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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 21, 2013, 12:28 PM
Professional Man by kjcharmedfreak

friends by Giintee

Designing by Elias-Chatzoudis
This was MyWeekThroughArt. How was yours? 

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Its been a while

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 1:15 PM
First of all, a very belated thank you for all the happy-birthday messages :icononioncleanplz:

Second, I just wanted to say that I really hate my late hdd, that decided to die on me permanently with some stuff I didn't get  to copy on the new one :iconvoodooplz:

Third, thank you so very much for all the faves and watches while I was gone :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

Fourth... Hmm... I forgot what more I wanted to say x)

P.S. Why are girls so complicated?? xPPP

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Quick hello

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 21, 2012, 2:51 AM
Just wanted to say Hi, to let you  know I'm still alive (well, kinda), just got back my hdd from repairs, installed PhotoShop again,  so I'm gonna get back in the saddle soon.

That said, I wanted to recommend this group, seems quite interesting


Not all academies are fun and games... OtherWorlde is a strange school hidden by fog and ice that welcomes in creatures wishing to learn dark and ritualistic magic. Danger lurks around every corner, and even the castle itself might threaten your life...

Otherworlde Application by viralremix
ENROLLMENT opens December 23, 2012

:bulletred: Learn by taking classes :bulletred:
:bulletred: Roleplay in a beautifully creepy landscape :bulletred:
:bulletred: Interact with more than a hundred other players:bulletred:
:bulletred:Chat and roleplay with our very active chatroom:bulletred:
:bulletred: Read our freshman orientation :bulletred:

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Commissions are back :)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 19, 2012, 2:20 PM
I have reopened commissions, all info is here.
If you are interested, note me, so we can work something out (prices are not set in stone).

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Weeeeeeee! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 18, 2012, 11:00 AM
I got a tablet! :dance:

Now I can finally open commissions again... Well, at least when I learn to use it xD It's fun and frustrating at the same time xD

But yeah, I'm hoping to opening commissions again by the end of September, when I finish the exams and get used to drawing on my new Genius :)

Until then, Ill be working on my Loose Ends. Chapter 3 is done, and will be posted soon, and Chapter 4 is about 65% finished :) We are gonna see some more Shep from now on, and some old faces that haven't appeared yet in the fic :)

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ME3: Miranda is back!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 5:14 AM
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Hello again Mirimancers!

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2012, 9:18 AM
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Look here, Mirimancers!

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2012, 10:56 AM
And, of course, the rest of you :XD:

:iconblacklion310: started working on a comic, based off of my fic   Loose ends 01Title: Loose Ends
Author: Vierna-Drottingu
Game: Mass Effect 3
characters/pairing: Miranda Lawson (femShep/Miri), Cerberus Troops, TIM, Jack, Hannah Shepard
Disclaimer: dont own anything, Bioware does  
"Come on, you bloody piece of junk..." Miranda muttered, irritated by the slow information download from a Cerberus computer.
If this keeps up, I'm going to have to cut it short, or risk being captured, she thought, gripping her gun, as she glanced towards the only door leading in and out of the room.
"Ah, Miss Lawson..." Miranda closed her eyes, silently cursing her luck, at the sound of the voice, coming from a holopad behind her.
She turned around only to see the man she hoped she wouldn't see until it was time to put a bullet in his head. "Illusive Man." She said, as she leaned on the table that was now behind her, crossing her arms over her chest.
"I must admit, I am impressed as much as I am disappointed." He paused to pull a smoke from his cigar, before continuin

Main character is Miranda Lawson, and it follows her part of the story before and during Mass Effect 3. Various other characters will be making an appearance, including my very own Alex Shepard :)

Concept art:
:thumb302656411:  :thumb303882748:
:thumb303882087:  :thumb303486342:


Start of the story:
:thumb304468770:  :thumb304469550:
:thumb305853876:  :thumb305927834:
:thumb306046322:  :thumb306085349:
:thumb306255791:  :thumb306295911:

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 24, 2012, 2:58 PM
So, for those of you who play ME3 MP on PC, my username is Vierna-Drottingu (same as here :) ), so add me so we can play together :)

And here is a random feature:
Wallpaper of Light by BLACKapostate :thumb295335696:
Astrid by Tsukuyomaru New Fang-ish style ID by RachAsakawa :thumb284911058:

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Special Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 2:45 AM
So, this is special Feature of the underrated artists that I really like (they may have been featured in some of my previous journals, but that is why this is SPECIAL ;P )... Now go and give them some LOVE :D

:thumb255255539: :thumb258147569: :thumb256466831:

Cerberus logo bracelet by NoAng3l Mass Effect card deck by NoAng3l Halloween_03 by NoAng3l


daytime by lialiali you and me by lialiali Neptune by lialiali

:thumb266285364: :thumb245773060: :thumb262635442:

:thumb244103203: :thumb251343712: :thumb268337921:

Pokeball Truffles by Eva-Kasumi Dragon Age Ladies by Eva-Kasumi dreaming of open seas by Eva-Kasumi

Sleeping in peace devine Etro by LightningTheArtist Don't let me Stop you by LightningTheArtist We live to make... by LightningTheArtist

Michiru Kaioh 6 by Mademuazel-Demi Be with me by Mademuazel-Demi Michiru Kaioh, original by Mademuazel-Demi

:thumb266179336: :thumb263503196: :thumb259952329:

Sisters of the Agiel by tyger9000 It's not what you think? by tyger9000 Fires of Hope by tyger9000

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DA bag!

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 3:42 PM

Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps
until I finish the ones I already got, then I will reopen them :)

Weeeee, my Dragon Age 2 tote bag is hereeeeeeeee! :iconmonkeyclap:
isnt it wonderful?  :iconomgsocuteplz:

Dragon Age tote bag by Vierna-Drottingu

I won it at :iconbiowarefanclub:'s Trivia Challenge

I am soooo bringing it to college tomorrow :iconyoyobadassplz:

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Feature 08

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 15, 2011, 12:38 PM

Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps
until I finish the ones I already got, then I will reopen them :)

:thumb260429518:  :thumb252974953:

Isabela - colored by NoAng3l   Cerberus logo bracelet by NoAng3l

...but welcome it's embrace by S-Seith  :thumb178036113:

Breath by WeissEpilog   Smile,Michiru... by WeissEpilog

The soldier of Fortune by LightningTheArtist   Lightning and Fang by LightningTheArtist

Haruka and Michiru by AllexisN   HarukaMichiru by AllexisN

:thumb252272545:  :thumb253238723:

Heather and Naya by AngelofLonelyness   Landslide by AngelofLonelyness

Floating Islands by BlakLion   BlakLion by BlakLion

Fang Summer by ARTdesk   Hot Light by ARTdesk

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Feature 07

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 10:19 AM

Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps
until I finish the ones I already got, then I will reopen them :)

yay, I got another 3 months of premium! :dance: and Miranda journal skin! finally somebody made it! :love:

anyway, here are the features :)

Brittana Chibi Steampuck? by CRXTHRASHER Chibi Unholy Trininy by CRXTHRASHER


Mature Content

A Pirate Fantasy by LeNimph
Dat Cutie Mark by LeNimph

Gladiatrix by white-coma red riding hood by white-coma

:thumb205590523: :thumb261208370:

:thumb261291194: tali [re-done] by Asheh

Between the Bars by soratane :thumb255629931:

:thumb180996296: :thumb255432544:

AC: Iron by Liltz Assassin's Creed Dress Up Game by Liltz

Miranda Meme by Lessandra

Ashley Williams by NightJian28 Kirkwall's Triumph. by NightJian28

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Feature 06

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2011, 9:12 AM

OK, this will be a last feature for a while, that is, until I get my premium back again :)

functional by magicalzebra grocery shopping by magicalzebra

:thumb197295108: :thumb198839860:

Green Arrow by Kin-Tsuki Superboy and Supergirl by Kin-Tsuki

Superboy by themightyjbowski Kyle Rayner Green Lantern by themightyjbowski

Miranda of Will by GeekTruth64 Isabella of Hightown by GeekTruth64

:thumb259549132: :thumb259576863:

Spartacus by SadisticChick Rwarrrr by SadisticChick

Pirates of the Dragon Age by pancakes-sama :thumb197018425:

Kankuro and Ino by Lailamon :thumb186969711:

Not Again by LilandCam Choosen Paths by LilandCam

Skin by TeatimeCyanide
CSS support by janvanlysebettens

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Contest Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2011, 4:46 AM
now, this wont be another random feature, but a feature of entries in :iconbiowarefanclub: contest Unlikely Pair


Unlikely Pair - My Pet Monster by efleck

God's Little Joke by Lessandra

A Convinct and a Quarian... by Armesan

Unlikely Pair: Mordin and Wrex by Ottemis

Mass Effect 2: Hired Guns by Arkis


Not So BadTitle: Unlikey Pair-Not So Bad
Author: FyreQueen89
Game: Dragon Age
Characters: Carver and Sigrun(mentions of m!Warden and f!Hawke), no pairings
Disclaimer: Dragon Age universe belongs to BioWare, as do all characters found within
Of all the people he'd met in the Wardens, no one could beat the dwarf for sheer uniqueness. Every conversation left him wondering where she found the energy to be so sodding cheerful all the time. There honestly seemed to be no force in Thedas that could make Sigrun gloomy.
Carver found it annoying. Usually. She reminded him too much of his sister; cracking jokes--albeit more morbid ones--and helping people, managing to make it look effortless. And the way she was always trying to get him to smile. Well, Maker forgive him, he wasn't the type to go around grinning like a fool. Needless to say, conversations with the cheery Legionnaire usually ended with him in an even mor

Rocky BeginningsTitle:  Rocky Beginnings
Author:  Dragonwyrd316
Game:  Mass Effect 2
Characters/Pairings:  Shepard/Udina
That slimy little bastard had sold her out and now she was expected to work side by side with him to find out who was behind all of the hate ads, as well as embarrassing news feeds, in regards to Councilor Donnel Udina.  She was a Spectre for crying out loud and the Council assigned her this task while she was supposed to be on shore leave?  It was ludicrous but, unfortunately, they were her bosses so she had no other recourse available to her.  Of course, it was just as embarrassing to them, probably even more so than it was for Udina, as they were the ones who had brought him in as their human counterpart.  They probably tagged her for this job since she had been the idiot to recommend him for that position.  There were days that she still kicked herself for having put his name forwar

Unlikely Pair-Joker and OrianaTitle: Unlikely Pair - Joker and Oriana
Author: Vierna-Drottingu
Game: Mass Effect 2
characters/pairing: Oriana/Joker, Miranda/fem!Shep(mentioned)
Disclaimer: dont own anything, Bioware does
"Welcome to the Normandy, Miss Lawson." EDI greeted the young woman who stepped out of the elevator, looking around the CIC with awe.
"Is that a VI? No. Simulated emotion inflections. Pilot? Can't be, doesn't sound human enough." Oriana turned on her heels to look at Shepard "Commander, you have an AI on board? Isn't that a little dangerous?"
Shepard just smiled. She is as smart as her sister.
"Hell no!" A voice behind Oriana exclaimed. "EDI saved our lives so many times, I think even she lost the count!" She whirled around to face the limping man, who extended his hand to her.
"The name is Joker, by the way." He said, the other hand raising his hat a little.
"Oriana." She introduced herself, taking his hand.
"Actually Jeff," EDI chimed in "I believe I have saved the ship 248 times, and cr

Unlikely Pair - HackerTitle: Unlikely Pair Contest Submission - Hacker!
Author: xRebel666x
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairing: Commander Candylan Shepard (femShep) and Tali'Zorah with an appearance by Legion
  "Bosh'tet!" Tali'Zorah screamed at her omni-tool. The more she rapidly tapped at the holographic buttons, the more furious she became.
  Commander Candylan Shepard noticed the unusual behavior coming from her quarian companion and went to investigate. "Is something the matter?"
  "It's nothing, Commander."
  "Judging by all your huffing and puffing, it's far from nothing. What is it?"
  "It's this player on Galaxy of Fantasy. That bosh'tet killed my character in a single move. He must be hacking!"
  "Galaxy of Fantasy? Really? I didn't know you played, Tali," she responded, tucking her messy blonde locks behind her ear to reveal the smirk growing on her face.  
  "It started as a way to play with some people I kn

ME2: Dignity, Slightly UsedTitle: Lost: One Dignity, Slightly Used
Author: Nemonus
Game: Mass Effect 2
characters/pairing: Garrus, Kasumi
Garrus tapped his fist down on the table. It wasn't exactly a slam, really. It predicted some in the future, though. "It's like chasing smoke, Sidonis. She's here and then she's gone. Most criminals have areas, stomping grounds. But not this one. She's almost certainly not on this planet any more."
"There are richer places than Omega," Sidonis said. On the other side of the desk, he folded his arms and nodded his purple-striped head. The small apartment that served as their base was empty now, but it housed a dozen turians when the group wasn't out on a mission of one sort of another. "But she'll be back."
"The next time a shipment of priceless artwork comes through? We'll see when that happens."
Sidonis looked out the grimy window, and Garrus's gaze followed his over the head of of the turian sitting down on watch outside. Omega was rust-colored and splintered with red-lit gu

You can vote here for art and here for fiction :)

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Feature 05

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 10, 2011, 6:42 AM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

Im a little late with this feature, but Ive been busy working 12 hours a day, and I just didnt have time to do it :(

Gangstas by BassamForeva Miranda Lawson by BassamForeva

Hawke and Varric by Master-of-Unlocking Party Selection 2 by Master-of-Unlocking

Mass Effect 2 Miranda by JTruett Insert Caption Here: by JTruett

DD, Training Days by e338 Bonnie and Clyde by e338

:thumb165104739: :thumb157625329:

Avatar - Jake Sully by Sewah James T. Kirk by Sewah

Linux by AlexXTM Mirrors Edge by AlexXTM

Bruce by remidar Before Dawn by remidar

Supergirl in space by kakapunkcool teen titans by kakapunkcool

Supergirl by JGiampietro Blaine - Colored by JGiampietro

next feature will be in 7 days (hopefully), until then... cya... :)

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Feature 04

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 1, 2011, 5:24 AM
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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2011, 11:48 AM
Here we go again! :D

PC- ME Shepard and Miranda by Monami-kunART Me cosplaying Naruto for Con. by Monami-kunART

:thumb206427043: Nobility by LauraJaneArnold

A hug to you my friend by Wictorian-Art I give my life to you by Wictorian-Art

Sailing"You miss it, the seas, don't you?" Hawke asked as she past over a drink. The Hanged Man was so crowded that night, which meant that if someone wanted to listen in they'd have to get extremely close.
"Yeah, I miss the spray of the water on my face, the scent - Andraste's tits I miss the scent and the sounds, you wouldn't believe what sounds a ship made on the seas." Hawke watched the woman's eyes glaze over in memory. Hurt filled her slightly at the love she could see in those eyes directed at the ocean.
"You could go back, I mean, if you wanted to."
"Do you want me to?" Isabela asked offended. Hawke didn't hear it, she just saw the love the woman had.
"No. I just..." She breathed out slowly, trying to gather her words before she looked into the gold eyes, "It just sounds like you miss it, I just thought that if you were looking for the option then maybe..."
"So you do want me to leave?" Isabela asked, sarcasm bit at the edges of her words as she spoke. She shuffled uncomfortably, whil
Kidnapped"All right, what did you want me-hey what are you doing?" She was pushed into a room and had the door slammed and locked on her before she was able to fully comprehend what had happened.
"Oh, hey, they got you too?" Dahlia blinked to see that the voice had come from Isabela. "I woke up in her, stole me from my damned bed. We're still in the Hanged Man right?" Hawke nodded, "Good, they've only said 'this is for your own good Isabela,' didn't take long to realise who it was."
Like most rooms in the Hanged man, it had one bed and no window. Isabela had lounged herself across the bed and had probably been sleeping before the ruckus of Dahlia been thrown in had happened. "Do you sleep in your clothes?" Hawke asked.
Isabela laughed, "No, but I figured that if they threw me in here then something was going to happen-plus they threw in my clothes with me, so I guessed they expected me to dress." Hawke laughed at her.
"It's not like you to do what is expected."
"No, too true. Hey, do you know w

Beautiful Ashley Williams V.2 by JCros Miss Lawson. by JCros

:thumb211760627: :thumb254712091:

:thumb170788980: :thumb212533815:

The Jake Sully by Hyptosis Nightcrawler by Hyptosis

Alice Cullen by chrismickens Charlize Theron as Aeon Flux by chrismickens

:thumb18317691: Get ready for action by Persiphona

10 more next week!

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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 17, 2011, 4:52 PM
Feature time! Again! :D

Standalone Lineup by rooster82 Faith of Mirror's Edge by rooster82

Yvonne Strahovski by touchedbyred Deathwing the Destroyer by touchedbyred


Mature Content

Shepard and Urz by meonlyred
Commander Shepard by meonlyred

lady Croft by YessPleasse Flemeth The Dragon by YessPleasse

John Sheppard - 20 by crysothemis Teyla Emmagen -- 2 by crysothemis