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Another tribute to the Quest for Glory series. This is a dramatic scene from the first game.

Interestingly Quest for Glory 1 was originally called "Hero's Quest: So you want to be a hero?" but they had to change the name because there was an adventure board game with the same name.
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I love this piece. Its so simple but yet it shows so much character and it makes it seem like so much more is going on. The lighting is great, i love how the beam of light separates the two characters and really breaks up the background. The Darkness of the whole thing makes me want to see more. Like how the bigger character is holding something but you cant quite tell what it is. It makes the piece more interesting and leaves you thinking. The only thing that catches my attention in a sort of weird way is the small bit of pinkish red in the sky. I feel like its kind of a random color and it should maybe be used in other areas. I dunno its not that bad the more that i look at it, but over all i love this piece, im thinking about buying a print.
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Wonderfully done! Good work!
It reminds me somehow of Thor, the movie.. allthough your description says its from a game..

In spite of the axeman being far in the back you can clearly see its eager expression showing danger and you can see the bravery with a little bit of fear of the hero, this artwork shows alot of emotion..

i also love the snow and the lights in this work.
all in all this picture shows that you are gifted with a great talent and i am looking forward to seeing more by you, i bet you are having fun with this kind of art.
Good job!
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this is AWESOME, brings back memories I had from when I played QfG back in the early 90's. Your picture really does capture the emotion of this scene! Well done!
Courage you carry, but skill is scanty
Face not this foe before fiercer you fight
When I first played the game oh so many millennia ago, I thought this was such a majestic scene.

I have looked at it recently, and perhaps because I'm an adult or perhaps because modern technology has spoiled me, the majesty seemed to be missing.

You have restored the majesty in way my adult eyes and early 21st century tastes can appreciate!

Thank you.
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Another great picture from the good old series. You should start doing more Quest for Glory fanarts because these pictures you have made are just amazing!
PS - My favorite games in the series are Quest for Glory 1 and Quest for Glory 4 so those would be heavenly. :)
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This is some pretty amazing Hero's Quest art. I'd recognize this scene anywhere. Awesome.

This captures a certain feeling from my childhood. Good scene choice. Love the art!
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Wow, another one! I would have been happy to with one! I adore the lighting here, it looks so very magical and the colours you've used make me want warmer clothes. Once again you've captured the essence of the game just perfectly, the only thing missing is an enormous sack of apples!
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* I would have been happy to find one.

Sorry to double up. I hate making typos :facepalm:
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well done. it truly brings back some memories.

i used to love playing this game in it's colour version of cga :XD: what a blast. 1st rpg that got me hooked. it took me a few tries to figure out this particular problem.

i'll have to surf through your other QFG series. :D
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GREAT show of depth here!! It looks amazing! I also love that tiny hint of pink in the back to all the blue.
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I like the ambiance of this illustration
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Who did this artwork, its good?!
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I love this. Reminds me a bit of the old book illustrations by NC Wyeth. :)
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Wow, excellent lighting!
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Really nice work!
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Congratulations! Your entry has been level up to amazing gallery at :iconbestdrawings: keep up the good work! :dance:
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Wow, Paul Bunyan got old!
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great work. Love it.
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