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:iconviixens:viixens posted a status
i want a fursuit SO bad but ik if i made one/got one and my irl friends saw it theyd be like "WHAT the fuck!!!!!!! thats so WEIRD i didnt know u were THAT type of furry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but like idk i just think fursuits are so cute and they look like theyd be fun to walk around in and stuff! but i know if i got one my friends would see me SO differently (theyd probably think i was a yiffer or something). also im poor

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MrsGunsoul Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My youngest sis just made and finished herself a partial suit :) When you make it yourself it doesn't cost that much because you only pay for the materials, not the work hours. :)

I doubt your friends would think of you that way. If they really are your friends they don't care about whichever you are anyway because they know you and are your friends. Pals and buddies are a whole different category, friends accept you as who you are and you don't need to be scared of silly things like these around them.
Of course you can always bring up the subject to them, like "These are cool, it would be nice to get one" and then see what they say.

Some of my friends thought it was a little weird when I started drawing anthros. I just pointed out that I love Robin Hood and Madagascar and stuff like that and they were just like "Oh yeah right, didn't remember those movies existed, derp, they are good" and *poof* it was all okay. : )
quietkill Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2016  Student General Artist
I think so too but loads of people I know are really judgey about them ;;
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