurt it doesn't mean you should hurt others. No excuse is good enough to hurt someone else.

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You know what pisses me off, its when people DIE others start to care! Everyone who hurt this poor girl should shove a shard of glass through their eye because they shouldn't desevre to see this beutiful young lady or anyone else. All bullies are retarded little cunts! And this is a fucking twelve year old writing this shit! My friend is being bullied and the next time her bully who will go unamed for their protection, comes over to her Imma give that dickface a fucking black eye and broken ribs! I am sick of bullies. How would you like it if people made fun of you?! How would you like it if your best friend tired or did kill their selfs?! That wouldn't feel fucking nice! WOULD IT?! So Im saying this to everyone now! NOBODYS FUCKING PERFECT I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! IF I EVER SEE ANOTHER BULLY I HOPE SOMEBODY FLIMS ME GIVING THEM A FUCKING BLACK EYE, BLEEDING NOSE AND OTHER PAINFUL SHIT! If you care for others, then stand up for them. Don't let them get hurt or worse. I've has enough with bullies. And for now on, bullies might wanna think twice unless they want me to snap their ugly lil' neck! -Zoe Spence 2015 #fuckbullies #stopbullying
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