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Misty Town

I love old adventure games and one of my all-time favorites is Quest for Glory 4. This painting is a tribute to that awesome game! :)
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Overall, this is a stunning piece -- the only thing I can really think to say is that the man in the window on the right side of the picture looks very, very oversized in comparison to the sizing in the overall piece. i would downsize him a bit so that he doesn't look so big ^^
one more thing: i'd also add a bit more detail to everything, i feel that it would give the piece a much more realistic aura and boost the atmosphere tremendously ^^
the fog is very, very well done as well as the light cascading onto the wet ground- awesome work ^^
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Hello, I'm sorry but I have to disagree about burgomeister's (the person on the window) size, he is meant to be just huge, that's the way he was in the game. :D
But other than that I agree with the rest you said so good work. :)
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I thought the burgomeister only opened his window in the day.
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Awesome! How long did it take you to do?
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I absolutely love this! Every year I strive to play Quest For Glory through at least once with a different class character (thank you for making that possible) and I'm about to start QFG 2 now with a thief. As with many who grew up with QFG, I love 4, and I feel like you captured the atmosphere percetly here. Great job!
i think its a great picture of Mordavia, not quiet dark but getting there and the fog sweeping in. It looks great
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I audibly gasped when I saw this; it's an absolutely stunning tribute to QFG4! Oh the memories..Crying 
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Yunho that man is the Burgomeister of that town in Mordavia, if this painting was a complete original and not a tribute to QFG4, I'd agree with you completely, however that was a large man, who filled that window, and Vihola portrayed him just right.
If you are going to critique a tribute you should at least check out the reference
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This is such an amazing art piece that must of taken days or weeks to complete.  All for one town scene in Mordavia.  This game probably was the best in the series with such a grim overall feeling.  This town sort of captures the few scenes of peacefulness with the contrast of the Burglemeister.  He was an interesting character too as his father was a Paladin which you don't get that class unless you have played the third game and beat it.  The Paladin path is the best choice to choose as it gives a unique ending set up.

Anyways, I'm glad to see someone loved this game enough to get enough inspiration to do such a marvelous portrait!  This is one underrated game and story!
I really like it. I wish Quest for glory looked like this when I played it.
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Absolutely brilliant.. this is by far the best piece of QFG fan art I have EVER seen! I want to be there..

One of the QFG fan game projects should scoop you up for some atmospheric scenes!

I paid tribute to your work on my QFG Blog…
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Yes, i could imagine myself enjoying a remake with this fine art
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This is revolutionary in detail. If one could harness such artistry for making game components... Simply revolutionary.
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i randomly decided to look up Quest for glory and found this piece. i just wanted to say that its Simply breathtaking!! great job!
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I praised this painting of yours 6 years ago on the AGDI forums, and wanted to do so again : ) Several new PCs later I yet again thought of this and had to find it - and am glad you have kept it up on your DA gallery! Recently, I was just thinking about how great it is that so many classic Sierra-style games are being re-made, or new games on Kickstarter are made in homage to the series, or made by the original creators themselves!

For anyone who reads this post, look up:

Heroine's Quest (it's free!)
AGDI's free and awesome graphical remake of Quest for Glory II
King's Quest: The Silver Lining

and there's Rogue to Redemption (by the Coles!) and Mage's Initiation by Himalaya Studios...., and somewhat un-related but still awesome, Dreamfall: Chapters (Dreamfall Triology) is going to come out soon!

it is a good time for adventure games Dance! 
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OMG I need a print from this....brought me back some feelings from the 90's...
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I love it. Incredible lighting and great textures. Mordavia never looked so good!
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Wow man, just wow. You did what I was afraid to try to do - make an amazing piece of that town. Thank you so very much! :)
That is just beautiful.. I love the reflections on the ground and the mist. You captured the feel for the Shadows of Darkness game.
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Very, very cool. I'm obviously a big fan of QfG.
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Perfect painting! Such as the game!
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