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So 1000+ photos I owned from 2005-2007 are gone. Memories. I am irritated to the max. My wireless adapter was broken so I had to send my effing laptop to HP. And they said they had to 'remove big files'. Oh my gawd. I'm still blaming myself for not backing up my files before sending it. Now memories are gone. Whatever. I'll make new ones. No use being upset about it now.

Junior year schedule.

homeroom - shinozuka

semester one.
1)   ceramics i - uchida
2)   advanced physics - porter
3)   AP lang/comp - lockwood
4)   pre-calculus H - kula
5)   AP US history - vincent
6)   church history - plourde
7)   spanish iii H - slate

semester two.
1)   ceramics ii - uchida
2)   advanced physics - porter
3)   AP lang/comp - lockwood
4)   pre-calculus H - kula
5)   AP US history - vincent
6)   social justice - valdez
7)   spanish iii H - slate

I'm pretty fine with my schedule. Lmao.
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=) Doing what ChiDark's doing. Sophomore year. =D

Period 1: Spanish II Honors -- Senora Shinozuka
Period 2: Christology -- Mr. Plourde
Period 3: Dance Technique -- Ms. Summers
Period 4: English 10 Honors -- Mrs. Isaacs
Period 5: Chemistry -- Mrs. Porter
Period 6: Algebra II Honors -- Ms. Alencastre
Period 7: AP History of Art -- Mrs. Ogata

Info on teachers:
Senora Shinozuka-- Started teaching last year. She's Japanese. =) Her accent isn't as good as the other Spanish teachers, but she's reallllyyy nice. She can get very boring when she can't explain certain things in English, but a lot of people get A's in her class. Easy A.

Mr. Plourde-- Omg. Has been teaching in SHA for what, 30 years? Mr. Plourde's very experienced. Very strict too. First impression: scary. I was sitting in English class last year, beside his class, and he SCREAMS. "AAHHHHHH!!!!". We all heard it and we were like, "omg . I hope I don't have him next year." But yeah. He's funny. Now that we know him. He makes us think hard. =) He challenges our opinions too. He teases the other religion teachers about how 'religious' they are when they say, "Jesus loves you. You should love him back." =) He does pretty good imitations. He has received the most education on theology in our school, even more than the sisters.

Ms. Summers-- We don't know her much. But she's nice. Like realllyyy nice. She's an experienced dancer. =) I like her class. It's like a cruise class, but we also have fun dancing.

Mrs. Isaacs-- Omg, I love her. She makes such witty comments. Like when someone in the class says something stupid, she'll look at her and be like, "Did you just come out of the mental hospital?" So funny. She has been in SHA longer than Mr. Plourde has. She's experienced. Very good teacher. But can be intimidating. She calls on people without giving them warning. When she calls on someone, that someone will just freeze and spend too long thinking of what to say because of how scared she will get. Everyone wants her to teach everything. She taught French before, but quit because she got too busy. She teaches Journalism for the school newspaper and for the yearbook. She also does photography for the school. =)

Mrs. Porter-- Good teacher. =) Nice, too. But when you don't do your work, she's mean. She has a very loud voice. Haha.

Ms. Alencastre-- An 'okay' teacher. She's nice. But I like Mr. Cantley more 'coz he was cool like that. Everyone didn't like him because of how strict he is and how tricky his quizzes and tests are, but he makes you think more by not stating the given. Ms. Alencastre requires you to do EVERYTHING and states the given, making things super easy for you. It's like Alg2 (H) isn't even an honors class.

Mrs. Ogata-- Omg. Ewwww. Double ewww. she's been teaching for a while, but everyone HATED her. She would act all nice and all 'don't worry about it', but when she grades the papers, BOOM. F's come in. She's very forgetful. When the class complain about something, she listens to herself. We don't like her. =( She shouldn't be chosen to teach a college-level class. It's like we're her guinea pigs because it's her first time teaching THIS subject.