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The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda fan art done in voxels (think of Minecraft)

Most of the modeling was done in Qubicle Constructor, it's an awesome application which I got last Xmas. Lighting and rendering was done in 3ds Max. Post processing in Photoshop.

Nintendo did a few remakes of old NES games in 3d called "3d classics". Unfortunately none of the big titles received such remakes. I wish they would do NES Zelda or Mario, I would buy those!

I'm also working on another voxel image like this, it's a scene from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
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This is really, really awesome.
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In the original 2d version, when Link raises the sword & the sword sticks 2 him, it gives the impression tat Link killed him! My brother always makes fun on this when ever he plays! It was part of the charm of this game.
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This style reminds me of 3D Dot Game Heroes, which is a homage to this great game. :D
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If only this could be a block mountable hi-res photo.
I have been looking for an image like this to block mount for my partners birthday...

thanks for the inspiration!!
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wow, this is both amazingly 3d, yet amazingly familiar at the same time. Good job.
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That's really cool. Just downloaded the first two Zelda games for my 3DS a while back.
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This should so... Be a Wii U remaster version, lol! ;D
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please Nintendo remake the game to look like this!
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this may be a little forward but...I love you.
Minecraft + Zelda =eh (minecraft game with zelda skins)
Zelda + Minecraft = Win
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Cool new take on something we all know and love! :D
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I'm currently attempting to remake the overworld on Minecraft.
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looks like a DS Game :3
chaiiro03's avatar
DS game?? Nah nah hola hola hola hola this is no DS this is the mother of the games
The NES system don't be saying it looks like some DS game cause this game is before DS this game is the one that started it all.
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ZOMG you really didn;t get what is aid di you? no it lokoks liek a 3DS REMAKE screenshot. the hell si wrogn ewith you?
chaiiro03's avatar
No disrespect, but you need spell check because I have no idea what you just wrote.
skysoul25's avatar
XD no disrespect to you but you need to stop assuming shit. I said: IT LOOKS LIKE A 3DS REMAKE SCREENSHOT! clear enough for you?
chaiiro03's avatar
you didn't say that haha you said it looks like a DS
skysoul25's avatar
oh i thoguth i put down the 3 must of missed it.
chaiiro03's avatar
See that 3 would've changed my whole response. ;D gotta recheck before you submit.
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