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Group Shot - Webcomic Promotional Image 2 by Vigorousjammer Group Shot - Webcomic Promotional Image 2 by Vigorousjammer
Here's a group shot I did for my (STILL un-named) webcomic.
This is the first time I've colored Orlo and Dr. Gou
I figured I'd try and give Dr. Gou a medical green type of color scheme, but the more I look at it, the less sure I am that I like it. I may simply revert back to a white lab coat like I originally planned.
You may also notice that Dr. Gou's character design has been slightly altered. I ditched the whole shitty-looking sock thing on his head, and went with a smaller, slightly off-set brain jar (with less detail, making it a bit easier to draw over and over). I'll probably draw up another character sheet for him at some point.

I'm pretty satisfied with Orlo's color scheme. However, I'm not sure about his shirt color. I might end up changing it to some kind of dark blue. Part of me also wonders if I should make all of his clothes be ghostly-looking like his skin tone and hair (since those aren't technically clothes, and instead simply part of him that he's materializing out of thin air with his ghostly powers.) ...However, I also sort of wonder if that would make him look somewhat boring, so I decided against it.

The background is something I feel I need more practice with... but as far as backgrounds go, I tend to like this better than most of my other ones. (I actually DO like the way that little castle tower looks.)
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