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Hi, I'm V. It's not my real name - not even close - but I'm Vigilo here, and I've been other V-beginning pretentious Latin usernames elsewhere on the internet for around six years now, so V works!



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Vigilo commented on India by Vigilo
I don't remember much, though - only flashes and pieces, but it's enough for me. Yours sounds absolutely lovely - a research vessel? That sounds wonderful! Oh, I see - lucky! I haven't been 'properly' since I was nine, because of my parents wanted me to go to proper school, and so on, but I plan on it. That sounds really fantastic ... I know how it is - it's so hard to describe! You might as well try describing the big bang!

Glad to hear that - thank you! :]

Me, too. Oh - Crete? That's amazing! I have to visit all of Greece someday. Minoan archaeology - that is so wicked. Do you do archaeology? Man, that sounds out of this world. I know what you mean by the "living myth" - it's really similar in India, and so stirring. Aw.. :hug: Haha, change resistant - so are some places I know! I'm sure you'll find bits and pieces - if not all - of the Crete you remember. And I'm afraid that's something we all have to face. I don't really know how to empathise, because I go to India so often, but if I stopped visiting for five years - then I think I'd know what you mean. I really hope you visit someday, though - I'm this sure it will be all that you remember and more.

I'm glad to hear that. Enjoy your time now! :heart: That sounds like the perfect plan to me! :)
Vigilo commented on India by Vigilo
Okay. I'm going to have to bold this, because it's the only other way I can think of thanking you enough, apart from opening a thesaurus and gushing incessantly at you. But, seriously, thank you so, so much for this wonderful, heart uplifting, lovely, lovely critique! I am beyond flattered and glad, and amazed, that you enjoyed this poem. You know how it is: for a writer, that's a wonderful thing to hear; as a person, I'm sorry to hear that this made you a bit weepy. I can very easily understand having another place as your "India", so to speak (although, being the mythology geek I am, Greece is one of the best places, you lucky thing!) and I know exactly how you feel. I'm so afraid I'm going to forget everything I know and love about India, including her language.

>>> I've also lived on the sea, albeit for not very long, but it was the most beautiful thing in the world, so I really felt a connection with your poem, thank you so much for sharing it.
You have? When, where, how? Tell me more!
I haven't been on it for long either. I'm not sure. My parents say that we've lived on about twenty seven odd container ships before we settled in Shanghai, and we were on all of those anytime for one month to six months! But never a full "year", as it were. And yes, it is beautiful! I'm so glad you did feel a connection with it, thank you so much for expressing all your thoughts about the poem.

And the things that you :heart:ed... I'm so glad you picked them out. Thank you, again, very, very much, for all your kindness and lovely words.

So, for all the little suggestions you made, the ones I can easily fix, I will, because you're right on all accounts, except for the one that'll take me a bit more time - the Bio one - which I'll leave for later! Thank you so very much for taking the time to spot those and point them out to silly ol' me, you're a wonderful help!

>>> When you say "but they never taught me that in biology class", I don't know what you're referring to.
Point! I was referring to where the soul was in the body (when I was young, I thought it was in my throat!), but you're right, it's quite unclear - I'll try to clean that muddle up when I get some free time and really have a go at the poem.

>>> Do you really not remember a thing about the sea?
No, I do remember quite a lot of things, but not a - sequence of events, just some stray memories here and there, so I decided to embellish that a bit. ;) Do you think it takes away from the poem?

>>> Will you ever go back to India?
I think so. I'm in China, at the moment, and for university, I'll probably be somewhere in the UK, but after that - who knows? I've always had a dream of retiring and going to India, but that's too far in the future. I know I'll always visit for holidays. May I ask you the same, about your Greece?

Again, many thanks. I really don't think I can say thank you enough. :tighthug: :heart:
Vigilo commented on India by Vigilo
Aw, I knew what you meant! :giggle:

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY AND THIS NOT-REPLY. :noes: Forgive me, please? I will grovel! I promise, I will try to get to you before this Sunday, I swear it. Sorry, sorry, sorry. :worship: Real life and a fondness for lovely critiques in my inbox whenever I click on it have prevented me from so-far replying. BUT. I will remedy this as soon as I can! :heart:

In the mean time, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'll gush a lot more in my reply, but thank you, thank you, thank you! :iconthankyouflowerplz:
As you say! And thank you so much, you're simply much too kind to me. I am very flattered and pleased that you enjoyed reading the poem. :hug: :heart:
Thank you so much for this wonderful critique, firstly! :love:

I'm afraid my reply will be rather short/terse, because I agree with most, if not all, of your suggestions and I've edited the poem accordingly. It was a bit of a hurried edit, so I'll make sure to come back to it and go through it much more carefully later, I promise.

I hope it reads slightly better to you now - thank you so much for your suggestions! And you're too nice to me - I'm absolutely over the moon about the fact you enjoyed reading the poem, thank you so very much for your kindness. :blush: :heart: