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:iconviixens:viixens posted a status
Skipping school is bad tho. Don't do it. Stay in school kids

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Lojla Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2016
I know right... I did a bad thing and left school for over a month without telling my parents and... This was the worst thing I did in my whole life? My parents are dissapointed and most of my classmates are incredible assholes and keep laughing of my and my bad grades and any of my fucking teachers don't want to help me with all that shit uh...
viixens Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2016
Same! Literally... I left school for 3-4 months... Worst mistake I've ever made. My grades are beyond repair and people keep teasing me in class. I'm definitely staying back next year, matter how hard I try not to. But I'm being forced to go back for the rest of the year even though there's basically no point of even going... It's so stressful and tiring.. I keep skipping class because of stress which is making everything worse but I feel like I have no choice because there's some classes I literally can NOT handle at all. I'm going to try a lot harder next year but if I can't I'm honestly considering dropping out and getting my GED tbh. It's hard to explain to adults too, not much of them really understand, my mom is the only one who does because she has social anxiety and ADHD just like me, so she went through some of the same shit (but high school was easier on her so she hasn't had all of the same problems)
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