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Not gonna miss

Big thanks to :iconkiva-sama: for sending me all those amazing photos.
Whee Christmas, I hate Christmas xD It's a very sad holiday for me. To make things worse I'm sick x_x having a good time indeed.
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Wow, beautiful work!!
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The sunset looks wonderful.
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WOW!!  That is amazing work!!! Very C(O_O)L!!!!!!  How long did this piece take???
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Uwielbiam tą pracę więc musiałam dodać ją do Made in Poland#2 - Featured! [ENG/PL] :heart:
Twórz dalej ! :heart:
pozdrawiam :blackrose:
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This is a very beautiful sunset scenery!!!

I love all the details and the lighting
very playful....(^_^)
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I am loving all the details in this - fun characters and a fantastic setting - thank you!
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Bardzo ładna praca, z pewnych względów sprawia, że robi mi się smutno. Jest taka nostalgiczna i przywołuje u mnie wspomnienia. :)
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To tło jest namalowane?! Jezusmaria :heart:
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powinnam jeszcze na tym posiedzieć ale yyyh brak czasu x_x
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Żeby się ruszało, chyba XD
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It's a very love image, gently poignant, wonderful light, great characters and evocative.  I hope some day Christmas is a day to which you look forward.
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I love the scene you've captured here, especially the playful innocence of the children and doggie!
There's just one little thing bugging me: while the tree silhouettes are beautifully detailed, I think the level is too much and doesn't match the style of the rest of the picture. Also being in the background they should have less detail. That aside, this picture is amazing and gives me so many feelings!
I'm sorry Christmas is a bad time for you, so happy new year instead!
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Yes, you're right, I'm going to work on it a bit more. Thank you for your comment!
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I was like: oh, it's another photo--WHAT THE HOLY CHEESECAKES! 

such level of realism with the trees @_@...
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This is gorgeous. So beautiful I can't even---

I'm sorry to hear you're sick though, I hope you feel better soon! Q_Q
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Nieźle :D Zdjęcie na Zawodziu robione?
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TOŻ TO JAK ZDJĘCIE WYGLĄDA Q____Q to niebo i drzewa...światło...WSZYSTKO Q__Q :heart:
jak zwykle niesamowita praca, jest piękna!
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lovely scenery! Those trees look so real *_*
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Beautiful picture. I hope you feel better and have a great Christmas this time around. <3
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wow this is truly awesome!! Q__Q
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