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:iconviixens:viixens posted a status
i hate being a girl who mainly likes to talk to/hang out with guys more than girls because whenever i try to become friends with a guy either
a. they start flirting with me and then stop talking to me when i tell them i'm taken
b. ppl start to assume i'm tryna cheat on my bf just because i'm talking to another guy
c. ill hang out with them and they'll try to Make A Move and it's awkward as fuck
d. they'll think I'M flirting and start giving me shit because i have a boyfriend
ppl say the whole "girls and boys cant just be friends!" thing is over but it really isnt because its SO hard finding guys to just be friends with because theres always gonna be someone who tries to make it romance-related
s m h

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MrsGunsoul Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, people are different when it comes to defining what's flirting and what's not.
Girls and guys can be friends, of course, but if you're taken you may want to (or more like need to) phrase that out and actually mention your boy-/girlfriend sometimes.

I like to think that my boyfriend and I are the perfect example of what different people do and do not consider flirting. I have no problem keeping people, whatever gender they may be, as friends and I like to think it's because I keep the boundaries set and still I have two guys and one androgynous girl as best friends. I realize that giving out an excessive amount of compliments may be and most often is considered flirting, whereas my boyfriend clearly does not. He keeps wondering why almost none of his new friendships with girls ever work out, and I've had to tell and explain to him way too many times that of course overly complimenting every single picture she puts online or shows you and you keeping telling her how much fun she is to be around and stuff like that — without ever even mentioning that you have a girlfriend just because "it never came up" (who on Earth would even ask nowadays if someone has a boy-/girlfriend?) — that it's gonna make those "Hahah, yeah!" messages into "Ahhh I'm so glad you like it bby [insert kiss/heart smiley here]" ones.

I dunno if that seemed rant-ish, I didn't mean for it to, but anyway. :'D People are different. With some you really need to be strict in the sense of telling them to stay a few feet off because that few feet wide area around you is reserved for someone else.

But hey, if they don't wanna be with you when you tell them you have a boyfriend, it's not your loss; They wouldn't have made too shabby boyfriends either, even if they wanted to, because your S.O. also needs to be one of your best friends. =p
quietkill Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Student General Artist
Omfg thats such bs
One of my best buddies is a guy and everyone was like "are you dating ??" and I said no and they were all like "OH MY GOD YOUVE BEEN FRIENDZONED" (//vomiting noises I hate that term) to my friend like ??? He doesnt want to date me ???
viixens Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016
ive had that said to me at least once about almost every guy friend i've ever had (not counting the ones who r gay)
quietkill Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Student General Artist
Its so dumb :I
Im gay too so like ??? Gross ??
folcs Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
same with girls tbh
teliom Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016
ME SAME HERE OMFG  which makes me sad?? cause guys are duper chill and most of the time we connect better just cause of interests n such
but if feels like every time i actually get close to a guy they start doing this shit and im like?? cant we??? just be friends??? wtf?? i wanna give up sometimes TBH 
viixens Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2016
theres this one guy from my school that ive been talking to lately and he said he wanted to hang out with me sometime, and hes super chill & we have stuff in common so i really want to, but at the same time i cant tell if hes tryna flirt or not??? like im afraid ill hang out with him and then he'll try to make a move or something.
he knows i have a bf but some guys have No Chill
its frustrating tbh
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