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The Tutor is OUT - THIS IS THE FAQ

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Published: May 30, 2016
© 2016 - 2019 VIIStar

Faq #1: NO you DO NOT have my permission to copy my artwork digitally.  





Clay used: Super Sculpey, Firm Sculpey, Epoxy. 
Armature: steel wire in various gauges. tooling foil, K&S square and round brass tubes and stainless tubes - is a good place to look for the brass.
Cork: various sizes, round, agglomerated Gotta pimp my source.
Smoothed: Smooth wood tools, fingers, 99% isopropyl alcohol, sandpaper, white modelers putty (filler), thick primer, soft brushes to paint.
Paint: Krylon primer flat white spray and Golden Acrylics. 
Finished: matte - satin - gloss canned polyurethane (water based - not a spray), plastic rods Wood plaques as bases.

Examples are here:…

90% of all questions(the 'Brand of the Thing' questions) are answered by reading the FAQ ABOVE.


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ShadowLeafNinjaHobbyist General Artist
I do have a question regarding the Epoxy, Sculpey and the wiring amature (with the bronze tubes) how are the sculptures primed? or baked? Do you let them air dry or bake in the oven? ABecuase after I use the magic sculpt do I let it air dry or is there a specific process? and then with the super sculpey do I bake it with the wiring and magic sculpt epoxy? I would like to know because the directions on the super sculpey said to bake it at a certain temperature but I don't know how it will react to the magic sculpt or the mature wire figure....what do I do
ShadowLeafNinja's avatar
ShadowLeafNinjaHobbyist General Artist
Im lost with the tools, I tried to see what metal pegs you used for the wings, and the base of the floating figures such as star fire and winx club, both of which are amazing. what type of epoxy (there are a few types) could you repost the tools again the link is lost...and what is tooling foil, I know of aluminum or tin foil...and when I saw your post about the wings I saw you talked about the foil, wire and glue for the transparent part, wondering what did you use to make the wings transparent without the weight overtaking the figure? and what glue and foil did you use? 
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I thought you couldn't use spray/aerosol on super sculpey. I'm confused 🤔
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for the primer?  I use it all the time, both krylon and rustoleum.  Never had an issue with adhesion or anything else.
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The link for Cork dosent work ^^’
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I fixed it, but it's just to, you can type it into your browser too.
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WakettinaStudent Filmographer
Why don't you make a book, real or digital, with all the process and tutorials and sell that? I'm sure that a lot of people are interested, me first of all!
VIIStar's avatar
Excellent.  And who will make sure I can pay my rent while I'm taking all that time to write a book instead of working?  Those things don't instantly come out of nowhere, and I certainly don't have the money to take a few months off to do it.  And considering how uninterested people are in paying a little bit for access to a professional to get a specific answer there is 0 real interest on both sides in me making that effort.  The last line in the description kind of sums it up.  ^^

I'm certain there are other artists out there that have written books/tutorials that can get you what you need.  There is really no difference between me and other sculptors when it comes to basic techniques for beginners.  :]
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WakettinaStudent Filmographer
Well, maybe you can do a kickstarter project, and do it when the goal is reached. I understand you are not convinced about, since seems no one want to pay for a single question, but people could feel insecure about that. It's just strange, paying for a single question than pay for a book or simply just a tutorial, with illustration and description. Maybe a lot of different tutorials, each one talking about a specific thing, with a little prewiew and downloandable only paying. But it's just an idea, I don't want to force you doing something you don't want
VIIStar's avatar
A kickstarter assumes there is interest, and I've not seen any of that.  I don't plan on wasting time setting up a campaign if I don't think there's a chance of it being successful.  I live on a razor's edge as it is.

I mean if they're insecure about me answering a paid question, then why would they trust me to write a book or tutorials?  I think there is truth in that no matter what I charged for a question, no one values the information enough to pay for it.  The moment I charged anything to answer their questions suddenly google was more appealing.  

I thought about making pdf tutorials, but knowing that people would just buy one and then spread it around for free kinda shot that down.  I just don't see a positive on my end for doing all that work.  I'm content just being an artist, so without any real interest I'll just stick with how I'm doing now.
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NaharinStudent Interface Designer
I'd buy it! I love being able o see how artist work and the thought process behind things. But then again I am an art student myself and understand where you are coming from  when it comes to time and works. Maybe you could do private live streams for your patreon people that are in a certain tier level. That way they can see hand on how you work and then if they have a question can do the above?

Also I love your art it makes me want to do sculpture again!~Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
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DawnsRisingStudent Digital Artist
I actually like this quite a bit actually. It cuts down on silly questions that could be answered with research and delves into more of the important aspects. I like this a lot!
VIIStar's avatar
Me too - and it's done what it's meant to do, which is prevent the 1000 word questions I used to get in my inbox ^^  You'd be surprised how fast people remember google exists once real money is involved!

And it's definitely meant to be access to and help from a professional, rather than the 'what brand of x do you use' questions ^^
DawnsRising's avatar
DawnsRisingStudent Digital Artist
I bet haha!  If more people remembered google is their best friend when researching, there would be 1,000x less lag of the inbox rather than having to sift through tons of repeat questions and you could really get down to business with true questions that need to be answered. Like commission's and such.

True true! Such an ingenious way to word and implement this system! OwOb
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This is so true.  

There's this strong vibe now that just because an artist is online that they want to be a tutor too.  I kind of blame patreon and sites like it for making an environment where artists are expected 24/7 to cater to hobbyists and not just clients - where recently I've been told to write a book or produce tutorials so. many. times.  As if they just poof into existence with no time or effort by me, who would in the end be shouldering all of the time and cost of creating such things. To be expected to produce all of my knowledge into an ever cheaper consumable, because to them that knowledge really has no value.  The idea that my own techniques, materials knowledge, and experiments are valuable to me because they set me apart from other artists and competitors doesn't seem to register at all... even though after absorbing it, you could go on to sell your own work and make money (without the effort, time, or cost of the learning that generated those techniques in the first place).

Now that I write it out it sounds bitter, but in the end I just want to be an artist.  I've done my time teaching after grad school, and I started sculpting so late in my life that now all I want to do is make work ^u^
DawnsRising's avatar
DawnsRisingStudent Digital Artist
That's very true, and very sad. I'd rather see something and if I like it enough try to do it on my own rather than be a copy-cat and copy someone's hard work, time and effort. I'd like to take pride in myself as well as know that I created this, that I spent all that time, money, and hard work to make something truly unique in this world that has my essence in it. I very much understand where you're coming from. I don't like showing everything I do to people so they can copy it like a copy machine and produce the same work without the heart I put in it and eventually take me out of the equation and claim it as their own style. That just really saddens me when that happens. I look at tutorials but I always add my own heart into it no matter what I do. I know my work as well as many others have a lot of work into cutting their mark into the world with our own unique style but it's an on going study, life, and adventure.

It sounds like it came from your heart and honestly too. I don't think it sounds bitter, just what you feel on the inside. You can read a sentence but hear none of the emotion from the human behind the screen in which it was written. Each person has their own way of putting their emotion into the words on paper (or this case screen) that you have no control over.

You taught sculpting? That's so neat! You sound like you're calling yourself old when you said "Sculpting so late in my life". Your life is not defined by years, it's just cut short with them. That's how I look at it anyway : )
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Bilongui General Artist
Well I don't like this method but I understand your reasons Hug
Hope this achieves your goal of avoiding overfloat of questions ;) (Wink)
And I'm not sure If I already asked you this....some day, but have you thought of writing a book? I'd really buy it XD
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LotharenHobbyist Digital Artist
I really don't like the way you have this set up - just being honest. Why not try pateron? You can do so much more and make money while doing it. I believe it would be a more lucrative and worth while approach than the above method. I would subscribe to you just to learn things and see your process. 

Just something to think about - I love your work but in these financially hard times I would not use this service for a 'single' question. 

Keep up the amazing work my friend!
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To each his own, I suppose.  This is less about making money and more about me not having to spend time answering questions.  

Here's the original journal post that'll explain my reasoning: Caveat Emptor, the Tutor is IN. Well, sort of?
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