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Mature content
Team RWBY Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 69 5
ACCEPTING FANART! (and i luv u guys) by JaidenAnimations ACCEPTING FANART! (and i luv u guys) :iconjaidenanimations:JaidenAnimations 242 184
Mature content
Cinder (RWBY Volume 4) Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 31 5
Rapunzel x MaleReader (Tangled)
Reader's pov
You walked up the many stairs of the tower, towards the top, which was where the witch was keeping Rapunzel. It was your job to take food to the beautiful princess everyone morning. You unlocked the hatch before opening it and climbing into the room. Rapunzel was laying on her bed, looking towards the roof of the tower. You gave a shy smile before walking over her head and placing a plate of food on her bedside table. She looked towards you with a smile which caused your to blush.
"Thanks, ___" She said
"Y... you're w... wel... welcome" You stuttered nervously
She blushed over your nervous stuttering before sitting up and giving you a wink. Your whole face exploded with a blush before you bowed your head and turned before walking over to the hatch in the ground.
"___?" She said
You stopped before turning towards her.
"Y... Yes?" You said
"Um... Why do you stutter and blush around me?" She said "We're friends"
You deeply blushed.
"Well... I... Uh... well..." You stuttered
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 40 2
Mature content
Viola (Soul Calibur) Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 28 0
Mature content
Monika (Doki Doki) Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 104 6
Peacock x reader part 3
'There goes more of my money,' you thought as you bought the latest game in your favorite game series. You jammed your game into your backpack. You walked out of the store and hurried home.
You were grabbed from behind.
Peacock turned you around and smiled at you with her beartrap teeth. "Hey, kid, it's been a long time," she said. "I've missed ya."
"Hey, Peacock," you said. You smiled back. "It has been a long time." You had a crazy thought. You've been wanting to for a long time. You leaned down to become level with her. "Peacock, can I..." you reached out and grabbed her hat. "...borrow your hat." You ran.
She ran after you. "Why I outta..."
You laughed and put on her hat. "Let's go to the beach."
She jumped over you grabbing her hat back. "Okay, wise guy." She put her hat back on. "Last one there gets buried to their neck."
You ran faster. You believed she would bury you to your neck.
You two got to the beach at the same time.
"That was fun, kid," Peacock said.
You collapsed onto t
:icondogriddle:dogriddle 4 23
ItSW (Male Reader x Skullgirls) Big Band
He looks up to see in a trench coat. "Uh..." (Y/n) managed to get out after he got the lump out of his throat. "You should get up off the ground." The larger man said in his deep, metallic voice. "Y-Yeah." The (h/c)-head stuttered out as he noted the appearance of the walking band. "C-Can I help you with s-something?" The smaller of the two said nervously as he looked around the setting, seeing if anyone else was out. "Yeah, you could start with telling me who you are." Asked/demanded the robo-man. "(Y/n)-but-what does that have to do with anything?" (Y/n) said as he started to regain his composure, despite the situation he is in.
"I'll ask the questions here..." (Y/n) sweat dropped, 'So, is he suppose to be some sort of "musical-robo-cop"?' He asked himself in his head. "'Kay, so, what do you wanna know?" Said the young adult as he put his hands on his waist and tilt his head off to his side. "My name's Big Band. And I assume you're new here?" The (h/c) nodded in response. "We
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 8 13
ItSW (Male Reader x Skullgirls) Double
(Y is Double so awkward DX but I love her)
He looked up to see a blonde nun. "Uh..." The young adult managed to get out before a hand was presented to him. "Rise, child." The woman said as she pulled him up quickly, returning back to folding her arms over each other. "Um, thanks." The blonde nodded, keeping her eyes shut still. "You come from afar, do you not?" She asked, remaining perfectly still throughout their conversation. "Y-Yeah, my name is (Y/n) if you wanted to know." He held out his hand to the woman, which she didn't take. "You may call me Double." (Y/n) dropped his arm down, taking that she wasn't going to shake his hand. "I-Is that really your name?" Double nodded, remaining as silent as ever.
"So... Um..." (Y/n) trailed off nervously, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "Do you need shelter?" The male raised his (h/c) eyebrow at Double, nodding hesitantly. "Y-Yeah..." He looked around nervously, trying to act normal around her. "Then follow me." She said as she turned
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 62 13
ItSW (Male Reader x Skullgirls) Beowulf
He looks up to see a man with a chair. "Uh." (Y/n) managed to get out as he raised an (h/c) eyebrow to the buff man. "Well, are ya gonna get up?" The wolf-man said as he shook his hand a bit more out to the fallen (teen/adult). "A-Ah, T-thanks." The fallen male said as he blushed a bit and took the wolf's larger hand up. "M-my name's (Y/n) by the way," (Y/n) said as he regained his balance. "And you?" He said as he looked up to see the man's surprised face. "How do ya not know my name?!"
"Should I?" (Y/n) said a bit quietly only to get the man gasping as a response. "Well, yeah. I'm Beowulf the King of The Ring!" He yelled off into the distance making the (h/c) boy deadpan. "Uh, sure...Well nice to meet you, Beowulf." The (teen/adult) said as he looked around to see if any attention was drawn to them. "Nice ta meet ya too, kid." Beowulf said with a cheeky grin. A few minutes of silence took over the area after their introductions were over until (Y/n) broke the silence.
"So, why were y
:iconfinniekittiesmm:Finniekittiesmm 20 17
Mature content
Legends Never Die - Parasoul :iconfabiur:FabiuR 7 2
Skullgirls! Peacock x Male Reader
You were walking down the street. You were overwhelmed by things at home and you needed the walk to clear your head.
Without warning you were airborne. You were grabbed by the hood before you hit the ground.
"No need to go splat," someone said. They let you go. You land with your hood over your head.
You could hear two people fighting. You uncovered your head and saw one of them running off.
"This is far from over." The remaining one said. She looked at you with eyeless eyes. She was in steampunk attire. She looked cartoonist. "Real smart, getting in my way pal, I almost had her."
"You ran into me." You said. "I was just minding my own business."
She laughed. "Ilike you got real spunk kid."
"I'm pretty sure I'm older then you."
"I'm bore," she said. "Lets paint the town." She grabbed your hoodie. "I got plans for this one house town and your going to help me."
"I don't even know you." You tried to pull away.
"They call me Peacock."
She dragged you into town. She reminded you of a littl
:icondogriddle:dogriddle 25 5
Ms.Fortune x MaleReader
Reader's pov
You'd become extremely sick over the last week and should really be in bed resting but you knew that your house needed to be cleaned. So you were cleaning it. You were right in the middle of sweeping the floor when you heard a voice.
"Using the invention that truly swept the nation" The voice said
Looking towards it you saw that Ms Fortune, the girl you had a crush on, was standing at the door to your house. A slight smile crossed your face. Ms Fortune loved making puns and you loved listening to them.
"But, seriously" She said "You should be in bed"
You coughed violently before saying that you needed to clean your house. But she wasn't taking it. She took the broom from you and placed it down before grabbing your hands and taking you to your room and laying you down in bed. A slight smile crossed your face.
"I'm going to take care of you" She said
She softly brushed the hair from you face.
"I'll be fine" You said
She shook her head no.
"I'm taking care of you
:iconyuri-milkshake:Yuri-milkshake 15 0
All or Nothing (Ms. Fortune x MaleReader)
The city of New Meridian is known for a lot of things; tall buildings down Main Street, cozy little neighborhoods like Maplecrest, the bright lights of the River King Casino. It’s a place where dreams can come true or come crashing down. One thing this city is not known for however is second chances, as there is an extreme dog-eat-dog mentality with the Medici family towering over everyone and the recent news of a new Skullgirl appearing somewhere in the city. While rare, they are not impossible to find; you would know, after coming back from what should have killed you with a little help from some friends. You had been working with your friend for a few months now in Little Innsmouth, home of the fish-people known as the Dagonians. There’ve been numerous kidnappings in the area, all of them daughters of the River King; you and your partner didn’t have any solid leads but word of the most recent kidnapping came from a supposedly friendly source that you were going to
:iconclockworkangel19:ClockworkAngel19 58 19
Bloody Good (Bayonetta x Male!Reader x Jeanne)
 Created by a challenge from a fellow deviant. In this fic, reader is a vampire warlock as well. Enjoy!
 Bayonetta (c) Platinum Games
 You (c) yourself
 (H/c)-hair color
 (Y/n)-your name
He woke up with a headache, growling in frustration as he rubbed his temples. He scanned about the room with his red eyes, glimpsing where he was. He jumped upon the sight of a man behind a counter, with rows of various drinks.
 He glanced around to see he was in some sort of bar, the walls and ceiling composed of some strange rocky material. The table he was sitting at was black cold steel. The countertop before him where the bar laid had neon red lights glowing with a picture of what looked like a woman and the words, "The Gates of Hell".
 He winced upon the sign. Was he dead? He could of sworn all his life...
 "Relax, kid," the figure behind the counter said. "You're not dead. Yet."
 He frowned. "How?" he said, confused. "This isn't
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 116 10
Adagio [Bayonetta x Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
One never realizes how lightning speed everyday life could be. One minute, you wake to the morning light, peaking through the corners of your window, caught in the fabric of the curtains. The next, you are crawling back into your soft refuge of blankets, ready once more to take leave for your dream world.
How sad it is to become so married to one’s routine that you live more mechanical than a person.
Today is not that day. Today is about you. Today you slow down, take a breath, and sway to the soothing rhythm of the present moment,
like a slow tempo in a dance.
The dim lights of the bar creates a mysterious aura about the tender as he goes about his tasks. Shadows loom across the walls as if to encircle the bar in a protective shield, a shield from the annoyances of reality, the stress of responsibilities. The soft music quietly fills the atmosphere, putting your wearied spirit at ease.The alcohol burns y
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 108 26

Newest Deviations

Mature content
Mai Suzuki (Bleach) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 7 0
New Char. by vigilante17 New Char. :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 9 2
Mature content
Crossbreed Pirscilla (DS) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 5 2
Character: Tunic Evans
Name: Tunic Evans
Nickname(s): Hatter, M.H. 
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin (can be a country, game, show or movie): Bloodborne/RWBY
DOB:  10/6/????
Age: ???
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Fur/Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Green/Brown
Most Common Outfit (what outfit do you draw them in the most): Large tunic, Dark pants
Accessories/Items: Gold Bracelet, Tophat
Family: Alice (adopted daughter)
Friend(s): Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Brawen,
Best Friend (If they have one):
Love Interest(s)/Crush(es): Raven, Taiyang
Personality: Tunic was known to be kind and formal to those whom he appreciates, but that could change if a person or a
topic that is at hand or being spoken about makes him uncomfortable and may rub him the wrong way. From that point on, he could become unpredictable and outright maniacal.
Semblance: ???
Weapon of Choice: The Chikage (Bloodborne)
Favorite. . .
Food: Slice of cake & Tea
:iconvigilante17:vigilante17 0 0
Mature content
Nora (RWBY) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 7 0
Character : Tomas Ike Xavier
Tomas was a Guard at Cainhurst Castle, who was entrusted with the task, like many others of Cainhurst Castle, to protect Queen Annalise, of the Vilebloods. He was one of the top ranked knights in her Royal Guard. Tomas was devoted to Anna, but sadly, she didn't see it. Noticing his great power and skill with the Reiterpallasch, the weapon he was given, she had suspicion that he was planning to remove her from power.
That's when she called for her Guards to surrounded him, and told Tomas to surrender. Tomas was conflicted with many emotions, he was sad, to know the ones he came to know as family, are now turning on him. He was confused, wanting to know what was happening. And he was also livid, he demanded to know what was the meaning of the situation he was put in by Annalise. She then told him not to play dumb, as she proclaimed to know his intentions. But Tomas wasn't acting foolish at all, he was genuine of his reaction.
Sick of his "lies", the Queen of Cainhurst has called for her
:iconvigilante17:vigilante17 0 0
Mature content
Sienna Khan (RWBY) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 8 0
*New* List of Characters (Protagonists)
1 Orange Soapstone
2 Ankh
3 Ardeth Venrilla
4 Retired Ringed Knightess Helena
5 Nile 
6 Glaive Arrio
7 Potion Arrio
8 Shield
9 Sickle
10 Scythe
11 Leaf
12 Reed
13 Urchin
14 Pariah
15 Yari
16 Knight the Crestfallen Warrior
17 Needle Ivalonte
18 Dagger Ivalonte
19 Silver Knight Aileen
20 Rock the Mighty
21 Lash
22 Whip
23 Veil Rike
24 Mist
25 Coin the Generous
26 Slayer
27 Vivian of Astora
28 Shroud Arrio
29 Shotel
30 The Seeker
31 Wick
32 Poison
33 Plague
34 Wand
35 Stylus Benjamin
36 Pencil Benjamin
37 Voulge
38 Aria
39 Pike the Merciful
40 Ingrid
41 Kama
42 Kenith
43 Inkwel Benjamin
44 Kelsie Terelo
45 Icicle
46 Blight Terelo
47 Sarina
48 Spirit
49 Hour
51 Sand
52 Snow
53 Lute
54 Sheila
55 Seer
56 Shield
57 Violet
58 Sorrow
59 Desire
60 Xelour
:iconvigilante17:vigilante17 0 0
Mature content
Aqua (KH:BBS) Foot Worship Pt. 2 :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 3 0
Mature content
Anju/Cucco Lady (LoZ:Oot) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 7 0
Mature content
Salem (RWBY) Foot Worship Pt.2 :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 6 0
Mature content
Yomi (Senran Kagura) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 6 0
Mature content
Zelda (TLOZ) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 12 4
Mature content
Velvet (RWBY) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 11 4
On the run from Salem : Pt 1
 Weiss handed over her prized possession and weapon, Myrternaster over to her friend, a former Cainhurst Guard who once worked for the Queen, Annalise, the Queen of Vilebloods, known as Tomas, running away from a grown threat, fellow Hunters from Tomas's past and Cinder are following them. Weiss asked if he knew how to use the specialized rapier, to which he replied that he knew how to use it. She asked how did he know, and he said from watching her fight using it. Tomas motioned for Weiss to hold onto his back, to which she did. Tomas was busy setting Ice Dust into the chamber.  He noticed the herd of weaponized vehicles charging at them. As he set the final Ice dust into the chamber in desperation and fear, he quickly uses the rapier to make sleeted ice underneath them. He puts the weapon in front of him to make a trail of sleeted ice to guide them.
Then Tomas started to skate on said ice, using the bottom of his Armored heels as ice skates to get a
:iconvigilante17:vigilante17 3 0
Mature content
Shira (DSlll) Foot Worship :iconvigilante17:vigilante17 5 4




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Howdy my guys, this is proof im not dead, but aliven't (definitely not dead, but half not dead) I hope all of you are doing well and and had a fantastic Halloween this passing week, and I will return to you guys hopefully soon,

Stuff's piling up and gotta take care of it love you all and see you soon~ <3
Alrighty my doods, working on something comin' back to y'all soon with it ^^ ~ <3

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Aka Aoki was a student who was a close friend of Mai's and attended the same school as her and her other friend, Kyoko. Aka was known to give good advice to Mai for rough situations and scenarios. After a while being in the same school, he and Kyoko had managed to get along quite well, as well as getting to know each other better in the process with the help of Mai. Aka's ability of spreading the wisdom was truly put to the test as his dear friend came to him to give advice upon telling him of her recent meeting up with her quiet and slightly strange friend.

Mai gave insight on the scenario that took place not too long ago when Kyoko ran up to her, warning her about the boy she was in relations with, who had a history of dating more than one girl, cheating, to say the least. Mai then admitted that she was afraid of Kyoko's abilities, saying to herself it was just a ploy for her and her boyfriend to be broken up and for Kyoko to have him to herself. Aka silently wondered to himself as Mai continued to tell her story of what happened. She had even described herself as going through the stages of grief. Thinking to herself at that moment in time trying to process the prediction that her new friend had just given her on the spot. Mai pondered about certain outcomes of the situation.

Chances are that she took her warning, but would not have found any proof of this, pinning the blame on Kyoko, maybe taking the warning then finding out and pointing blame out onto her boyfriend, and there is a possible chance of Mai finding out, but didn't and never want to find out the truth, thus reflecting said blame onto Kyoko. Mai began to tear up as she found the options rather frustrating. She then sadly and regretfully evaluated to Aka on how she may have treated Kyoko from the knowledge she had told her, insulting her and running away.

She had tried to stop her crying, only for Aka to rotate from his lying down position to sitting straight up to try and comfort Mai in her time of need, hugging her, and telling her that everything was going to be alright. He sat there, hugging Mai close and telling his idea on what to do. Also knowing a lot about Kyoko himself, Aka was certain that Kyoko would never do anything to upset Mai like this, believing that what she wanted to do was protect Mai from perceptive and deceiving people. He also suggested that she take Kyoko's predictions, not as all fallacy, for she was quite right in most things. Mai began to feel better from the wisdom that Aka had bestow onto her, becoming rather hopeful. But still feeling rather saddened, she giggled while wiping a tear off her face, asking Aka if he knew what would make her feel better, hoping he knew what she was hinting to.

Aka then paused for a moment, thinking to himself, answering Mai with ice cream. Mai responded to Aka answering her question in the form of chuckling, then stopping in the middle of her laugh, cutting herself off. She then replied that ice cream was one of them, but there was something else. Aka strained his mind to figure out what Mai enjoyed most when upset, calling out random responses. This then prompted for her to stop him and interject in be giving him the answer of someone playing with her feet. Mai had said this with a visible light blush deepening slightly. Aka had frozen from shock, looking down at Mai's feet, somewhat small, but quite dainty, very lovely for a girl a quarter of Aka's height. He palmed his own head, giggling a bit nervously, stuttering through his words to say that he knew the fact, obviously being quite oblivious of Mai's hidden interest.

Mai scrunched and stretched her toes outwards enticingly to get his attention. Next, she asked if he'd be so kind to toy with them for a while, to which Aka responded that he didn't mind at all. He made his way down to her foot level, slowly sliding off her bed and onto the floor of her room in a rather humorous and comedic way, causing Mai to laugh as Aka always did in unique ways. Now that he was on the floor, he sat upright crossing his legs and taking a foot into his palms, looking up to Mai, asking how would she like her feet to be played with. she then looked down to his level, and the blush on her cheeks sank down into a deeper hue of red, telling him that he could do whatever he sees fit with them, and then gave Aka a wink, which in return made him blush himself with a crooked but a playful and goofy smile.

Aka then started with a standard rubbing and running of his fingers on the underside of her foot, making Mai's foot in his hands shake and jitter from the subtle tickling. He stopped for a second then asked her if she was enjoying it, and she replied with a head nod, signifying that she was, as she held back suppressed laughter. with that, he continued. From the tickling onward, he wrapped both hands around her foot and gave a little and gentle massage. Aka wanted to ask if this was working, but when his eyes crossed paths with Mai's, he could tell that she was definitely enjoying herself, as the pleasured expression on her face said it all.

He then moved her foot close to his face, inspecting each and every part thoroughly. Aka had taken in the scent of a vanilla-like fragrance. Mai took notice of his shock and asked him if he liked it, and he said he not only liked it but absolutely loved it. Aka had explored her foot some more to discover the faint feeling of sweat. Mai also took notice of this and mentioned that it had recently been getting warmer over time, and asked for the favor of cleaning the sweat off of it, also that if he were to do that, she'd greatly appreciate the kind gesture. Aka was of no objection in cleaning up the unwanted sweat, saying that he'll do it. He lifted her foot, to where her bare soles were facing him, and stuck out his tongue, rubbing it against Mai's foot, feeling the wrinkles and arch as he made his way up from the heel to the tip of her toes.

Mai's blush had deepened in color as this went on. He then went back down, then repeated the same journey upwards over again. Mai then happily thanked him in advance for doing her this deed. His saliva now replaced the sweat's spots. Aka then went over to the next foot to give it same treatment and pampering. Once he finished, he hopped and laid back onto the bed with Mai, who tackled him into a hug, telling him that he was a good friend, Aka smiled and hugged back, saying that she was too.
Okey, I got new stuff headin' your way soon, guys, be ready for it!


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