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:iconviixens:viixens posted a status
i never know what name i wanna get called anymore.
like when people on the internet (mostly tumblr & deviantart) call me brandi (my birth name) i feel so weird like.. "why are you calling me that? why arent you calling me river?" but then when people irl call me river its the other way around... mostly because a lot of irls dont know i like being called river but... at the same time i kinda dont wanna tell them cuz i feel like it'd be weird anyway? IDK i cant picture being called river irl unless it's by a completely new group of friends that have no connection to me & my other irl friends... or by someone i met online. but when someone online calls me brandi it feels weird af too....(unless its on fb cuz my name on there is literally Brandi Wentz) idk just a random rant Sorry

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