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Seduction DA2 WIP color
After Duel DA2: Chapter 8
Title: After Duel Author: Vierna-Drottingu Game:Dragon Age 2 characters/pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela... Disclaimer: dont own anything, Bioware does Hawke dove to the side, as the large statue brought its weapon crashing down on a place she stood a moment before. She dashed towards it, seeing its huge sword stuck in the ground. Suddenly, she found herself flying through the air before slamming into some wall. Damn it... She fought unconsciousness, while struggling to get up. Shaking her head to clear it up a bit, she saw Meredith approaching her menacingly. "Now Champion, you will pay." She rose her sword, but before she could deliver fatal blo
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After Duel DA2: Chapter 7
Title: After Duel Author: Vierna-Drottingu Game:Dragon Age 2 characters/pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela... Disclaimer: dont own anything, Bioware does "Elthina! No! Maker, no! She was your most faithful, your most beloved..." Sebastian was on his knees crying for the unnecessary loss of life, and praying for the souls of the victims, while Hawke watched, with horror, the ruin that was Chantry just moments before. No way. This is some kind of dream, a nightmare. I must be trapped in Fade or something... Anders wouldn't do this! He is not a murdered, he's a healer! Andraste, please let me wake up! Hawke thought, overwhelmed by various emotions, ran
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After Duel DA2: Chapter 5
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela Hawke crouched, to examine one of the burned corpses, that were all around them "This doesnt look good" she muttered. "Some apostates, again?" Aveline asked, a scowl on her face. Anders frowned at the warrior "Why do you always suspect mages? It could be dragons, for all we know!" "Who cares, lets just get going, this stench is unbearable" Isabela said impatiently, hand over her nose. "I dont think this was mages doing. And if it is a dragon, then its much bigger than any we encountered so far." When Hawke noticed the looks her companions were giving her, she sighed and stated "Look at the gr
After Duel DA2: Chapter 6
Title: After Duel Author: Vierna-Drottingu Game:Dragon Age 2 characters/pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela, Anders Disclaimer: dont own anything, Bioware does Hawke slowly opened her eyes, only to be blinded by a bright light. She shut them tight once again, bringing a hand to them, in an attempt to rub the sleep away. When she opened them again, she looked at the sleeping form besides her, smiling. Isabela was laying on her side, her back turned towards Hawke, her body covered only by a thin sheet crumpled over her waist. Hawke scooted closer to the other woman. She propped herself on the elbow, while her other hand was tracing some invisible l
Betrayal and Rescue DA2
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela "The relic is reclaimed. I am now free to return to Par Vollen - with the thief." Arishok said looking at Isabela. The pirate was shocked "What!" Aveline jumped in on her behalf "Oh no no no no. If anyone kicks her ass, it's me." But Arishok was relentless "She stole the Tome of Koslun. She must return with us." Everyone looked at Hawke in anticipation. Hawke closed here eyes I... I'm sorry Isabela. She thought glancing at the pirate, before turning towards Arishok. She took a deep breath. This needs to be convincing. "Take her and go." She heard her companions gasp behind her. Arishok nodded "Mo
Dragon Age 2 Kiss meme
After Duel DA2: Chapter 4
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela Hawke was leaning on a wall at the entrance of the Alienage "What took you so long?" She asked the trio coming her way. Varric shrugged, Aveline rolled her eyes and Isabela smirked. Hawke winced when she saw Pirate. So, that's how you want to play this. She quickly composed herself "Let's go, Nyssa said that Huon would be back by now." Hawke was the first one to round the corner and what she saw shocked her so much, she stopped in her tracks, Isabela slamming into her, making them both stagger nearer the great tree in the Alienage. "Andraste's ass, Hawke, why….?" Her mouth snapped closed wh
After Duel DA2: Chapter 3
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela For a few days, it seemed like everything was back to normal. That is, until Hawke met Nuncio. It was a mistake to bring her on that stupid quest. Hawke thought bitterly, while looking through the window in her bedroom. *FLASHBACK* After they killed Nuncio, Zevran approached them."Excellent! Killing my former brothers-in-arms is oddly satisfying!" He happily exclaimed."I've little reward to offer you Champion, but perhaps this will serve as a token of my thanks" Zevran offered a dagger to Hawke, and then he turned towards Isabela "My dear Isabela, it has been a delight to see you again. You tra
After Duel DA2: Chapter 2
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela It has been 3 years since the battle with Arishok. 3 years since Hawke became the Champion of Kirkwall. 3 years since her Captain left. Her wounds have healed, but since the day she woke up, to find out that Isabela has disappeared, she has been dying a little every day. Though being the Champion has kept her occupied during the day, it was the nights she dreaded. Sometimes she went a few days without sleep, killing bandits and thugs and doing some other quests on her own during the night, not caring for her own safety very much, taking any excuse to stay awake, because, when she went to sleep, a
After Duel DA2: Chapter 1
Game: Dragon Age 2 Pairing: fem!Hawke/Isabela Before her lay the Arishok, his eyes already glassy, staring at the ceiling of the Viscounts Keep. She was exhausted and bleeding severely from two large cuts, one on her left arm, the other on her stomach and one pretty big stab wound in her right thigh, and that's not counting bunch of smaller cuts. But she wasn't concerned about that, she knew Anders could fix her, he was the best healer she knew. The object of her concern was behind her, near the far wall, held back by two large Qunari warriors. When the other Qunari began falling back, after their leaders demise , they unleashed their hold o
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Seduction DA2
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Winter in Ferelden
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