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Scootaloo fursuit/cosplay with Rainbow Dash

Here's my Scootaloo fursuit that I made.  This is the picture I wanted ever since I started the project, Scootaloo looking up at Rainbow Dash.

Picture is from Bronycon 2017 at the fursuit photo shoot.  I don't know who the Rainbow Dash fursuiter is.

Some info on the fursuit itself (Scootaloo): I made it with help from krysto2012 who made his own Bon Bon fursuit before.

It was about $400 worth of materials, including a plastic head base from AtalontheDeer.  Also I used Atalon's partial Scootaloo for reference:…

The cutie marks are from EthePony via Etsy.
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Hello! I'm making a fursuit of rainbow dash out of paper/glue instead of plastic. how do you breath in your's? is the temperature suitable with the whole costume?
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Hi, just saw this.  Mine is a plastic shell head that has good space for airflow.  I have a fan in the muzzle right in front of my face.  It gets hot but not unbearable, I would guess it reaches about 105° F.  I can go up to about two hours without overheating.

The central hub for MLP fursuiters is on Facebook, search for the group named mlpfursuiters.  Everyone there will have advice and examples.
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