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Animal Crossing Poster - Every villager painted

By Viking011
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A 48x16" poster containing every single Animal Crossing: New Leaf villager (all 333) and characters! All digitally hand-painted (zoom in!). This project took a good two years of working on and off to finally finish, and turned into a kind of "Where's Waldo" piece. With that in mind, the poster is filled with as many flowers, items, bugs, and features as I could fit in. Here is a quick look at the town filling up from start to finish:
Some things I managed to stick in there somewhere: 4 human players, the 3 different lost items, 5 dig spots, 3 hide-and-seek villagers, gold nugget, coelecanth, bugs (including ladybug, snail, dung beetle, walking stick, dragonflies, mole cricket, centipede,moths, grasshopper and locust, and beetles and butterflies), nearly every flower variety (including the golden rose), elegant mushroom, a birthday, character emotions and a sick villager, the lost kitten Katie, and more.
Hope you enjoy! As always, leave a comment or send me a PM if you would like a copy. If you would like to order a poster, I have created an account at Red Bubble (seller name: viking011). Thank you!
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This... this is incredible.:wow: rvmp

I admit I thought you just did a copy/paste thing, but, no, you legit drew everything. That’s amazing. I don’t think I’d have the patience or dedication to attempt to draw something this ambitious. I greatly enjoyed looking at every detail and trying to spot my villagers and all the NPCs.

Everything looks so vibrant and detailed and well drawn. Wow, two years. Well, I must say, your hard work definitely shows and has paid off. I don’t think I can say enough about this piece. Bravo and well done.:clap: :clap:

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please let us download this... it's too good to be on the internet... i want it in REAL LIFE

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That's awesome! What a great idea!

I found almost all of my villagers, but I can't find Sprocket, Spike, and Carrie.

But on the plus side, it looks like Redd is finally about to get busted for selling stolen art and forgeries.

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Wow... The quality is amazing ! 😍
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I’m curious as to why Isabelle isn’t with tom nook and villager?

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This is downright amazing but I can't find Tasha one of my dreamies :c I found all the others!! I love Phoebe standing over Katie just like a big sister would!!!!

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beautiful, loved it!

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Animal crossing all stars

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I zoomed in to find all of my faves

I LOVE THIS Heart Love

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This is amazing!!!
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you DO have everyone even KIKI !

Kiki NL
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But where's Wisp?

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This is fantastic. If there is still a way to get this as a poster, I will buy that without hesitation.

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Can you send this to me in a higher Resolution?
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Can we still buy a poster of this? I didn't see it available on Redbubble. Would love to buy one!
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OMG! Just amazing and incredible! The amount of work that went into making it I can't imagine:faint:
Amazing work! :clap:

Will another smaller piece be made that includes the Sanrio cards and van villagers amiibo cards later?
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Do you know how many new ones were added from those? I could simply add them to this picture :)
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Images of the sanrio ones, there were it seems only six…

There are 50 new villagers that are only acquired through the new amiibo van cards.
There's a full photo of every card on this site, but you must be a member to see them.…

I sincerely thank you and my hat off to you in admiration as a fellow artist, as this piece is just incredible.
I've enjoyed playing this game since it came out for the GameCube, but it really takes love and passion to have created this. :heart:
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Thank you!! <3

56 is a lot of new characters...! Not necessarily to draw, but to try to squeeze in here somewhere, haha. But perhaps a good challenge.

Thank you again for your support!!
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You're welcome.
With little space left seems next to impossible. If you ever get it done, please do let me know.
You can "blame" Nintendo and their amiibo creations. They wanted to keep expanding the game until the release of the next one.
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