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On fluttering wings they fly.I am forgotten. By all.But the butterfly.A voice carries on the wind.I am a muse? I scoff.Shh. It whispers. Your story is about to begin.Chosen by the Goddess Thetis.With a mother's heart and immortals pain.Become my son's shield; she begs with a kiss.Giving in to her plea, her son bathed in Yarrow's green stocks.A demigod boy, and tiny white flowers.An unlikely friendship. Unknown and unorthodox.Hoping to mend and heal all cuts. Yarrow made a shield.Wishing to spare harm to the boy; Achilles.Yarrow's abilities astounded his friend. Such ability to heal!Though remembered a hero. A warrior. A fighter.Not a helm of metal he should don but a crown of yarrow.Should not you recall the healer? And the wrongárighter?On the battle field. The healers flew.With green feathered leaves.He. They. Saved limbs. Made lives burn anew.Like all good things, it soon came to an end.Death came in unseen blow, parting the friends.Breaking the heart of Yarrow; it was allátoo mucháto comprehend.Lost in a sea of warriors and Gods.Yarrow laid forgotten.Consider a weed. A fake. A healer fašade.Wilted and weak. Yarrow went to sleep.Thetis then carried Yarrow away in her bosom, through the depths of her father seas.To a place with new faces, families to care for and to keep.Yarrow became a silent hero. Lining pockets with hope.Healing the carpenter's, the children, the old, and the weak.Even in a new world, with Yarrow they could manage;they could cope.Times changed, and laid Yarrow; forgotten once again.Or is he...But a hero's wonder? Waiting to begin again?Yarrow remained silent, and still.Not a stock moved as he stared out, and thought.Perhaps his intentions were not all lost?You heal cuts, save lives from blood loss;Heal headaches, help with births; speak to spirits.You're much more than one person can stumble across.You bring people together in word, and in art.Voiced the echo in the wind.You are a hero, a friend, an Úlite; you do more than your part.You know what I speak is true.Then gone was the voice, the echo of words, and the pictured warrior.Alone, but not alone in his meadow; he felt renewed.He would persistBetween found, and lost. Between weed and healer.He would survive. He would persist.
:iconpsto1464:psto1464 2 0



One of my favorite healing herbs, very common in many areas worldwide.
Its botanical name Achillea millefolium comes from the Greek hero Achilles, having the same almost mythical strength.

My drawing is part of collaboration with psto1464 for…

Hopefully the herb of yarrow fulfills the theme Beauty in the Mundane.

I must say that I have never participated in artistic collaboration before.
And I didn't know any candidate to pair with, but I was extremely lucky.
In very first days Amarantheans gave me psto1464 to try pairing with.
And it was jackpot for me! I met deep understanding, creative approach and positive feedback. Thanks for this amazing experience!

I would recommend collaboration experience to everybody, it moves art to higher or at least different level.

You can see the poem Yarrow by psto1464 here:
I believe you will like it :-)
Rose of my heart
Among a wide range of roses and others species in the Rosaceae family, hawthorn (Crataegus) is my top. Many call it weed, complain about ugly smell of blossoms, but everybody runs for help to hawthorn in case of heart weakness.

We have two opportunities a year when to appreciate hawthorn - beautiful white or white-pink blossoms in the spring, and tasty red berries in the autumn.

In my place, hawthorn is going to bloom just now! :-)

made by colored pencils and black liner, format A4
my technique of blending colors in dozens layers took me over 30 hours
Inspired by the rococo period
This is my entry for unique contest "Generate your own prompt".
I've been sent to the rococo period of time which isn't my favorite one.
Anyway it wasn't easy to be cool with tons of powder and artificial hair, which decorations often looked more alive than the faces beneath. So my inspiration came quickly in the most easiest form.
Thanks for the opportunity to travel through history.

The exact prompt was: Be inspired by the rococo period of art.
Generated today, April 11th.
Made by black liner and colored pencils.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

As I was born and grown in the communist Czechoslovakia behind the “iron curtain”, I didn’t have a clue about Patrick’s Day for a long period of time. We’ve been taught and brainwashed about great soviet heroes and holidays instead.

Fortunately, we were allowed to keep some of the old myths, legends and fairy tales as well, especially if they didn’t sound too religious. And so we got the hidden wisdom through elves, fairies, witches and other fairy-tale beings.

One of those mythical characters is Vodyanoy - a completely green creature that rules over the waters. Because we don’t have a sea in my country, Vodyanoy usually lives in ponds, lakes or deep river bays. He looks elegant, prefers green or red top hat and has a tailcoat, from which the water is always dripping. We really have a lot of stories where Vodyanoy appears. Some Vodyanoys are good or cute, others are evil and scary, but you can easily recognize them because of green color and water, dripping from their clothing.

The reason, why the Vodyanoy myths came back to me in these days, was the last prompt of the Core group. The challenge was to draw a green picture in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day. I tried to fulfill my intention, celebrating the Irish heritage. I drew for hours but the mind didn’t flow in the Irish mood at all. So much green has caused to me to see more Vodyanoy, sitting in a really green pond.

I would say that no matter how many things you learn in life, cultural roots remains with you for ever.

Thanks for reading and warm greetings to all Irish people! 🍀

With love, Ivana
Happy St. Patrick's day! by vikaherbs


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Czech Republic
I wouldn't call myself an artist, I only have a tension to put my feelings down on paper, using common color pencils. My drawings are either abstract or childish naive, in both cases help me to clean the overloaded mind. Occasionally, the drawing process serves me as a kind of prayer, filling my spirit by love and happiness.


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