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There was a time when Lars, Steve, Fuzzy, and Thora were just four little bunnies living on an island free from dangers, troubles, worries, or anything adventurous. It was this lack of adventures that bothered Fuzzy, so he convinced his fellow bunnies to build a boat and set sail! Together, these four rabbits will search for treasures, food, and more as they also search for their own claim in the history books of The Great Sea. What other animals will they encounter? What great treasures will they find? What kinds of troubles will they manage to get into? Follow the adventures of The Viking Bunnies and see for yourself! Keep an eye out for great parodies too, like Ghostbusters, The Wizard of Oz, The A-Team, Lost, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Legend of Zelda, and so much more!


I cannot stop creating. Creating is just what I was born to do. I started creating when I was in first grade when I would stay in during recess and write, which to this day has not stopped. When Final Cut Pro came out long ago, those writings found their way into videos. I made my first "movie" in 2000 before I graduated from high school. Since Youtube did not exist yet, I had to find another way to get my videos online, thus Web Design became a hobby as well. Broadcast Television first started in 2001 when I began making cable access shows. I learned the basics of Animation from Arthur Clokey himself (creator of Gumby) in 2003. Flash Cartoons first surfaced in 2004 and were soon followed by Flash Games. After chasing the dream for a bit, I began working for NBC and was Nominated for an Emmy in 2010. Finally, in 2012, I created The Viking Bunnies and landed an agent who is trying to sell them to a major publisher as you read this. Whether it is videos, screenplays, cartoons, skits, children's books, novels, graphics, games, television shows, websites, or commercials, one thing is certain: I will never stop creating.

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Never expected to see a children's book about Viking Bunnies, so I had to put together a post about it! It's just a quick little thing, but if you're interested, it's here:…

I wish you a ridiculous amount of sales!