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NOTE: Apologies, due to people trying to sell my work on ebay, I have had to add a watermark. I apologize, as this detracts from the poster istelf.
The title of the piece is “Good Friends/Bad Friends”, named after the ending song during the credits. In this piece is every single enemy and boss sprite from the game (not including color palette swaps/clones). Also included is friends/allies, such as the Hint Man, Weapons Dealer, and Apple Kid. Yes, even the white and black sesame seeds. Altogether, there is 141 characters in this piece. Each character, depending on size and complexity, took me from 1-3 hours. I took the utmost caution in paying attention to detail. You see, I wanted this to reflect the way I remembered earthbound as a kid. So I wanted the characters to reflect the game sprites as closely as possible, but have my own little touch of personality and style.
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I don't know why, but I think Lemon Demon's song "Touch-Tone Telephone" fits perfectly with this.