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...something else?

Well, it's been a little over 2 months since I've started doing my "Daily Doodles" feature, and I just do not have the willpower to keep doing a doodle every single day. I do think I've produced some really great stuff, and this feature has helped motivate me to do more artwork. However, there are days where I feel unmotivated, and I just end up doing something quick, and shitty... just to get something out. That's probably not the best way to go about doing this.
Of course, I will still try to do a doodle whenever I get a good idea for one, but I will stop doing them every day, so it doesn't make sense to call them "Daily Doodles" anymore.
I haven't come up with a good replacement name yet. If you have any name suggestions, be sure to post them in the comments below.

Now, I feel this is probably an appropriate place to post the thumbnails for all 66 of the Daily Doodles I've done so far.

Sooooo, here we go!

July 2013

  Random Snakey, Wormy, Ooze-like Thing in a Top Hat by Vigorousjammer  Yellow Thing With an Arrow Stuck in His Head. by Vigorousjammer Damn Those Dirty Flies, and This Man's Big Nose by Vigorousjammer Shanky the Knife by Vigorousjammer My hair is on fire, and gravity no longer works! by Vigorousjammer

August 2013

September 2013

And that's all for now, folks! Stay tuned for the next time I post some doodles!
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Submitted on
October 1, 2013