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To my followers/watchers. This is a long one. The main reason I've stayed on DA this long is because of the Kebanzu group. Since the Kebanzu group has moved to Lorekeeper I no longer have a reason to post keb stuff on DA. That's mainly what I do as of late. Now the only reason I have to stay here is for my own CS group Aminaan as the character masterlist in on my other account @Aminaan-Archives... I'm sorry to say that I will no longer be posting artwork on here as often as I used to, even though I rarely post here anymore anyways. Aminaan is no longer a DA group as well, it is mosty running on Discord until I find a better place to host it. I hear is still in development and I'm hoping they finish their project. DA Eclipse has ruined my view of DA, I miss the old site with it weird green color palette and the custom profiles we used to have. Now every account looks the same. Art and uniformity do not go together DA devs. Give us a reason to buy premium memberships
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To my Commissioners! I apologize for such a long wait! Life has bee super busy lately. The co-worker I hated quit, which both good and bad, and our dishwasher had surgery and is out until next week. So it's just been me and one other waitress doing most of the work. I haven't been able to work on comms in the past 3 or 4 days. However, after Tomorrow (Thursday Aug, 12th) I'm of for the next three days (the first time in a long time I've been off for more than two days ;w; I only have Sundays off normally) and I shall work on commissions then! Thanks for your patience!
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Commission are on hold until further notice! I was bitten by a mouse and am not feeling 100% I'll do my best to complete my current commission but it may take longer than usual. Tagging commissioners: @TDLBallistic @Ikalye @cekena Check out my trello for the queue and status updates:
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Hey there! I happened to find this base on Pinterest but noticed it was no longer on your DA (that I could find), is it still available to be used? :3

ahh yeah sorry I took most of my bases down. I'm not very active on here anymore so sorry for the late reply. feel free to download the one on pinterest if you like.

Heyo, not sure how active you are on here but just thought I'd let you know the link to the khorvis discord server is expired!

Heyo! Sorry about that ;; I'm not as active on here as I was before eclipse. I just don't post much anymore.

You can find a valid link on the website!

Ah actually it says that one is also expired for me :o

The one on the website shouldn't be? hmm. odd. here's a fresh link.

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Sorry to bother you, but I was wonder what happened to your canine bases?

I had downloaded one from a few months ago and was going to post my edit ( I used it for my Fursonas redesign) with a link back to the base and your DA but I cant find it? are we still allowed to post edits?