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Pokemon Poster

By Viking011
NOTICE: If you see this for sale on ANY website, it is NOT me or approved by me! It is someone else who is making money off my work (it is also illegal). Please do not support them! I am HAPPY to give you the poster for FREE!

This is a full-sized poster (24 x 34.5 inches) including every single pokemon from ALL generations I-VI (for my previous poster with gens I-V see:…. Each was meticulously hand drawn in photoshop. There are 721+ pokemon in total, plus some different pokemon forms, the famous glitch pokemon from Gen I, and even one shiny.

This project originally took me 18 months to complete, originally started as a small birthday present for my younger brother. I then went back in 2014 and added the 69 or so new pokemon from Generation 6, which took another month. Each character took about an hour each in photoshop to hand draw, then scan onto the computer, and then re-draw and color in photoshop by mouse/keyboard, and adjust/resize as needed to make them all fit perfectly. I used a combination of official and unofficial poses (just the pose concept was used, NOT others' artwork - they were all free-handed on my own), and many of my own poses for this compilation. Currently in my .psd file there are over 1,500 layers (about two for each character) and my computer runs at a snails pace with the file open.

Big thanks to Xous54, Mr. Sugimori, and the TCG for inspiration on several of the different poses. Be sure to check out their original work - great stuff. And thanks to TPP for keeping me company while working on it!
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© 2014 - 2021 Viking011
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Hi I was wondering if i could use this image for a hood wrap on my pokemon car

Hey Viking, i really do like your workur. wocCould you please send a copy to my E-mmail adress?

thank you alot.

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Hello Viking, could you please send a copy to my mail? Incredible work :D Truly a masterpiece

Hello! Can you send a copy to my mail?

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!

Incredible art, would you be able to send it to

Would love a copy of the file to print for my kid.

Amazing! My son will go crazy when i print this for him. Can you send it to me please?

jirobosma (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Wow. Beautiful! my son would be so inspired if he had this on his wall. Please send it to you are so talented 🤩

this is brilliant please could you send it to my son would love this!

Hi !

I would love to give your poster as a gift this christmas.

This is my e-mail:

Hoping to receive the file :)

Hi, I'm new here but I have a question? Can this be converted to an svg? Or how can I go about purchasing this file for a gift for someone?

Thank you !

Hi, your work is amazing ! Can we have a hight resolution copy for my little sister chrismas? :)


Geoffrey.Emmanuel at hotmail . Com

Sorry the website dont want my Email adress

Thank you so much

This is amazing! by any chance may I have a copy of the file?

Great job!

Thanks so much! You are gonna make a friend of mine so happy!

my son would love this

can we please get it hi res


Do you still share the image to make a poster? Had to ask this from my son who absolutely loves this

Hi, I'd love to buy this for my little boy who's a huge Pokemon fan- could you please let me know?

Hi Viking, can I please buy this wonderfull drawing as a poster? Please let me know: Greetings from Amsterdam, Maggie

hi! that is awesome! can i get a high resolution copy for this?


Hey! Could you please email me the high resolution for this?

My email is:

Please can I request a copy, I've loved pokemon ever since I was younger and this is exactly what I've been looking for. Your artwork is incredible.

My email:

This artwork is incredible! I would love to have a high res version without watermark!

My email:

Hi Viking011 I would love to make a surprise to my son and make him a wall sticker from your amazing Pokemon poster. Could you send me the poster in high resolution to my mail ? you would make a little boy really happy ! Thanks in advance !

Hi Viking011! This is really amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work! Can I also please get the high res version?


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