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I would like to let everyone know that Grunt Style has gotten a hold of me and is making everything right with the issue. They where very willing to let me know how the mistake was made and are doing everything they can and a little more to correct the issue and make thing right with me. Im very happy with the outcome. Thank you everyone that help support me with the resolution of the problem and thank you to Grunt Style for willingness to work with me personally on this issue.

Without any kind of permission, Grunt Style has plagiarized my work for their own profit and are even making the claim on their website that this is their 100% original work. Do me a favor and let them know that good people, good soldiers, warriors are not thieves.

My original poem and artwork:…
Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones. — Marcus Aurelius
We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. - Carlos Castaneda
October (Winterfyllith - Gormanudhr - Hunting) 9th
Day of Remembrance for Leif Erikson

this is a day that even the U.S. Government admits, should be dedicated to the man who beat Columbus to the shores of Vinland by over 500 years. Don’t let it slide quietly - write your local newspapers and share the word of the Norse colonies with neighbors and friends, or maybe just go exploring the town down the road or woods near your home. :)

On this day I will raise a horn to the son of Erik the Red, discoverer of modern North America and a great star-ward Viking. SKAL to Leaf Erikson. Also let us not forget his sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir, who on her journey to Vinland, it is said, demonstrated the true strength of a heathen Shield Maidens. SKAL to Leif, Freydis and the Shield Maidens of Midgard.
October (Winterfyllith - Gormanudhr - Hunting) 8th
Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red

Praise the stalwart founder of Greenland settlements, and father of Leif, the founder of Vinland. Erik remained loyal to Thor even when his wife left the Gods and refused to sleep with her Heathen husband. Pause in memory of Erik today; drink a toast to his honor. No doubt he gets enough warmth in his Ancestral Hall to make up for his wife’s coldness.

On this day I will raise a horn to one of the great stubborn Heathen of our Ancestors and remind myself of his dedication to his Family, to the old ways, the old traditions and to the Chieftains Duty. SKAL to Erik the Red.

The 2014 Southwest Frith Moot will be held at the Pinon Canyon Center, just outside of Albuquerque NM, from August 8th - 10th. We are hoping to once again make this a great heathen community building event for the general southwest and surrounding regions.

This is a free event which is open to anyone that wishes to attend. Frith will be maintained at all times. This Moot is geared towards participants meeting more Asatru & Heathen folks in the Southwest and learning more about Heathenry in general.

There will be many individual heathens and independent kindreds in attendance, as well as members from many of the National Organizations.

SFM is not financially sponsored by any national organization. This event is being hosted by the Wanderer Kindred of Arizona and Mountain Haven Kindred of New Mexico, for the purpose of building a better regional heathen community.

We will have several seminars, demonstrations and discussions, a fund raising auction, a community feast, children’s games, and adult activities scheduled. Please visit our website for the most up to date details.

we can also be found at the Facebook group page at:…

“Act, speak, and think like a man ready to depart this life in the next breath” - Marcus Aurelius

Great design seduces, shapes, and evokes an emotional response.

I am reaching out to all of my friends for a little help with something that is very important to me. I don’t need any money, just a letter to your congressman, and its already been written. Please read this post and if you feel that your OK with our goals please send a letter to your congressman. Our solders deserve equal recognition like everyone else.

"The Open Halls Project has begin an endeavor, and we would appreciate any assistance and support that we can muster. Recently, the VA approved the Thor's Hammer as a headstone emblem. However, we still cannot choose Asatru or Heathen as our religious preference! We have attempted to process the request to add those terms, but CH(COL) Bryan Walker, of the Chief of Chaplains, has stated that the US Army and the DoD are preparing a new system that will allow philosophies and other religious preferences to be added more efficiently. However, his expected ETA for this change is 'several years.’
We've already processed this request twice, with the support of the Asatru Alliance and the Troth. That was over two years ago now and we are being told we will have to wait even longer. The OHP would like to initiate a letter writing campaign to our legislators, in the hopes that putting congressional pressure on the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense will have some positive effect. We specifically are calling on those who live in a district run by a member of either the House Armed Services Committee or the Senate Armed Services Committee. These are the folks that can really bring some political muscle to bear for us!
I've drafted a standardized form letter for folks to use, if you so desire. We have also been in communication with several of our allies, to help begin publicizing this action. We are hoping you will write to your Senators and to your Congressional representative, we have tried to be patient, and allow the system to work, but there is no need for us to wait several more years for our service members to have the ability to choose their religious preference on their official paperwork! We want to make sure that the religious needs of our service members are ensured and we hope that you will help us take action.

The form letter is posted as a link below.
Please let us know of any interesting developments you hear about, by emailing us at
Josh Heath - OHP"

The draft letter to your congressman:…
April (Seedmoon - Eostre - Gaukmanudhr / Saidtidh - Ostara) Full Moon (or 15th)
Sigrblot/Sumarsdag (Summer's Day)

Today we celebrate the first day of Summer in the Old Icelandic calendar. In Iceland it had strong agricultural overtones, but elsewhere in the Nordic world, it was a time to sacrifice to Odin for victory in the summer voyages, trading and battles.

This weekend we will raise a horn to Odin and start to plan the for the years events that we hope for victory in. I also try to remember the last years victories that where given to me and my kinfolk and show thanks for those gifts.
March (Hredhmonath - Einmanudhr - Lenting) 28th
Day of Remembrance for Ragnar Lodbrok

Ragnar was one of the legends most famous Vikings, Ragnar Hairy-Britches (which is what his name means in English, for his lifelong habit of wearing Goatskin trews), because on this date in 845 C.E., Ragnar attacked Paris, and ruined the place. It happened to be Easter Sunday, which forever dispels the notion that vikings had no sense of humor. We chose this event not because it was the most important thing Ragnar ever did - it wasn't - but because it is the sole deed we can reasonably be credited to the Ragnar of whom the legends so lustily sing.

Ragnar, according to his saga, was a Danish viking. He won his first youthful fame killing a dragon which, naturally, guarded a beautiful maiden. He married her in best storybook fashion and went on to accomplish a multitude of other great feats. As an older man he worried that his sons' glory would outshine his own, so he set out to invade England. In the process he was captured by King Aella of Wales and thrown into a snake pit where he perished while calmly composing his death song. His offspring avenged him by conquering most of Britain.

If you here to ask Ragnar how to celebrate his life he would probably tell you gather some men and conquer some great city or go raid a wealthy county for great riches. As most of us do not have these resources these days, here are some other things that we can do to celebrate Ragnar Lodbrok's great life.

  • Read the Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok and give toast.

  • Compete in an aggressive sport with some friends and crush them.

  • Find the epic film, The Vikings, with Ernest Borgnine, Kirk Douglas, and the rest, spend the evening watching it. Whatever its flaws, Ragnar plays a prominent part and some of the saga story-line is even recognizable. It's good propaganda for our side, and more than a few Asafolk found their natural religion through the influence of this movie. You can find The Vikings at some video stores.

  • Viking heroes like Ragnar composed their death song as they fought their last fight, telling of their victories and great accomplishments. If you were reciting your death song, what would be in it? of what would you boast? Put your thoughts on paper. Are you satisfied with your life?

  • Ragnar was no young wolf-pup when he died; like Ulysses before him, he refused to "grow old gracefully". Think, then jot down your reflections, on just how a person can avoid the stereotypical traps of aging. What can a person do to keep from losing vitality, capability and ambition? "Fly your personal flag" in all activities you engage in - give it your best!

  • Cook a Danish meal, or go to a Scandinavian restaurant and feast on some speciality from the land of the Danes. Wash it down with something old Ragnar would approve of! Mead, Ale, Beer or Vodka.
February (Solmonath - Gói - Horning) 14th
Feast of Vali

Many of the people that read these listing that I post look for the historical reference to the holidays. I would like to point out that todays listing is a modern Asatru holiday and although there can be found minor historical references to an event at this time of the year there is no true reference to any specific deity that was worshiped or extensive details about community activities that may have occurred. The Feast of Vali is a modern Asatru Holiday brought about to to celibate one of the younger gods of our ancestors and his contributions to new community of Asatru.

Many Heathens make blessing to the god Vali at this time and generally enjoy the day. Many use it to celebrate the death of Hodr by Vali, avenging Balder, the son of Odin, and beginning the cycle that starts the new world. It is considered a late winter festival related to the triumph of the sun over the dark days of winter. Noting the familial tie between Vali and Odin, it is held as a celebration of the family and Asatruar exchange cards and gifts with loved ones just like everybody else. It is also a time for the renewal of marriage vows and an occasion for marriages/handfastings.

Some modern Asatru contemplate, if Edred Thorsson is right and the "heart" shape really represents the buttocks and mons veneris, and is really an old symbol of Freya, that it might be more appropriate to honor her on this day?  Some see it more in keeping with the spirit and overall feelings of the holiday as well. I personally see this as a day to Freyja and her brother Frey. I see today as day to honor my wife and the love that we share with each other. I like to use the day to let my wife know just how important she is to me and her true value in my life. Ether way you look at it today is a day to celebrate Love in our lives in all of its facets.

On this day I will Raise a horn to Vali and remember both his and my family ties. I will share gifts with my children and my Wife. My wife and I will enjoy a great dinner together and I will thank Freyja and Frey for the love that my wife has blessed me with in my life.

Hail to our Ancestors and the Gods :)
Happy New Year!!
January (Snowmoon - Æfter-Giuli - Thorri) 1st
Twelfth Night (End of Yule Tide, first day of the new year)
Some believe, Sacred to all of the Gods and Goddesses as well as the Asir and Dsir.

Frey took the kingdom after Njord, and was called drot by the Swedes, and they paid taxes to him. He was, like his father, fortunate in friends and in good seasons. Frey built a great temple at Upsal, made it his chief seat, and gave it all his taxes, his land, and goods. Then began the Upsal domains, which have remained ever since. Then began in his days the Frode- peace; and then there were good seasons, in all the land, which the Swedes ascribed to Frey, so that he was more worshipped than the other gods, as the people became much richer in his days by reason of the peace and good seasons. His wife was called Gerd, daughter of Gymis, and their son was called Fjolne. Frey was called by another name, Yngve; and this name Yngve was considered long after in his race as a name of honor, so that his descendants have since been called Ynglinger. Frey fell into a sickness; and as his illness took the upper hand, his men took the plan of letting few approach him. In the meantime they raised a great mound, in which they placed a door with three holes in it. Now when Frey died they bore him secretly into the mound, but told the Swedes he was alive; and they kept watch over him for three years. They brought all the taxes into the mound, and through the one hole they put in the gold, through the other the silver, and through the third the copper money that was paid. Peace and good seasons continued.
– Yingling Saga, Heimskringla.

This culminates the traditional twelve days of Yule. Traditionally, it is the night of the greatest feasting. This will usually include some form of pork; pigs were a common winter meat source and were sacrificed at this time, also the boar is a sacred animal of Frey. Golden apples are another treat and symbolize the youth and vitality of the new year. A vigil is held from dusk until dawn so that all kin may acknowledge the passing of the Wild Hunt and honor the rising sun of the new year. The vigil is a festive one and includes a long sumbel, story-telling, song, etc. Oaths sworn on this night, usually on Frey's boar or the hammer of Thor, are particularly holy. Words during sumbel are said to bear great weight and power. It is a time to count blessings, take stock and lay a course for the future.
On this day we remind ourselves of the idea of Wisdom. Learn from your experiences. Grow in the understanding of the world, and of the human heart. Comprehend as much of the universe as you can in the years available to you.
I wish Prosperity, Wealth and good will for all of you.
Yule (Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide, December) 31st
Eleventh Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Goddesses and the Valkrie.

Hail to the day,
Hail, to the sons of day.
Hail to the night,
Hail, to the daughters of night.
Look upon us with kind eyes,
And grant us courage.
Hail to the gods.
Hail to the goddesses.
Hail to the green earth
That gives to us all.
Show us good speech and wisdom,
Grant us healing hands and joy,
in this life.
- the Poetic Edda - Lay of Sigdrifa

On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Self Reliance. Industry brings us directly to the virtue of Self-Reliance, which is important both in practical and traditional terms. Going back to the general notion of this article, we are dealing with a form of morality that is largely self-imposed and thus requires self-reliance. We rely on ourselves to administer our own morality.

Today some will keep in mind the month of Fogmoon (November) and the Feast of Ullr. We honor our Gods and Goddesses of the hunt (it is deer hunting season in many parts of the country). We thank them for a successful hunting season with a blot and also bless/honor those who hunt to support the family. At my home, we set an extra place at the table and leave it empty so that any ancestor who wishes may join us for the feast. This is a great time for telling tales handed down through the family. Still other Asatruar refer to this holiday as "Weyland Smith's Day" and uses it to honor that great Germanic craftsman as well as those artists and artisans around us.
December (Yule, Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide) 30th
Tenth Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Sunna and our ancestors

Hail to the day,
Hail, to the sons of day.
Hail to the night,
Hail, to the daughters of night.
Look upon us with kind eyes,
And grant us courage.
Hail to the gods.
Hail to the goddesses.
Hail to the green earth
That gives to us all.
Show us good speech and wisdom,
Grant us healing hands and joy,
in this life.
- the Poetic Edda - Lay of Sigdrifa

Today remember that Sunna becomes stronger each day from now until Midsummer. Today begins the next yearly circle. Let us be glad that Sunna returns and with her warmth, growth and light. Many people will, with friends and family, stay up throw the hole night so that they can say goodbye to the old Sunna and Luna and hello to the new day and the new year and insure that the gods are still with us for one more year.

On this day we remind ourselves of the idea of Justice. Let equity and fairness be your hallmark. Treat others in accordance with what they deserve, and give each person a chance to show his or her best.

Today some will keep in mind the month of Hunting (October) and Winternights (Vetrarblot, Alfarblot). Winter Nights also celebrates the bounty of the now completed harvest, but more importantly, honors the Alfs, Disir and Huldfolk. The mood of Winternights is one of conserving resources against the scarcities of the coming cold season. This is the time of year when the animals which could not be fed through the coming winter were killed and the meat preserved. Usually at least one such animal was the subject of sacrifice with the kin eating the holy meat during feast. Libations of ale, milk, or mead are traditionally poured onto the earth as an offering. Apples may be offered to the Alfar. Hay may be given to Sleipnir, Odin's mighty steed thus marking the kindred's home as one that welcomes and respects the Furious Host.
December (Yule, Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide) 29th
Ninth Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Odin

"All-father, leader of the wild hunt, Har You who gained the wisdom of the runes, Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and bringing the power of the runes to Midgard.
I wot that I hung on the wind-tossed tree all of nights nine, wounded by spear, bespoken to Odin, bespoken myself to myself, upon that tree of which none telleth from what roots it doth rise.
Neither horn they upheld nor handed me bread; I looked below me - aloud I cried - caught up the runes, caught them up wailing, thence to the ground fell again.
Knowst how to write, Knowst how to read, Knowst how to stain, how to understand Knowst how to ask, Knowst how to offer, Knowst how to supplicate, Knowst how to sacrifice?
During this time of the Year we seek knowledge of our future We seek to know our Wyrd And find our fate.
Hail Odin! Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir!"
- Dave and Sandi Carron with Ravencast - The Asatru Podcast

On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Honor. Honor is the basis for the entire Asatru moral rationale. If anything comes out in the Eddas and Sagas it is that without honor we are nothing. We remember two types of peoples from ancient times: those whose honor was so clean that they shine as examples to us and those who were so without honor that their names are cursed a thousand years after they lived. Good Asatruar should always strive to be among the former.

Today some will keep in mind the month of Shedding (September) and the Autumn Equinox. The harvest festival of the year (or the second one if the kindred likes to celebrate Freyfaxi in August). Fertility Gods (Vanir) are usually invoked for their blessing upon the fields and the on-going harvest. Many honor Frey & Freya as well as Nerthus & Njord. As it is a harvest festival, a large feast of local fall crops is appropriate. It is a good time to reflect upon the labors of the past year and brace oneself for the coming of Winter. Count your blessings and harness your strength and confidence for the lean times ahead.
December (Yule, Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide) 28th
Eighth Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Skathi and Ullr

"Hunter’s Goddess, Snowshoe Goddess, Goddess of Cold Counsel Goddess of Revenge, Loki’s Agony, Scathing Goddess Wise god-bride, Ski Goddess, dweller of the rocks
You who have helped us provide for our families in this coldest of times We honor you during this darkest and holiest time of the year
ski-god, bow-god, hunting-god and shield-god. God of Oaths, Listener at the Flames, Dweller of Ydalir
You who have helped us provide for our families in this coldest of times We honor you during this darkest and holiest time of the year
Hail Skathi! Hail Ullr! Hail the Gods!"
- Dave and Sandi Carron with Ravencast - The Asatru Podcast

Keep in mind the importance of the hunters in our lives. On this day try to remember Skathi and Ullr as gods of the hunt. Our ancestors still hunted this time of year to keep meats and nourishment on the table even though hunting in the north this time of year was difficult and dangerous. Raise a horn to those that provided the meat on the table as we feast and share.

On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Truth. Truth is the one that most led our kindred to embrace this statement of values as our own. Early in our discussions, we decided that no matter what values we chose to hold out as our own, truth must be among them. It is a word that holds so much in its definition, and includes such a wide variety of moral and philosophical beliefs that we were all drawn to it as a simple statement of what we stood for.

Today we will keep in mind the month of Harvest (August) and Freyfaxi (Loaf Fest). Freyfaxi marked the beginning of the harvest in Iceland. Dedicated to the God of the harvest, it was a time for celebration with horse races, martial sports, and of course a Blot to Freyr and a feast. Thor, as hallower and defender of the fields, is also honored as is his fair wife Sif whose golden hair reminds us of the corn. Traditionally, three stalks of the first grain are bound together into a sheaf and kept as an amulet of fortune. Oftentimes, this sheaf, bound by a wise woman, was left in the field as magical protection for the crop. The penultimate sheaf is kept for the Yule feast. The last sheaf is left on the field for Odin's horse Sleipnir.
December (Yule, Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide) 27th
Seventh Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Thor

Friend Thor, grant me strength, and courage.
Be with me on path today.
Grant me courage and foresight.
Help me make hard choices.
Hail Thor

On this day we remember the importance of our community and how we effect it. Remember Thor as you travel for one gathering to the next and all of the traveling that we and our loved ones do this time of the year. Also remember Sif this time of Year as we sit and eat at all of the feasting. Sif was of great importance to our ancestors as a goddess of the fields and grains that where so much a part of peoples diets through the winter. Thor and Sif are also important this time of the year because they (especially Thor) was looked at as the protectors of Children. Thor is also the traditional figure that was become (over the years) who we recognize as Santa.

On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Fidelity. A word that is far too often defined by it’s narrow use in terms of marital fidelity. By the dictionary it simply means being faithful to someone or something. In marriage this means being true to ones vows and partner, and this has been narrowly defined as limiting ones sexual experience to one’s spouse. While I have found this to be great practical advice, many treat fidelity as if there were no other ways in which one could be faithful or unfaithful.

Today we will keep in mind the month of Haymoon (July). There is no traditional Blot or festival at this time of the year. I believe that this is because our ancestors where in the middle of great work in the fields, with the animals, hunting, fishing, gathering and preparing for the things. so on this day I remind myself that this a time to store and prepare for the times of the year when things may be leaner then now when things are in plenty.
December (Yule, Ærre-Giuli, Hrutmanudhr , Jól, Jul, Yuletide) 26th
Sixth Night of Yule
Some believe, Sacred to Eir and Healing

"Hail Eir! Hail the Handmaiden of Frigga! Good Goddess of Speedy Healing!
“Hail to the gods! Ye goddesses, hail, And all the generous earth! Give to us wisdom and goodly speech, And healing hands, life-long. Sigrdrifumol.
Hail Eir."
- Dave and Sandi Carron with Ravencast - The Asatru Podcast

On this day take the time to keep in mind your health and the health of your loved ones. Taking care  of ourselves and those close to us through out the year is important not only to life but also to our ancestry. Keep in mind the ideas of eating well, moderation and self preservation.

On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Discipline. In any discussion of the values of Asatru, discipline is best described as self-discipline. It is the exercise of personal will that upholds honor and the other virtues and translates impulse into action. If one is to be able to reject moral legalism for a system of internal honor, one must be willing to exercise the self-discipline necessary to make it work. Going back to my earlier criticism of society, if one rejects legalism, one must be willing to control ones own actions. Without self-discipline, we have the mess we all too often see in our culture.

Today we will keep in mind the month of Midyear (June) and Midsummer. The summer solstice was second only to Yule in importance to the ancient Northmen. It is also a time for general merriment and, in the Scandinavian countries, many of what we know as the traditional May Day rituals, such as May Poles and Morris Dances, were celebrated at Midsummer rather than in May. This was the traditional time for holding the Allthing in ancient times, so the day is dedicated to Tyr, the God of Justice and Order. As we pass through the longest day and the shortest night of the year, it is also appropriate to meditate on the good things of life. Asatruar remember "Balder the Beautiful" at this time and also honor the Sun (Suna) itself.