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behemoth migration


These massive predators feast on the omnivorous behemoths wandering through the undergrowth, but they will not pass up the chance of snacking on a stray Kotka that wanders too close.

Adventuring Exam
Prior to adventuring into the hazardous unknown, every Kotka must first be certified by the Adventurer's Guilde.


Certified adventurer:


Art by me (ViinciTokotas)
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Oh my goodness. This is so beautiful! The contrast that everything has with the magnificent beasts in the background highlights just how giant they are. There is such a beautiful scale in all of this that takes my breath away. And the way you made the Kotkas, it is such a beautiful technique. Thank you so much for including Crux in this, it is just so awe inspiring. I love your art so much!
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Thank you so so so much! <3 Happy to hear that you like my art and how I painted your amazing kotka ^^ (and sorry for a slow reply, got a little busy recently ;;)
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I'm sorry but this painting took all my breath away that I can't find any other words suitable for this painting
There is so much atmosphere in there!
You basically get sucked into that landscape observing those gigantic creatures with amazement in your eyes due to them being so majestic. But at the same time I feel the tension of danger inside of me. Their steps must shake the ground! 

You made an amazing painting!! I haven't seen a drawing in a long time that let me feel so many emotions at once!
I hope that your commissions (in case you do them) are priced very high, cuz this is astounding! 
ViinciTokotas's avatar
oh my, that's a huge comment indeed xD thank you so much for all the feedback, it took me a while to figure out the composition, colors and atmoshpere so i'm really glad you like that and it gave you so many thoughts <3

i had a lecture recently about how to think about putting specific feelings in concept art and i wanted to follow what i've learned
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Oh, I wish I could go to art school so I could improve my comparesment and atmosphere in my images <3
You did an amazing job!